Unwind: A “Net Made By Nature” That Helps Relax Overstressed People

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Status: Graduation Project, department, University

Year: 2018/2019

Software Used:  Revit, 3dsmax, Vray, Lumion and Photoshop

Project Theme:  “Energizing people through Architecture”

Typology: Scientific &

Location:  , Cairo, Egypt


Ramsis square is a strategic transportation hub at Cairo. It needs to be reordered & reorganized for its facilities as current environment involves living & working in never ending mobility. So the project aims at providing clean future. It is mainly helping people to get over their depression which they develop by continuous exposure during the whole day. It also serves passengers who use all of this transportation units and giving surrounding community a breathable space.


By re-energizing the old image of square, the project intends to make it more efficient place for all users which aids in healing depressions and tensions for people. It’ll act like urban lungs besides connecting all transportation units into one project; giving maximum efficiency.


Concept statement :



The Project acts like a “Net made by Nature” that Grabs overstressed People, Gives them a concentrated Dose of Fun & Relaxation before Getting on with their Way.


Mission statement :


The project would energize people through introducing a “freeze farm” project typology, that aims to produce a short but concentrated does of relaxation in the heart of the busy and stressed daily routine in such an overcrowded and noisy spot.


Form Generation


3D Zoning



3D Section








Walk Through Animation


Final Presentation Board

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