And the NYCxDESIGN 2020 Award Winners Are…

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The fifth annual NYCxDESIGN 2020 winners were announced on May 18 in a virtual ceremony hosted by  and ICFF. We present to you winners in some of the prominent categories.




CATEGORY – Storage


BRAND – Scavolini


PRODUCT – Boxlife


scavolini storage_NYCxDESIGN 2020 Award Winner


Boxlife Design Studio Rainlight. It is a smart interior design concept marked by elegance and customization. It conceals endless functions while bringing together the living area and the sleeping area to ensure the utmost flexibility in the organization of space. This modular, flowing project focuses on concealed environments which make it possible to create linear, corner or U-shaped solutions that are responsive to the setting, and where the undisputed starring role is played by the paneling. The cupboards with retractable doors (single and double) can house appliances or an entire kitchen, while in the bed area, the sliding door systems can be used on the wardrobe cabinet, whereas in living room areas, the folding sliding external doors suit all possible requirements.




CATEGORY – Architectural Lighting


BRAND – Estiluz




estiluz_alfi_composition_suspension_lamp_img_a01_nycxdesign_NYCxDESIGN 2020 Award Winner


Delicate as a flower and as functional as a pin, Alfi’s light emerges from a glass orb, softened with a metal cap. Linear and curved modules can be put together to create suspensions that meander across the ceiling as well as form oval, square or linear configurations. Metal stems on ball joints at the canopy enable easy adjustment.



CATEGORY – Contract


BRAND – Artistic Tile


PRODUCT – Flute Deco


i_Flute_Nero_Deco_SFLUDBKH1224_01_NYCxDESIGN 2020 Award Winner


Flute draws its form from the channels cut vertically into classical stone (fluted) columns, but inverted: waves undulate out from the center of each tile, flowing from one to the next. The effect is smooth, dimensional, and architectural. Stocked in honed Lilac and as Flute Deco – a high honed China Black marble tile with inlaid lines of brass



CATEGORY – Contract Wall Covering


BRAND – Wolf-Gordon


PRODUCT – Repeat-Offenders


NYCxDESIGN 2020 Award Winner_wall covering


Interior Designer- Ghislaine Viñas came up with the name for this collection after her research in our extensive archives. There she found discontinued patterns and colorways to make into “repeat offenders”—a humorous spin on their modernized reappearance. An exploration of vintage fashion and beauty trends from the 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s also played a part in the evolution of the designs. A common element that Viñas responded to was the use of circular forms and the sense of comfort and pleasure derived from them. However, to “shake things up a bit,” she introduced linear aspects into each design to interact with the rounded forms. What resulted are three patterns that riff on the past, presenting a tongue-in-cheek twist on the colors, scales, and forms found in the older designs.


CATEGORY – Outdoor Furniture


BRAND –  Mmcité








Manta is the ideal piece of street furniture for the demands of modern life, presenting a fresh solution for a combination of work and rest. The rounded curves echo the movement of imaginary waves, symbolising both a smooth workflow and easy relaxation. Manta is a complex minimalist object, fulfilling the role of a table, bench or desk. It excels in all types of public space, indoors and out, livening up open-plan spaces, entrance halls and wide corridors alike, as well as gardens, small parks, plazas or atriums. With Manta you can create a personal oasis of focus or relaxation, wherever you are.


Subtle but durable structure made of zinc coated steel is supporting top deflected desk made of aluminium sheet. All parts are covered with durable powdercoating layer. Both versions without anchoring and with anchoring on the ground are available.




BRAND –  Effegibi




WELLNESS 3_NYCxDESIGN 2020 _Award Winner


Yoku SH is a warm and welcoming wellbeing space with an essential, well-proportioned and minimal design.


Yoku SH brings together a sauna, turkish bath and shower in a spa that lets you relive these ancient practices.


The key features of the Yoku SH system are the large recessed glass wall in bronze smoked glass along the front and the vertical elements in natural which create the feeling of being outdoors, in the middle of a forest, bringing elegance and privacy to the heat experience.


Design: Marco Williams Fagioli




BRAND –   James Dieter


PRODUCT – Guston-8


Composition- Anodized or plated aluminum, acrylic and glass, guston cut sheet


The flat curved bands of guston are notched together to create a composition of balanced elements. The light sources are backed by white or colored glass discs.


CATEGORY – Bath Fixtures


BRAND –    Agape


PRODUCT – Immersion Collection




BATH 1NYCxDESIGN 2020 Award Winner


Observing the growing density of cities across the globe, Neri&Hu design addresses the increasingly confined living spaces that urban dwellers are confronted with. The Immersion bathtub, inspired by traditional timber bathing vessels used in Japan and China, is deeper than a standard tub and occupies a smaller footprint.


Similar to an onsen hot spring experience, the posture of bathing is more upright rather than reclined, but the added depth allows a full immersion of the entire body for deep relaxation, while also enjoying the steam as it rises off the water surface. The resulting design features minimal lines, maintains elegant proportions and offers a unique and luxurious bathing experience.


Bathtub is white bio-based Cristalplant® or two-coloured (exterior in dark grey RAL7021 or light grey RAL7044); with overflow opening and no tap hole. Taps can be wall or floor mounted. Immersion is equipped with a slatted seat (compulsory insertion) available in Iroko wood or in the same tub material. The bottom of the tub can be encased in the floor to facilitate access. The two-coloured model can be made in colours chosen by the client with a surcharge of 15% on the price of the two-coloured finish. It is fitted with a waste with cap in white Cristalplant® .MET0725C (also suitable for bathtubs in display). Ascension, a multi-purpose accessory made of iroko wood, can be added to the bathtub to allow easy bathtub access or for use as a seat or side table for your everyday objects.


CATEGORY – Hardware


BRAND –    Hoffman Hardware


PRODUCT – Ring and Skinny Rectangle




ring_brass_punched_NYCxDESIGN 2020 Award Winner


At just 1” wide, the Ring is our smallest curved pull. Beautiful installed vertically or horizontally, the Ring can also be installed in multiples, such as two on a single drawer front. Shown below in perforated brass.


Available in all hammered and perforated finishes.


Skinny Rectangle


hammer_mini_rectangle_brass_NYCxDESIGN 2020 Award Winner


Smaller in scale than the Rectangle, the Skinny Rectangle still grabs attention in contemporary interiors. Affixed to both drawers and doors with two coordinating flush mount screws. Shown below in hammered brass.


Available in all hammered and perforated finishes.


CATEGORY – Architectural Products


BRAND –     Glas Italia thru DDC


PRODUCT – Sherazade Patchwork


GLASITALIA_NYCxDESIGN 2020 Award Winner_sliding system


Sherazade Slide Patchwork is a door panel of great detail and elegance whose surface is divided into four parts where different types of glass, tempered monolithic 6 mm or laminated 3+3 mm, can be used. These panels, fitted using a gasket, are inserted in the centre of the aluminum profiles, supplied in five different finishes. The glass, available in a very wide range of finishes, is certified in compliance with the ANSI Z97.1 and UNI ENI 2150 safety regulations (except the finish 533. retinato)


To see the winners of all categories, please click here.


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