75F Launches Remote Temperature and Humidity Sensor For Comfort And Efficiency Optimization Of Buildings

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Comfort and efficiency optimization starts with an understanding of your .  The promise of is coming to life with the help of low cost, accurate, connected sensors. 75F offers a variety of sensors to accommodate a range of scenarios and types. These sensors continuously monitor and provide data and visibility across your and equipment in order to optimize environment for efficiency as well as tenant comfort, productivity and well being.



In the list of all these sensors, has made yet another addition with the launch of & Sensor™ (RTH).

The range of 75F sensors include:

  • 75F® Remote Temperature & Humidity ™ (RTH)
  • 75F®  Temperature & Humidity Sensor™ (WTH) – battery powered for quick installation in environments with structural obstacles to wiring
  • 75F® Ceiling Temperature & Humidity Sensor™ (CTH) for sensing in open rooms and crowded floor environments
  • 75F® Duct Temperature & Humidity Sensor™ (DTH) for supply, return and mixed in-duct airflow


Remote Temperature and Humidity Sensor™

This is their entry-level sensor providing the essential measurements of zone temperature and humidity. Pre-calibrated at the factory, these sensors install quickly.



Wireless Temperature & Humidity Sensor™

When speed or structural obstacles dictate, a battery-powered, wireless option for temperature and humidity is available with a 2-year battery life.



Ceiling Temperature & Humidity Sensor™

In applications where there is no place for wall-mounted sensors such as commercial kitchens and large open areas, temperature and humidity can be sensed via ceiling mounts, featuring field-variable length cable drops.

75F Ceiling Temperature and Humidity Sensor -CTH side compressed

Duct Temperature & Humidity Sensor™

A variety of applications require enthalpy (temperature and humidity) values in the air ducts. This elegant machined duct sensor can be used in exposed ducts and still look good.



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