CERSAIE postpones this year’s show to 2021, in the wake of Corona pandemic

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Cersaie 2021

The organizers at Cersaie have been trying their level best to make this year’s exhibition go through. However, given the severity of the pandemic and the legit concerns of the visitors and exhibitors, they have decided to let go of this year’s schedule.. Also the team at felt that going ahead with this year’s show would mean compromising with the high international standards of the show they are known for.



Cersaie has always been known as a truly international show of , and furnishings, given the fact that about one third of the exhibitors are from outside Italy – around 40 different countries. More than 47% of attendees in 2019 (around 50,000) were international visitors.


Though the business activity has commenced in many countries from the past 2 months or so but most of the exhibitors are not comfortable committing the kind of investments and planning required for participating in such a show. Keeping all these factors in mind, Cersaie has decided to postpone the 2020 show to 2021.


The next edition of the show will be held in Bologna from 27 September to 1 October. Cersaie team wants to ensure that the next year edition should be couple of notches above the current quality levels and deliver real value to the participants.


Therefore they have designed a packed programme of events and activities that will be help between now and the 2021 show. This set of events would exhibit a real radical approach that Cersaie has taken and it demonstrates the commitment levels they bring. Cersaie is going to use a mix of physical and digital activities; thus truly emerging as a new age show organizer. All this is to enhance the users experience and deliver real value to them.


Among the various physical initiatives, the Press Cafés will be presented on Monday 28 September in Sassuolo, then on 9 November the Palazzo dei Congressi in Bologna will host a conference dedicated to the healthiness of ceramics in the design of residential and architectural spaces. These events will be accompanied by online activities focusing on topical issues for the world of ceramics and bathroom furnishings.


Ahead of the 2021 edition of the show, construction work is continuing on the Contract Hall, the space in Hall 18 dedicated to creating links between the world of ceramics and new product areas such as kitchens, outdoor design, indoor and outdoor finishes, technology and . It will also be the setting for Archincont(r)act, the area dedicated to high-quality world-class architectural firms.


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