Architects & Developers Have Started Demanding Reliable Plumbing Solutions

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Installing robust systems is a major challenge in buildings of today. With so much money going into the ‘visible’ parts of the buildings like , flooring, fenestration, etc., what is ‘concealed in the ‘walls’ of in non-visible areas often took a backseat in the past. But the situation is changing fast. With high rise buildings coming up at the pace that they are, Architects, Builders and Developers are opening-up to concepts and solutions to improve the water-management systems in their projects.




Delhi-based Pansophical Technological Solutions, headed by an industry veteran Mr. is offering a unique bouquet of solutions, and bringing to the table an expertise that takes a lot of pain away for the Architects and the Developers. had a detailed interaction with Mr.Gautam Ghosal on the ways his company is working with projects across India.


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