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Cersaie 2019 Top 6 Products That Will Give Wings To Your Design Imagination

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CERSAIE is the foremost international event for of ceramic and other surface coverings and bathroom furnishings. The recent edition of was concluded in Bologna, Italy (23 sept 2019 – 27 sept 2019). At CERSAIE you find surfaces, wood floors, wallpaper, surface coverings made of other materials and furnishings. Numerous manufacturers introduce their new product ranges during the 5 day exhibition that gives you various ideas. Here is our pick of Cersaie 2019 top 6 new products that caught our fancy:



Cubik is Back. ​Ideagroup at Cersaie 2019 : The restyling of the iconic collection, between new finishes and renewed modularity

Ideagroup participated in Cersaie presenting #CubikIsBack, the restyling project of the iconic Cubik collection.

Cersaie 2019 top products - Cubik - Ideagroup - j_72595_02

Cubik was originally launched in 2010 and has since become one of Ideagroup’s flagship collections. It was recently updated to include new modularity options and finishes: legno fossile, rovere antico, rovere cadore, HPL, with aluminium and glass frames. Cubik embodies the essence of Ideagroup, the expertise of a company that successfully combines technological and industrial know-how with thorough knowledge of materials and skilled craftsmanship. Materials and their transformation into shapes – design elements that distinguish each of Ideagroup’s collections – accompanied visitors along a sensory path leading to unexpected tactile sensations.
Preview also of new stoneware finishes, including pietra piasentina naturale, pietra piasentina fiammata, ten new lacquered finishes, and forty glossy and etched colours for glass. In addition to Cubik, the brand also displayed the DogmaDolcevitaForm,  Sense and Nyù collections, and new shower enclosures and trays by Disenia.


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Textile + Ceramic : The historic Rubelli collections comes to life on Florim large ceramic slabs

Ceramic surfaces and fine fabrics come together, culminating in original creative combinations that conjure up the noble Venetian heritage of textile production. This is the essence of “i filati di rex”, the new collection produced by Florim in collaboration with Rubelli for Cersaie 2019.


Cersaie 2019 top products - textile + ceramic surfaces - Rex - j_72449_01


The i filati range by Rex – the Florim brand synonymous with luxury and elegance – is the result of the encounter between the Group’s most advanced production technologies and the centuries-old tradition of the art of silk carried on by Rubelli. The Venetian company’s most iconic decorative patterns come to life on the ceramic surface in an elegant interplay of relief effects that reinterpret the texture of the fabric. Large slabs that look hand-woven by the skilled fingers of master weavers become a new expression of Italian-made beauty and design.


Cersaie 2019 top products - textile + ceramic surfaces - Rex - j_72449_02


The “i filati di rex” collection proposes nine decorative patterns, featured on Florim large surfaces (120×280 cm, 120×240 cm and 60×120 cm with a thickness of just 6 mm) in different colour shades which evoke those of the original fabrics, with patterns inspired by nature and art. They range from classic damask motifs (like San Marco, part of the collection for over a century) to floral patterns (which offer a modern take on classic elements) and geometric decorative patterns (perfect for those in search of more understated decoration).


Cersaie 2019 top products - textile + ceramic surfaces - Rex - j_72449_03


The ceramic product “wears” the fabric and the mingling of these two materials – so different yet at the same time complementary – offers a sensory experience that engages both sight and touch.


Fabrics and Resins Dresses the Glass 1989 Pools : The new Mawi Spa at Cersaie 2019

Glass 1989 presented the new pool collection Mawi Spa: a relax oasis, perfect both for indoor and outdoor, during Cersaie 2019,


Cersaie 2019 top products - Mawi Spa -Pool - Glass 1989 - j_72172_01


Spa pools with a contemporary look, which transform the classic idea of a spa, through innovation of the aesthetic concept. Glass 1989’s Mawi collection enriches the Spa pool with a new comfort, introducing two different kind of panels with unexpected features and potential.


The first proposal dresses the mini-pool with innovative fabrics in contemporary colors. The panels in LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™, a technical fabric also used for swimwear, are proposed by Glass 1989 in two 3D soft-touch patterns: Square and Hexagon.


This fabric is particularly suitable for this use, since it is water repellent and quick drying, highly resistant to stains, abrasion, UV rays and chemicals. It is also characterized by elasticity and softness to the touch.


Glass 1989 launched these panels in 4 colors, cayenne, baobab, balena and rabat, inspired by latest living trends, in order to make the Spa easily placeable indoors or outdoors.


Those who love surfaces with a natural-looking effect can choose Ecoresina panels, available in 4 trendy colors: polvere, cenere, ardesia and neve.


These panels have an external eco-friendly finish, made of state-of-the-art special resins that combine an original natural effect with a perfect adherence to the support of aluminum/PVC composite material. The handmade layering gives to the surface an unconventional look, enhancing the beauty of the material and its natural multiple shades. Ecoresina panels are scratchproof and stain-resistant.


Mawi Spas are equipped with a state of the art and extremely quiet recirculation system, which makes the range perfect for indoor use. Skimmer with cartridge filter combines optimal performance and compact dimensions, maximizing the internal space of the Spa pool.


Concealed thermostatic mixer allows rapid filling of the Spa at the preset temperature: relaxation is guaranteed thanks to the automatic filling up system, which keeps the water level constant for total well-being.


The automatic ozone system increases the effectiveness of the filtration, it neutralizes bacterial growth and guarantees maximum hygiene. Floor-standing version with panels is enriched with an emotional perimeter light, which creates an intimate and relaxing atmosphere in the room. Thanks to the Bluetooth audio kit it is possible to listen to the music playlists collected in your device.


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Exotic Plants, Wild Animals and Natural Stones – Planet Earth by Tecnografica. The installation that celebrates the beauty of Nature

For Cersaie 2019, Tecnografica presented PLANET EARTH, the installation that pays homage to the planet Earth and the charm of landscapes and natural elements.
Cersaie 2019 top products - Planet Earth - Tecnografica- wall coverings-j_72001_07


Tecnografica, together with its artists and designers, collected some of the creativity examples that Nature uses every day to express itself. With PLANET EARTH, the brand was able to show and share that stunning creativity through Feanne’s tropical illustrations from the wallpaper Art Collections, and through the reinterpretations of onyx and marbles from the decorative panels collections.


Among exotic plants, wild animals, and precious natural stones, Tecnografica is ready to celebrate the beauty of our Earth. The beauty of our Home.


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Profilitec Presented Uptec at Cersaie 2019 : The new patented system for raised floor installations

 Profilitec participated at Cersaie 2019, the foremost international event for ceramic tile in architecture and bathrooms furnishings, with Uptec, the new patented system for raised floor installations, using only 3 components.


Cersaie 2019 top products -UPTEC-PROFILITEC- raised floor installation system -366911-relaa213bba


Uptec launches the 3-in-1 Revolution: 3 articles (3 base codes) in one single system. The three products work seamlessly with 3 accessories designed for standard installations (2 mm and 4 mm tile joints) or for wood and aluminum joists. The rubber, interchangeable elements guarantee a sound dampening, non-slip system.


Uptec allows you to reach the desired floor height by simply adding SUPAR spacer rings; an ingenuous locking disc lets you easily change from a self-leveling head to a fixed head.


Uptec was tested with static and dynamic loads in high and low temperatures, resisting over 12 kN.‎ The system is equipped with a complete series of perimeter profiles used to elegantly and safely trim raised floors.‎


Kalos by Massimo Iosa Ghini. Nature Inspiration : Devon&Devon presents the new washbasin with mirror with floral lines

On the occasion of the Cersaie 2019, Devon&Devon presented Kalos, a washbasin with a mirror which is the result of its first collaboration with Massimo Iosa Ghini.
Cersaie 2019 top products - Pedestal white tec washbasin_KALOS-Devon & Devon-j_72600_01
The basin which receives the water is the visual translation of a dynamic gesture, the soft and slender opening of an elegant corolla”, said Iosa Ghini. The concept is based on the observation of the vegetable world: the washbasin design is reminiscent of the soft and sinuous lines of flower petals, which are perfect for collecting dew towards their centre and stem.
A large, circular mirror hangs naturally over the basin, which, with surprising naturalness, replicates the typical continuity of an essence that is blossoming.
The Kalos body is made entirely in White Tec, a mixture created and processed exclusively for Devon&Devon, which guarantees excellent impact and mark strength, and complies with the highest standards in terms of quality and


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