22 Unique and festive Rangoli design ideas for Diwali 2022!

multicolour rangoli design


Diwali is known for its lights, diyas, sweets, and bright rangoli designs. Rangoli is an Indian folk art form generally passed down through generations. The simple and easy rangoli for Diwali is created with rice powder, colours, flowers, chalk and pulses etc.

Rangolis are also known as Alpana, Ossa, Kolam, Chowk Purana, and Muggu in different parts of the country. Rangolis help in brightening up the entrance of a and giving a positive vibe to the space.

Here are some simple and unique rangoli-making styles to give you the much-needed inspiration to create the perfect rangoli for your house.



Unique and easy styles of Rangoli


#1 Simple corner Rangoli


simple corner rangoli with flowers
Corner Rangoli for Diwali

Image Source: Buddy Mantra


When space is an issue, make a simple rangoli in the corner of a living room in a circular or border pattern. While rangoli designs can be made almost anywhere including entrances, passageways, and on the floor of living rooms, you can also make them in corners with bright and vibrant colours to save space. 


#2 Peacock Rangoli 


colourful peacock art
Colours of a Peacock

Image Source: Venue Monk


A festival favourite, the colours used and the auspiciousness makes the peacock rangoli one of the most well-known designs. Start by outlining the peacock body on your desired surface and then extend the pattern outside to make its feathers. Use petals, sequins and other decoratives to make the feathers look diverse and vibrant. This pattern is one of the simpler and time-saving options. 


#3 Chalk Rangoli 


chalk drawing simple
Chalk it out

Image Source: Pinterest


The chalk rangoli is perfect for people new to the art of making rangolis or those looking to create beautiful designs without making a mess. Start by chalking out a dotted grid and then trace your desired pattern. Then, fill the outline with white or coloured chalk.


#4 Flower Petal Rangoli


flower petals rangoli design for diwali
Flower Power

Image Source: Arts and Culture


A significant part of the Diwali celebrations is its flowers. These are used for decorating the house and can also be used to make simple and modern rangoli designs using marigolds, lotus stems, jasmine, carnations, and roses among others. These are not only colourful and pretty to look at, but also give a pleasant aroma. 


#5 Alpana 


simple rangoli design
White and red motifs

Image Source: Youtube


The Alpana is a popular rangoli form in West Bengal, made using rice powder, charcoal and ash. The traditional motifs of the sun, Goddess Lakshmi, fish, lotus, owl and ladder among others are made. Made using a cloth soaked in rice powder and water these designs are passed down from generation to generation.


#6 Sanskar Bharti 


Sanskar bharti
Eye for detail

Image Source: Web Neel


This rangoli from the state of Maharashtra showcases detailed patterns. Made using three or five fingers to create fancy designs, first a simple sketch of the is made. Then you need to fill the sketch/outline with colourful powders. Finish it by using a white-coloured powder to highlight the important elements of your rangoli. 


#7 Water Rangoli


water rangoli
Make art on water

Image Source: Jeet Rangoli


For this unique and easy method of making Rangolis, you will need a large bowl filled with water and rangoli colours. Once you have filled the water in the bowl, add a few drops of oil. The oil will form a layer on top of the water. When you now add rangoli colours to the water, the will float to the top and stick to the layer of oil. Add floating candles to make the look complete and festive.


#8 Quilling Rangoli 


quilling rangoli design
A mix of colours with Quilling

Image Source: Quill On


An art form, Quilling involves cutting paper into thin and long strips. These strips are then rolled into different shapes. To create this type of rangoli you will need colourful paper strips, a quilling board, glue and scissors.


#9 Rangoli with pulses


pulses are used for this easy design
Colours inspired by Nature

Image Source: Youtube


Made of edible grains like wheat, rice, kidney beans, green grams, chickpeas, and split peas among others the Pulses rangoli looks colourful and vibrant due to its natural colours. To make your art form more festive and attractive simply add Diyas.


#10 Rangoli with stencils


simple and easy rangoli design from stencils
Tracing practice

Image Source: Venue Look


For this easy rangoli-making method you can involve the kids as well. Use the readymade rangoli stencils easily available in the market. All you need to do is put the stencil on the surface and rub coloured powder on the stencil. The hollow dots on the stencil will then make the chosen template design.


#11 Ready-to-use sticker rangoli


colourful sticker rangoli
2 minute rangoli hack

Image Source: 100 Yellow


The newest rangoli trend, sticker rangoli saves time and is available in thousands of different designs. All you need to do is stick this reusable rangoli on the floor. Made on acrylic, wood and plastic sheets these replicate the original rangoli design.


Rangoli lookbook 





The word Rangoli means a row of colours. Rangolis not only reflect your creativity but also help in making guests feel welcome at your house. Made of a variety of materials like colours, pulses, rice powder, husk, chalk, etc these designs add colour and positivity to the Diwali decor.

While rangolis are a part of Diwali rituals, these can also be a fun exercise with the family. So go ahead and select your favourite rangoli from our list of hand-picked, bright and colourful options to impress your guests.


*The featured image used in this article is from Pinterest




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