Bed designs: 60 exquisite styles and top picks for designers

The Oxford in Purple Cotton Velvet by BoConcept


Bedrooms are a place to relax, rejuvenate, and promote a positive mood. Since it is the part of your house where you rest and unclutter, it should certainly be designed in a way that feels protected and cozy. While choosing the perfect bed for a bedroom, whether a wooden bed, modern double bed, box bed, or even bedside table, keep some considerations in mind. Any designer bed comes together by combining various elements, such as space, functionality, aesthetics, and storage.

As an designer, regardless of the type of furniture, you should be extra wary while choosing a bed because it is the bed style that defines your bedroom.

No matter how small or big a bedroom is, position the bed in the center to ensure that there is enough walking space on either side. Additionally, the colours, amount of natural light, chandeliers, and other decorative lights contribute to the aesthetics of the bedroom.

Additionally, when working with a small bedroom, do away with all the unnecessary furniture. Keep it simple! Opt for the right bed and make use of the space effectively. A well-designed bed transforms the bedroom into chic and elegant.

Therefore, stay away from king-size beds if the is too small. It makes the look crowded and cluttered. On the other hand, a small bed in a large makes the bed look out of place and disproportionate.

In this article, you will find the standard bed sizes and modern designs for each bedroom layout. This will help you determine the you prefer for your next project and which one will work best for your plan.




Key measurements for a well-planned bed configuration

The position of a bed is the basis of any well-planned bedroom. In addition, it is of utmost importance to have a bedroom with ample space for moving around.

Here are all the essential bed dimensions to facilitate the creation of an efficient layout that best suits the shape and size of the bedroom.

(i) Measuring 78×36 inches, single beds are ideal for kids’ or single-person bedrooms. The recommended size for this bed would be 7’ x 10’.

(ii) Measuring 78×48 inches, double beds are ideal for almost any standard bedroom in a small apartment. The recommended size for this bed would be 10’ x 12’.

(iii) Measuring 78×60 inches, queen-size beds are ideal for compact or smaller bedrooms. Their scale works with traditional furniture, such as four-poster bed frames. The recommended size for this bed would be anywhere from 10’ x 10’ to 10’ x 14’ depending on how much walking space you want.

(iv) Measuring 78×72 inches, king-size beds are ideal for master bedrooms that are at least 12 feet wide. King-size beds provide comfort for two people and additional aesthetic attention as well. The recommended size for this bed would be 10’ x 12’ to 13’ x 13’ depending on how much walking space you want.

(v) The average bed height ranges from 16 to 25 inches.

(vi) A minimum distance of 3 feet should be maintained between two single beds.

(vii) A minimum clearance of 24 inches should be on the other side of the bed.

(viii) The minimum width for circulation around the bedroom should be at least 3 feet.


Latest bed ideas & inspiration


Wooden bed

Wood is a reliable and classic material if you want that can last for a long time. Today, it can be considered a solid investment that pays you off by serving you for years to come. However, this does not limit your options. You don’t have to settle for stodgy and old-fashioned designs.

From beds with storage to provide a place to organize to easy-to-use hydraulic beds, wooden beds can take any form. They are the first choice of super-savvy customers.

Wooden beds have always been popular in India due to their durability and resale value. Moreover, they offer an updated aesthetic that works for modern as well as traditional homes. In addition, the warm accents of wood create an inviting and cozy atmosphere.

Wooden beds can be made from rubberwood, Sheesham, mango wood, rosewood, etc. Apart from that, plywood is another great option. It helps reduce the overall cost to some extent while providing excellent strength and durability.


Wooden bed design #1


dark stained wooden platform double bed with bedside table
Modern dark stained wooden platform bed

Image Source:


Wooden bed design #2


uxury double bed with upholstered headboard with bedside table
Luxury bed with upholstered headboard

Image Source: IDF


Wooden bed design #3


Contemporary four poster double bed in black orchid wood with bedside table
Contemporary four-poster bed

Image Source: Natural Bed Company


Wooden bed design #4


Elegant wooden double bed with white finish with matching bedside table
Elegant wooden bed with a white finish

Image Source: IDF


Wooden bed design #5


Modern wall-mounted platform bed, wooden double bed design with bedside table, modern bed designs
Modern -mounted platform bed

Image Source: The Twist


Single bed

Single beds are an excellent option for small bedrooms. Also, it is easy to fit the bed in a corner to allow some walking space as well.

The of a single bed, whether modern or traditional, is way more important than it seems to be. With the right design, this item can potentially enable you to maintain a classic look and save some space too.

With single beds, you get to avoid any clutter in the bedroom. In addition, beds that come with storage prove to be a bonus as they are space-efficient.


Single bed design #1


olive green coloured sleek single bed design, modern bed designs
Ultra sleek single bed for colourful interiors

Image Source: Bogdanova Bureau


Single bed design #2


single bed design in peach colour, modern bed designs
Contemporary bed to match your colour obsession

Image Source: Dvoetochie


Single bed design #3


minimalist metal bed for bedroom with bedside table
Simple and minimalist metal bed

Image Source: Behance


Single bed design #4


Single bed design with creative wall-hung feature, modern bed designs
Creative -hung wooden bed

Image Source: Lago


Single bed design #5


Contempoprary metal bed design for small bedrooms with matching bedside table
Contemporary metal bed for small bedrooms

Image Source:


Double bed

The most popular style of bed in today’s world, a double bed suits many purposes. Moreover, it is available in many options. From a plain full-size bed to a fully loaded modern and multifunctional one, there is a wide variety of double beds in the market now.

If you’re looking for a double bed, consider several specifications such as design, material, finish, dimensions, upholstery, storage, special features, and more. Your narrowed-down list should ideally match the interiors of the room, its dimension, and the client’s needs and budget.

Undoubtedly, a double bed offers a lot of space to its users.


Double bed design #1


simple bed design in a minimalistic room with bedside table
Modern bed lifts the aesthetics of the

Image Source: Zooi Designers


Double bed design #2


low slung platform bed for bedroom
An eye-catching low-slung platform bed

Image Source: Zooi Designers


Double bed design #3


yellow coloured cabin bed design, modern bed designs
Unique bed to double the style factor

Image Source:


Double bed design #4


yellow four poster bed to pack a punch of colour
A yellow four-poster bed to pack a punch of colour

Image Source: Cartelle


Double bed design #5


Wall-mounted bed that suspends in the air with rustic bedside table
-mounted bed that suspends in the air

Image Source:


Modern bed designs with storage

Storage beds can be anything from hydraulic beds, box beds, beds with drawers, and beds with cubbyholes inside the headboard.

A bed with storage is perfect to store extra clothes, shoes, bedsheets, pillows, and winter essentials, such as quilts and comforters. Trying to stuff all of these into your wardrobes proves to be inconvenient. Similarly, storing them in a loft will result in making them difficult to access and hence, unusable.

Choose from a wide range of materials, such as a wooden bed with storage or an upholstered one for a luxe look. Moreover, some storage beds offer hidden storage.

Storage beds are available in different sizes. Therefore, first measure the amount of space you have in the bedroom, leaving enough to walk around, and add accessories like bedside tables, study desks, and cupboards. Then, choose a that suits your requirements and space.


Bed  with storage #1


wooden bed design with storage with simple bedside table
Wooden bed with drawers for storage

Image Source: Zooi Designers


Bed with storage #2


grey bed design with storage space beneath the mattress panel with bedside table in same material
Bed with storage space beneath the mattress panel

Image Source: Render Vision


Bed with storage #3


dark brown bed design with drawers and bedside table in similar material
Bed with large drawers to keep all your belongings safe

Image Source: Van Nhua Sai Gon


Bed with storage #4


bed design with multiple storage boxes and drawers
Unique bed with multiple storage boxes and drawers

Image Source: Humble Abode


Bed with storage #5


Simple modern pneumatic high box bed storage
Simple and modern pneumatic high box bed storage

Image Source:


Bedside designs

The length of bedside tables ranges between 21 to 36 inches and the depth should be approximately 15 inches.

By rule of thumb, the height of the bedside should be at the same level as the top of the mattress. However, some homeowners prefer it slightly lower (by about 1 inch) so that one can easily reach out for things from the bed.

Beds with side tables are a valuable addition to your bedroom. No longer are they simple utilitarian places to keep an alarm clock, glasses, or lamps. Apart from being highly functional, they are very convenient to use as well.

These days, bedside tables contribute as accent units in the bedroom interior. Additionally, there are industrial, traditional, contemporary, and many other theme-based designs available in the market today.


Bedside  #1


white luxury tall upholstered headboard and sidetables
A bedroom that exudes warmth and calmness

Image Source: Rugiano


Bedside #2


Wooden wall mounted bedside shelves
Wooden bed with -mounted bedside shelves

Image Source: Housely


Bedside #3


golden nightstand in the bedroom
Nightstand that will grab your gaze

Image Source: Boca Do Lobo


Bedside #4


complementary side table in a lighter shade of brown
Bed with a complementary bedside in a lighter shade

Image Source: Modsy Blog


Bedside #5


champagne colored side table
Upholstery adds a nice touch to the double bed

Image Source: Rugiano


Modern bed headboard

Unique and beautiful headboards can transform the look of the entire room. They come in different fabrics and sizes. Moreover, a good headboard will take the originality of your and comfort to another level.

Bed headboard is the focal point and can change the vibe of a bedroom instantly. Whether you want to amplify your space, make it cozier, or add a touch of personal style, bed headboard designs will never disappoint you.


Headboard design #1


simple and elegand headboard design
A simple bed with a tall, elegant headboard with lines and patterns

Image Source: Kezo


Headboard design #2


yellow headboard design
Offbeat headboard for a lavish space

Image Source: Boca Do Lobo


Headboard design #3


Contemporary headboard for an extraordinary look
Contemporary headboard for an extraordinary look

Image Source: Boca Do Lobo


Headboard design #4


blush pink velvet headboard design with golden accents
Velvet headboard for a regal and sophisticated look

Image Source: Behance


Headboard design #5


Contemporary bed with a simple, elegant headboard in charcoal grey colour
Contemporary bed with a simple, elegant headboard

Image Source: Cynthia Lynn


Modern bed with box

Nothing compares to the opulence of a box bed. Therefore, a bed with a box is the perfect balance of form and function. Solid lines make it an elegant addition to any bedroom, while the storage space answers all of your organizational needs.

Having maximum storage capacity, box beds make the best use of space. Moreover, they allow you to keep most of the bedroom essentials beneath the mattresses themselves.


Bed  with box #1 


Box bed with hydraulic mechanism
Box bed with hydraulic mechanism

Image Source: Aapka


Bed with box #2


Modern and convenient box bed
Modern and convenient box bed

Image Source:


Bed with box #3


A smart storage bed
A smart storage bed

Image Source: Pinterest


Bed with box #4


box bed design with hydraulic mechanism
This modern bed scores big on looks and performance

Image Source: Gainsville Co. Ltd.


Bed with box #5


Bed with drawers and a concealed storage space
Bed with drawers and a concealed storage space

Image Source: Next Luxury


Bed  for kids

Kids’ beds provide a much-needed fun vibe to their bedroom. Bunk beds, trundle beds, and stackable beds are the most appropriate bed types for kids.

Bunk beds for kids are space-savvy as well as stunning in design. Moreover, they provide comfortable bedding for two kids in a small place.

Also, there are trundle beds available for kids having a slider bed. In addition, they have pull-out side drawers from below the lower bed for extra storage.

Most beds for kids have under-the-bed storage, headboard shelf storage, and side shelf storage as well. Besides, there are also stackable beds that can either be stacked one over the other or dismantled, as per the needs.


Bed  for kids #1


mickey nmouse inspired headboard for kids bed
Bespoke bed that any kid would love

Image Source: Behance


Bed for kids #2


This bed comes with smart extra storage options

Image Source: Vu-Viet-Thang


Bed for kids #3


A combination of bunk and loft beds

Image Source: Zooi Designers


Bed for kids #4


yellow four poster bed for kids' rooms
Trendy and colorful four-poster bed for kids’

Image Source: VOV Live


Bed for kids #5


Colourful bunk bed for kids
Colourful bunk bed reminiscent of summer camp

Image Source: Trends


Simple modern bed designs

Following are a few beds that not only look classy but also provide maximum comfort. So, if your client is somebody who doesn’t like too much drama or wants something minimalistic, these designs are your best bet.

These simple yet modern and elegant beds will surely enhance your bedroom interior.


Simple bed design #1


simple bed in mjuted tones for a colorful bedroom
Simple, stylish, and sturdy bed in muted tones for a colorful bedroom

Image Source: Zooi Designers


Simple bed design #2


vintage cushioned headboard
This cushioned headboard has a vintage feel

Image Source:


Simple bed design #3


white sleek and ultra modern bed perfect for a minimalist bedroom
Sleek as well as ultra-modern bed perfect for a minimalist bedroom

Image Source: Ladder


Simple bed design #4


A conventional wooden platform bed
A conventional wooden platform bed

Image Source: Go Modern


Simple bed design #5


dusty pink coloured simple bed design
Simple bed with upholstered cushion

Image Source: Zooi Designers


New bed  images


New bed design #1


Modern low slung platform bed with storage space in headboard, modern bed designs
Modern low-slung platform bed with storage space in the headboard

Image Source: Mondo


New bed design #2


A designer queen size bed in deep purple colour
A designer queen-size bed for maximum comfort

Image Source: Ronen Bekerman


New bed design #3


Accent bed back with LED enhances the entire mood of the bedroom

Image Source: Pinterest


New bed design #4


Innovative bed to amp up the

Image Source: Behance


New bed design #5


Creative headboard design for a stylish bedroom, modern bed designs
Creative headboard for a stylish bedroom

Image Source: Pinterest


Buy our top recommendations (Click on the product’s name)

Looking to add a touch of luxury to your bedroom? So, get the best beds online to uplift your bedroom. Also, all this without the hassle of having to leave the house.

If you wish to revamp a house or purchase a new bed, below you can explore the plethora of options available in the market.


Austin bed in a Camel Cotton Velvet by BoConcept


Camel Cotton Velvet by BoConcept with single bedside table


Lagoon Single Bed by Script


Lagoon Single Bed by Script


The Oxford bed in Purple Cotton Velvet by BoConcept


The Oxford in Purple Cotton Velvet by BoConcept


Dolcevita bed by Natuzzi Italia 


Dolcevita by Natuzzi Italia with bedside table


Lawrence bed by Idus


Lawrence by Idus with complementing bedside table


Drewno Upholstered Bed by Wooden Street


Drewno Upholstered Bed by Wooden Street


Malabar Four Poster Bed by Urban Ladder


Malabar Four Poster Bed by Urban Ladder with matching bedside table


TUFJORD Upholstered Bed by Ikea


TUFJORD Upholstered bed frame by ikea


Crayon Birch Wood Bunk Bed by CasaCraft 


Crayon Birch Wood Bunk Bed by CasaCraft 


Oscar King Size Upholstered Bed by Dreamzz Furniture


Oscar King Size Upholstered Bed by Dreamzz Furniture



A bed is simply a piece that you value and cherish because of its utility and comfort. One is always looking for the perfect bed to suit all their requirements as well as derive maximum relaxation from it.

Being the focal point of a bedroom, beds tend to ooze a certain degree of sophistication. Therefore, as a designer, it is important for you to understand the different aspects involved in the selection of a bed. Today, a multitude of designs are available to suit your diverse needs.

Moreover, bedroom comes in all shapes and sizes. Therefore, it is crucial to determine the ideal and bed dimensions before making a purchase.

Wooden bed designs offer unmatchable strength, classic yet modern looks, and sturdiness whereas beds with storage provide you with several spacious compartments to store your belongings. In addition, for those looking for a contemporary look, tastefully fashioned beds with headboards provide a highly distinguished look. Moreover, it allows the to blend in with the setting of any contemporary home.

The purpose of the article was to give you a fair idea of the different kinds of designs as well as styles available in the market and to facilitate your process of purchase.




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