Burj Khalifa, Dubai: What makes it so fascinating? (51+pics, FAQ)

Burj Khalifa: The vertical giant of Dubai


Burj Khalifa is the tallest building on earth with a height of 2717 feet. Burj Khalifa has been the centre of attention since its inception in 2004. Located in Dubai, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, Burj Khalifa is now the greatest landmark of all in the city. The vertical giant is owned by one of the largest real estate companies in the world- Emaar properties. The owner of Emaar properties and Burj Khalifa- Mr. Muhamed Alabbar believes that Burj Khalifa is an example of achieving the impossible and inspires everyone to reach for the stars. The Burj Khalifa is a mixture of hospitality, residential and commercial ventures. With as many as 163 floors the Burj Khalifa resides over clouds and is a sought after tourist destination. Thus, in this article, we have put together all the necessary information about Burj Khalifa. So, keep reading to know more!



All about the numbers

The global icon, Burj Khalifa replaced Taiwan’s Taipei 101, an 88 storey building for the title of the tallest building in the world in 2009.  Additionally, it is an 828m tall structure with a vertical transporting elevator and egress staircase in each wing. Moreover, the vertical city runs smoothly with the help of 57 elevators and 8 escalators. So, the construction project began in January 2004 and the main structure was ready by October 2009. Also, the grand tower i.e. Burj Khalifa was inaugurated on 4 January 2010. Impressively, the structure houses more than 900 residences! Thus, the Burj Khalifa is not just a tall building but a massive city residing on unimaginable heights. 


Architecture and designs

Burj Khalifa was an impossible project undertaken by Skidmore, Owing & Merrill, the designers of the World trade centre, New York. They used the tubular system in the of the building to reduce the use of steel by half. Also, the Burj Khalifa takes its inspiration from the works of great architect engineers Sir Fazlur Rahman Khan and Sir Frank Lloyd Wright. In its conception, Adrian Smith, the chief architect of the vertical city envisioned it as purely residential. However, the owner of Burj Khalifa uses it as a mixed venture. So, the architecture is inspired by the Islamic architecture of the Abbassid Caliphate- a spiral top-tapering building with open terraces. Additionally, it appears to be shaped like the flower of Hymenocallis.

A major challenge for the as well as the engineers was the harsh hot climate of Dubai, thus, the designers focused a lot on the cladding of the skyscraper. Hence, the exterior is adorned with more than 26000 reflective glass panels with an anti-glare shield to reflect and keep the indoors cool. Moreover, apart from the use of architectural glass, special concrete mixtures were prepared to withstand the heat of Dubai and the high pressure of the massive vertical structure. So, this building was a marvel ever since the commencement of its construction and still, it is an awe-striking structure raised from the ground to reach beyond the sky. 




Structure of Burj khalifa and floor plan
Structure of the vertical city, Dubai

Image Source: Dubai Visa


Floors Function
160–163 Mechanical (Only for staff & maintenance)
156–159 Communication and broadcast
155 Mechanical (Only for staff & maintenance)
149–154 Corporate suites
148 At the Top Sky observatory
139–147 Corporate suites
136–138 Mechanical (Only for staff & maintenance)
125–135 Corporate suites
124 At the Top observatory
123 Sky lobby
122 At.mosphere restaurant
111–121 Corporate suites
109–110 Mechanical (Only for staff & maintenance)
77–108 Residential
76 Sky lobby
73–75 Mechanical
44–72 Residential
43 Sky lobby
40–42 Mechanical (Only for staff & maintenance)
38–39 Armani Hotel suites
19–37 Residential
17–18 Mechanical (Only for staff & maintenance)
9–16 Armani Residences
1–8 Armani Hotel
Ground Armani Hotel, Lobby
Concourse Armani Hotel, Lobby
B1–B2 Parking, mechanical

Sourced from: Wikipedia


Fame and records

The Burj Khalifa is accredited with numerous awards and records. So, here are some of the most popular records associated with this building marvel. 

  • Firstly, the tallest structure ever built
  • Tallest existing structure
  • Highest skyscraper
  • World’s highest elevator installation
  • World’s longest elevator distance
  • Building with the most number of floors
  • World’s highest nightclub
  • World’s highest restaurant
  • Highest vertical concrete plumbing
  • World’s tallest residential space


Tourist attractions


Dubai fountains

The Burj Khalifa complex is marked by a massive fountain system, designed with 6600 lights and 50 coloured projectors. Also, it is recorded to be the world’s largest choreographed fountain system. After dusk, the fountain starts and creates a charming ambience around the vertical giant building. Additionally, the fountain system is spread over an area of 270 metres and can shoot water up to 150 metres. So, here are some magical images from Dubai fountains to give you a sense of the moment. 



Armani hotels

Armani Hotels, in Burj Khalifa, are the epitome of luxury. The hotels opened up in the building on 27 April 2010. Also, the hotels occupy 39 floors of the vertical city and are designed tastefully by Armani. Moreover, the Armani floors are an amalgamation of 7 luxury hotels and 3 vacation resorts. So, with unmatched luxury and the brand name of Armani, one can expect nothing less than perfection here. 



Sky lobby

So, sky lobbies are an essential part of skyscrapers these are intermediate levels where you can change from the regular elevator to an express elevator that runs from end to end without a halt. Thus, the sky lobbies of Burj Khalifa, Dubai are exceptional in their height and magnitude. Additionally, levels 43, 76 and 123 are designed as community centres where the visitors or residents can socialise and engage in facilities like a jacuzzi, spa, swimming pool or other recreational activities. So, here are some images that would sum up the lobbies better. 



At the top sky observatory

The vertical city has 2 sky observatories, one at level 124, with a height of 452 metres and another at 148, with a height of 555 metres. These sky observatories are the highest in the world thus attracting a lot of tourism. When the visibility is clear one can see the shores of Iran from the Burj sky observatories. So, to visit the sky observatories you can book tickets online in advance or purchase them on the spot. Also, the sky observatories are equipped with an electronic telescope to make the experience even richer and more engaging. 



Burj khalifa park

The downtown of Burj Khalifa boasts a beautifully landscaped park of eleven hectares. Additionally, the park is designed in the shape of the Hymenocallis flower, just like the Burj Kahlifa building itself. The park is a destination for visitors for picnics, cycling rides as well as to watch a variety of events that are hosted in the park now and then. Also, through the park, you can watch the Dubai fountains and shows. 



Burj Khalifa At.mosphere restaurant

The fine-dining restaurant at Burj Khalifa, Dubai is the highest in the world, located at level 122, 442 meters above the ground. Moreover, the glass walls of the restaurant give you the most beautiful view of Dubai city. At At.mosphere restaurant you can enjoy a beautiful sunset with panoramic views while eating scrumptious meals prepared by some of the greatest chefs in the world. Also, it’s a perfect place for hosting high teas, lunches and fine dining dinners. So, below is a photo gallery of the restaurant to give you a better idea of the place.



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B O O K  T I C K E T S


Burj Khalifa: FAQ


Q1- What is the height of Burj khalifa?

So, the height of Burj Khalifa is 2717 feet (828 metres) tall. Also, it is the world’s tallest building. 


Q2- Where is Burj Khalifa located?

 Burj Khalifa is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Q3- How many floors does Burj khalifa have?

It has a total of 163 floors.


Q4- Who owns Burj Khalifa?

Emaar Properties.


Q5- Who owns Burj Khalifa’s top floors?

BR Shetty, an Indian owns the 100th and 140th floors of Burj Khalifa, Dubai.


Q6- When was Burj khalifa built?

So, the construction started in January 2004 and the vertical city was inaugurated in January 2010.


Q7- Which is the best in Burj Khalifa, worth visiting?

Level 148, at a whopping height of 555metres, is the highest observatory deck in the world. Thus, it is a must-see sight in Dubai.


Q8- Who designed Burj Khalifa?

The of Burj Khalifa is accredited to William F Baker (engineer) and Adrian Smith (architect) from Skidmore Owing & Merrill. 


Q9- How wide is Burj Khalifa? 

It is 175 metres wide.


Q10- Can Burj khalifa survive an earthquake? 

So, according to the regular testing reports, the structure is reported to withstand a 7 point Richter scale earthquake. 


*The featured image used in the article is from Wallpaperacess.com.




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