Crystal City: Bringing The Inhabitants Closer To Each Other

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Located in an area of 138,069, Crystal City Residential Compound is the work of architectural firm NR Elhadedy. A conceptual idea for a residential compound in new capital in Cairo, the project comprises residential buildings, a strip mall and a recreational common area.












studio was founded by the Egyptian architects Nada & Rana Elhadedy. The project uses the idea that human interactions need to be catalysed by the built environment.​​​​​​​ Say Ar.Nada and Rana Elhadedy, ‘We saw this project as a chance to make living more fun, interesting, and peaceful. A concept that introduces beauty not just in its visible aspects but the beauty of living a healthy natural social life that uplifts the spiritual aspect.’



For the full-text of an exclusive interaction of Ar.Nada Elhadedy with, click here.













There’s a basic need in all humans to communicate/connect with each other – social interaction. The challenge for the Architects was – how to achieve this connection at a level that would be appealing and acceptable to the inhabitants in their everyday lives. Focus was given to the hierarchy of spaces, ranging from public to private spaces. Ultimately, by connecting people with nature will eventually connect them together in a natural, spontaneous way.







To achieve a coherent social environment, Crystal City project aimed for an enhanced communication between the inhabitants, a welcoming social activity and integrating with nature. The following steps were followed:


1. In URBAN PLANNING, five main zones were created that intersect with each other  creating public activities that separate it from the semi-public zones,
2. In BUILDINGS, orientation and block composition provided an open sky view.
3. In APARTMENTS, focus was to make sure that the residents will be comfortable living in one building by creating large welcoming entrances and providing privacy for each unit. Natural and greens were integrated within the building floors.



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