GROHE Launches Limited Edition, And An Industry First, 3D Metal-Printed Faucets

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Allure Brilliant Icon 3D




With components made by the 3D printer setting new standards for premium manufacturers in the automotive and aircraft  industry, it’s now the turn of the sector to use this latest technology in production. GROHE has launched GROHE Atrio Icon 3D and GROHE Allure Brilliant Icon 3D, two created using 3D metal-printing.




GROHE Atrio Icon 3D (Above & Below)







GROHE has advanced its 3D technology process to meet the unique challenges of metal printing, enabling a fascinating symbiosis of the latest high-tech and skilled craftsmanship, which redefines the possibilities in product design and creates individual pieces for  the  bathroom.



Mr.Michael  Seum, Vice President Design, GROHE AG




Mr.Michael  Seum, Vice President Design at GROHE AG, emphasizes, ’At GROHE, we believe that something completely new needs a bold vision. What is possible or not possible becomes a question of perspective. With Icon 3D, we are opening up a completely new way of thinking about product design in the future. We overcame boundaries by using 3D metal-printing to create products that at first appeared impossible. This production method offers the option to design faucets in small quantities according to the wishes of our customers. There  are no  limits  set  for  individual  personalisation.’




Mr.Thomas  Fuhr,  Executive Director Operations GROHE AG



Mr.Thomas  Fuhr,  Executive Director Operations GROHE AG, adds, ’In order to be a pioneer in the industry and to further expand our  technology  leadership,  we  invest  heavily  not  only  in  research  and  development,  but  also  in innovative manufacturing processes in our plants. With 3D metal-printing, we are ringing in a new era in production which is made in Germany. We focus on our core business and use our faucets to cover the entire value chain, clearly distinguishing us from our competitors. Essential to us is that we retain our proven GROHE quality and translate it into a 3D-metal-printed product. For this, we have developed our own process, whose magic lies in the powder, a unique formula for the granules that we make.’







GROHE’s  3D  metal-printing  process  makes  virtually  any  geometry  possible. The reduction of the design to an absolute minimum and the emphasis on the pure essence of the shapes not only saves valuable resources, but also offers a new interactive experience of water. The ultra-thin  walls  of  the  GROHE  Atrio  Icon  3D  and  the hollow interior  in  the  familiar silhouette of GROHE Allure Brilliant make the water flow look like a magical, optical illusion. The faucets of the two lines thus become an aesthetic highlight, available in a brushed raw steel finish. Creating Unique Products Icon 3D combines state-of-the-art digital technology with hand-crafted, proven GROHE quality. The components are produced by printing metal, using a powder bed laser melting process.  Each component for the faucet consists of approximately 4,700 layers that are each 0.06 millimetres thick, providing it with forging strength. After printing, the component is mechanically treated on a CNC milling machine, followed by a manual grinding and fine brushing procedure as the last step of the finish.



The elaborate process defines the exclusivity of the Icon 3D series. Each product is unique, with each edition of the collection is limited to a few pieces per year. Starting in April 2019, GROHE Icon 3D will be available on request as an exclusive piece for the bathroom.




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