17th Century Swedish Tradition Of Hospitality Now Extends With A Spa Offering True “Breathing Space”

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In Höör, – 5 minutes walk from the station – is Åkersbergs Stiftsgård, with a history that extends to the late 17th century. In line with Åkersberg’s tradition of and care, the farm is now being expanded with a for bodily and mental recovery – .


The assignment is a collaboration between  Arkitektur  and Arkitekter



Andrum is located in the western edge of Åkersberg’s inner garden. The building is intended to be subservient to the already built and is located on the slope towards the lower park. The foyer of the building forms a colonnade between the Chapel of Freedom and the Hostel. From this room, a walk takes place down to a lower situated surface which is partly excavated from the slope. In the lower rooms it is high in ceilings and there is contact with nature on all sides.



Andrum contains a number of interconnected rooms with different properties such as , sauna, rain, waterfall and steam. Resting places are located in the building. There are also rooms for spa treatment. A secluded terrace in the south is in contact with the park.




The building is designed on the basis of sensual impressions – light, aroma and taste, acoustics, and touch. The materials are concrete, stone, wood and glass that are kept in their form as far as possible. Together they form a whole that should be low-key and beautiful.



Location:  Höör, Sweden

Year  2018-19

Chief Architects:  Johan Sundberg, Mattias Andreasson (Blasberg Andreasson Architects)

Associate Architect:  Henrik Ålund

Structural Engineer:  Ronny Gerdt, Folke Höst, Lena Löfberg (Tyréns AB)

Structural Engineer (prefab):  Ruben Gianolio, Nela Kapic, Lotta Lundin (Prekon i Syd AB)

Builder:  Pär Stigborg (Byggom AB) Peter Nilsson

Photographer:  Peo Olsson ( www.peoolsson.se )


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