Dormakaba at the BAU 2019 trade fair: Smart system solutions for secure access

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Good design can be planned. The new from clear the way for more freedom in terms of form, colour and function. They combine the options of a modern access system for monitored areas in three models. Ranging from basic versions to elegant model design variants with sophisticated sensor systems, they offer a broad array of functions.


This variety is strongly expressed in the modular design elements: The broad spectrum of colours and materials for handrails, side panels, profiles as well as for drive units and door leaves open up previously inconceivable design opportunities. Versatile aluminium as the main material sets the tone here. The Argus sensor barriers from dormakaba therefore fit perfectly in any lobby: as a modern addition to a design concept, a subtle functional unit or a bold statement.


Barrier-free design is already accounted for in Argus sensor barriers. Models can be ordered for passage widths of 650 mm, 900 mm and 1,000 mm. In addition to the corresponding width of the door leaf, the sensor functionality is also adapted to the corresponding unit dimensions. Optional LED light strips in the handrail and LED directly on the card reader provide for the highest possible ergonomics and user guidance.




Safety is always the priority when it comes to design questions. In this regard, too, dormakaba has improved its sensor barriers. Raised door leaves provide a greater physical and, more importantly, psychological barrier and therefore protect better from climbing over. The raised door leaves can also be equipped with higher drive unit housings as an option. This closes off the area of the door leaves above the handrail. Furthermore, PETG can be used as the material of door leaves up to an upper edge of 1800 mm. As a result, even the largest door leaves can be operated with the passive safety features of this material at the well-known high speeds of low power drive In addition, an arrangement and length adapted sensor ensures the safety of persons.


The ease of installation of components, such as readers, into the Argus sensor barriers makes it easy to integrate them into various security and access concepts and structures. Even the surface finishes can be modified, making them adaptable to any changes in . The new Argus sensor barriers follows the XEA design concept and therefore fits in perfectly with dormakaba’s current product portfolio. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for stylish access.


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