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CERA Senator Cucine Italian Kitchens – The perfect fusion of Italian art and Indian sensibilities

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Senator Cucine is a range of Kitchens that embody the epitome of designs and style. is truly , made to measure in Italy.  has tied up with Spagnol Group, a 50 year old Italian company, for bringing kitchens to India.



Senator Cucine is brought to India by CERA, which has 40 years of experience in home solutions with a wide network of sales and service.


The designs are customised with new market trends, so that the customer can choose from a wide range of designs from modern to classical kitchens. The material, modularity and finish of the kitchen can also be customised thereby fulfilling the complete needs of customer.




CERA Senator Cucine Italian Kitchens-Louisiana 2


Praise of shape and precious processing: this is Louisiana. Here, taste and style are expressed at their highest level. The care in every detail of the curves and pro­files meets the light of the mat white lacquered peach skin The result is a state-of-the art, fresh elegant kitchen, that can fufil­l the wish of solidity and safety.

CERA Senator Cucine Italian Kitchens - lousisiana - 1



Base Door/Tall Units/Wall Units  – White Matt Peach Skin Lacquered. 

Counter Surface  – Alaska White Fenix. 

Plinth – White Matt Peach Skin Lacquered. Top Alaska White Fenix.

The shapes are made more graceful  by the curved lines of the details: this is Lousiana’s new concept.

The open air elements create a breathing feeling even in too narrow environment.

The handle is the object that completes the guise of a kitchen. The selection of  handle Pharma ensures high-level performances.



CERA Senator Cucine Italian Kitchens- Scaccomatto

Refined and ecologically sustainable finishes: cement resin combines perfectly with the London Grey and Ingo Black Fenix NTM colours to give life to a refined and prestigious aesthetic. Total accessibility to the inside is made possible by the fold-away door system. The advanced mechanism guarantees fluidity and is easy-to-use.

CERA Senator Cucine Italian Kitchens-scaccomatto 2




Base/Tall Unit door – Cement ResinGrigio Londra and Nero Ingo Fenix Ntm,

Opening of tall units with fold-away doors.

Open Elements – Nero Ingo Fenix Ntm.

Counter top-  bianco artico  Knotted Oak  with a Rustic Feel.

Groove – Nero Ingo Fenix Ntm.

Top – Nero Ingo  Fenix Ntm, thickness 1.2 cm.


Fenix Ntm and Mortar
Fenix Ntm is an innovative material derived from high-pressure thermal lamination. The surface is obtained from the application of nanotechnologies. The Mortar is made of synthetic resin and quartz in different granulometry aggregates.


Complete covering
This resin concrete is a non-toxic, water-based, single-component material which is also ideal for covering the grooves. The choice of groove can also be considered with Fenix Ntm.



CERA Senator Cucine Italian Kitchens -VivereItalia


In a kitchen, it’s necessary to know, evaluate and utilize the available space. The solutions adopted combine a great utilization of space with maximum order and mechanical efficiency.


In any kitchen, space and functionality can be increased by an incredible variety of accessories that can enhance the properties of the kitchen. Every space, based on its size and position in the kitchen and on its function, is an ideal container for accessories.


The use of internal drawers on bases and tall units allows you to take advantage in the best way possible of the containment and organizational capacity. The highly mechanical efficiency together with the trendy finishes make it an absolutely unique kitchen accessory that you can’t do without.

CERA Senator Cucine Italian Kitchens-Viveria italia 2



Fronts – Lamiera HPL  Stratified  Laminated, Ossidato Stainless-Steel Lacquered, bricole. 

Frame –  Coloniale.

Kitchen top – Lamiera HPL Stratified  Laminated,.

Countertop – Lamiera HPL Stratified  Laminate

Tubular composition – Rame.

Groove C-Shaped – Ossidato. Plinth Ossidato.



CERA Senator Cucine Italian Kitchens-Maryland


Maryland is the highest and most elegant expression by Spagnol Cucine. Simple and linear, Maryland is kitchen furniture that enhances the absence of handles everywhere, whether it be the tall units, the bases or the wall units. Maryland widens the possibility of different doors, giving you the opportunity to choose the one you prefer.


CERA Senator Cucine Italian Kitchens-Maryland 2


With its elegance and formal rigour, the glass is the real protagonist in this composition. The refinement of frosted white finish blends perfectly with the naturalness of the wood. The result is a modern space that is bright and perfectly organized thanks to the equipped tall units and the open element system.

Maryland Base/Tall Unit Door–  White Lacquered Frosted Glass, base depth 75cm.

Maryland Wall Unit Door  –White Lacquered Frosted Glass , Push-Pull Opening.

Open Elements – Olmo Canapa.

Countertop – Olmo Canapa.

Groove And Plinth – Polished Aluminum.

Top – Kart Gloss thickness 1.2 cm.



CERA Senator Cucine Italian Kitchens- Miami


A clear reference to urban spaces with a distinctive metropolitan style. Featuring Factory doors, trestles and wall units in iron, Miami’s industrial personality constantly provokes and surprises. Every element highlights the extreme attention to detail, such as the iron shelves on the untreated wood panel and the brushed black tone of the grooves.


CERA Senator Cucine Italian Kitchens-Miami 2




Base units/tall units/Wall units – Grigio Nebbia Polished Plaster, Avio Peachskin, Piombo Factory.


Open elements – Nero Spazzolato Factory. 

Countertop – Olmo Recuperato Tarlato.Gola Brushed Black. 

Top- Metropolis Dark.


Wood and metal combine to make way for the new style.  The urban kitchen follows its own sequence of ideas, transferred onto the use of objects: the “cases” of the Factory range. Designed for Miami, the Factory cases are simple-to-use elements, practical and indispensable for a new look.


Factory  gives a brand new style in the dining area too: the style of the leg speaks of its own design dimension.



CERA Senator Cucine Italian Kitchens-Look Quadra


A set-up articulated for dynamic lifestyles. Open compartments and wall units with glass doors complete the “C” arrangement of the bases and columns, preserving the feeling of openness typical of a loft.


CERA Senator Cucine Italian Kitchens - Look Quadra 1



CERA Senator Cucine Italian Kitchens-Look Styling


Exquisite shades of white and a U-shaped layout. The result is a bright contemporary space that’s easy to use and emanates harmony and joie de vivre.

CERA Senator Cucine Italian Kitchens-Look Restyling 1


CERA Senator Cucine Italian Kitchens-Talita


The perfect balance between simplicity of form and a subdued colour palette make this composition distinctive and elegant. The tall units in orobico grey stone laminate perfectly accentuate the natural veining of the marble.


CERA Senator Cucine Italian Kitchens-Talita 1


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