Open design of living space redefined: “tRACK” by “VOLUMe K by Kesseböhmer” – Premiere at the imm, Cologne 2019

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Unmistakably, it carries the characteristics of a shelf with all the advantages that open living room design offers. Consistently designed down to the last detail, “” has the makings of a timeless classic. As an independent design object that draws its own strength, this piece of furniture, with its distinctive T-connectors and the airy, exciting, horizontal , makes a confident statement for balance, consistency and a modern lifestyle. Showcased at the in (14th  -20th  Jan 2019), tRACK garnered impressive list of visitors.


“Be the voice, not the echo”


Under this motto, “tRACK” self-confidently redefines the trend towards open living space design. As a modular solitaire or system shelf with changeable grid division, it offers the planning-strong partner interior design as part of sophisticated holistic room concepts and meets the desire for sculptural, individualized living spaces. The multi-tasking shelf can serve as an eye-catching room divider, gallery for books, art and objects, as a frame for the TV, hanging storage space in the office, anywhere, where storage and sophisticated design go hand in hand.



“TRACK” re-stages rooms. Modern give it the certain homely touch just as it brings luxurious purism into the bedroom – always everything is well arranged and tidied up as part of a fascinating entertainment. The huge, loft-like rooms do not always have to be the stage, even on a small area the shelving system is able to set up elegantly and stylishly. “TRACK” seems to be aware of its charisma and yet acts down-to-earth, composed.



by Kesseböhmer”


“VOLUMe K by Kesseböhmer” is the new brand behind “tRACK” and with it the traditional and precisely executed metalworking and metalworking industry.



“VOLUMe K by Kesseböhmer” understands changeability as an expression of an era of individual needs and declares itself to be a master of change.


Visible metal in the living area, clear structures and a profound understanding of the connection between architecture and design play the main roles. Thus, the brand inexorably generates new styles and exciting places of inspiration.




Especially. Unmistakable. Excellent.


So “tRACK” is special and unique up to the screw. Style-defining, powerful and clear, the distinctive T-connector shows, thanks to the attention to detail, what’s in it. The Kesseböhmer sandwich bottom is so stable and stable that it is even suitable for the office, scratch-resistant, low-noise, stylish. Numerous varieties of metal surfaces bring to light all of Kesseböhmer’s expertise: poles, connectors and steel floors in matt nickel, black or Alpine white microstructure, in copper Sunset or chrome gloss can be combined – in contrast or in the same color. With its variety of rasters as well as noble material and color compositions, “tRACK” meets the high demands of modern living and living in an independent, tailor-made design.




This has already caused a stir at the German Design Council. The design-competent institution, founded in 1953 by the German Bundestag, regularly honors relevant contemporary developments as well as special design achievements and enjoys a high international reputation. On the eve of the imm cologne 2019, “tRACK” received the “Selection” award at the “ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Interior”. In addition, the German Design Council awarded an exclusive nomination for the German Innovation Award 2019 in the category “Interior & Living”.



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