BetteSolid : Bette’s new waste fitting cleans itself

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In a new construction with no dead spaces or bars, the BetteSolidwaste fitting solves the problem of blocked and hard-to-clean under the shower


is an entirely new waste fitting for the shower that has a high performance and that drains up to 36 l of water a minute. In doing so, Bette (a specialist in Bathroon Products) declares war on blocked and hard-to-clean drains under the shower.


It’s a familiar and annoying problem: waste fittings in the shower often catch dirt and hairs, and are tedious to clean. Usually it has to be done with a plunger, and although this will help to remove the worst of the unappetising collection of dirt, it does nothing about the bits that remain in the inaccessible areas. At best, this problem can be solved with chemical cleaners.


“For us as a specialist in shower trays, this is an unacceptable situation,” comments Sven Rensinghoff, head of marketing of the Delbrück-based company , “which is why we collaborated with the installation technology specialist Viega to find a solution that prevents this particular problem from even arising.”


Minimum cleaning efforts thanks to direct routes

When there is a shortage of space under the shower, the 48-mm high BetteSolid waste fitting is ideal with its water seal depth of 30 mm.


The problem is due to the design of the item, because conventional odour traps inside waste fittings are constructed on two levels. This creates dead spaces that cannot be reached when cleaning. They also have fixation bars around the flanges that hair easily attaches to. Today’s usual flow speeds under the shower are too low to effectively remove all the dirt by themselves.



But now Bette is introducing BetteSolid, a new kind of waste fitting for the shower that has no dead spaces or bars on the inside. The secret: the odour trap has been moved away from the siphon pan and designed similarly to a siphon under the washbasin – a bend in the supply pipe to the drain system ensures that water is always present and acts as an odour trap.


This keeps the siphon pan free and ensures it is easy to access from the outside for cleaning, even using a spiral. And even in the pipes past the pan there are only direct routes that are rinsed clear by the flowing water, and no edges to catch hairs or dirt. This keeps the amount of cleaning by the user to a minimum, since most of the dirt is simply rinsed away automatically.


Low installation height, high drainage capacity

The 68-mm high version of the new BetteSolidwaste fitting offers the approved water seal depth of 50 mm.


As there is usually a shortage of space under the shower, the waste fitting is also extremely flat. Two versions are available in the installation heights 48 mm (water seal depth 30 mm) and 68 mm (water seal depth 50 mm). However, there is no need to worry about the water draining poorly with such a low installation height; quite the opposite, in fact, as these new waste fittings have a drainage capacity of 0.6 l/s (36 l/min), whereas the usual flow rate of normal commercial rain and shower sprays is 0.3 l/s – so there is plenty of reserve.


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