Decorative Lighting Major EGLO Opens It’s First Flagship Store Under FDI In Single Brand Retail Format

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Mr. (R) with Mr.





One of the world’s largest players in decorative EGLO, has opened it’s first flagship store under FDI in single-brand retail format. The decorative light store has come up right in the centre of New Delhi. Spread over a total area of 6000 sq.ft., the store was inaugurated by Mr.Richard Klammer,Managing Director, Global Division and Mr.Pawan Gupta, Director, India.





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Speaking at the opening of the showroom, Mr.Klammer said, ‘We are delighted to open this flagship store in New Delhi and strongly feel that this will further enhance our business in India. EGLO is the only truly international brand present in India with a strong manufacturing facility in the country. We hope to serve the needs of our customers through such stores all across India.’ For an exclusive interview of Mr.Klammer with, click here.





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Mr.Pawan Gupta, who heads EGLO India stated, ‘EGLO will continue to grow and work ever more closely with like-minded and progressive franchise partners across India. Our franchisees also feel that by selling EGLO products, their reputation in the market only increases.’





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EGLO’s Flagship Store In New Delhi





EGLO has it’s manufacturing facilities in India, China and Hungary. With the second phase of capacity expansion in the India plant, EGLO is showing an increasing confidence and reliance on India both as a manufacturing hub as well as a growing market. The company caters to the needs of clients in the hotels, restaurants, banks, etc.



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