Ikea Plans to Launch Its Sonos Speakers in August 2019

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Furniture giant  is getting ready to roll out its -powered later this year: The company revealed in a video that it will launch its line of smart speakers in August.


Ikea and Sonos first announced their collaboration in late 2017. Under the plan, Ikea will build -connected speakers that are powered by Sonos software, and interoperable with other Sonos products.


Some prototypes shown off last year included speakers that doubled as shelves. Ikea didn’t provide any updates on the design and price point of its speakers, but it teased that it hasn’t given up on the idea of combining speakers with furniture.



“You need to take up space to make sound,” Sonos product manager Sara Morris said in the video. “And it’s only by working with Ikea, we can tuck that sound into the furniture in hidden ways, that we could really stop people thinking about the speaker, and start thinking about the sound.”


For Sonos, this collaboration could open the door to acquire many more customers, which then may go on and buy additional speakers directly from the company to build out their whole-home audio system.  In its most recent earnings release, Sonos remarked that the partnership could “potentially introduce millions of new households to the Sonos app and experience.”

(Source: www. variety.com)


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