Design of island kitchen: Things to know & 15 ideas to steal

open plan living room with a cooking space, black marble countertop, grey metallic body of countertop, side table with chairs, hanging light above the table, flooring, beige walls, small pantry, built-in oven, glass cabinet with light


When planning or renovating a kitchen, there is a lot to consider. From layout and appliances to the colour scheme and material palette, there are numerous aspects of designing you have to be mindful of. The island adds a wow factor to your layout, functionally and aesthetically. Furthermore, when it comes to picking the ideal island for your kitchen, there are a tonne of options and many creative ideas available. Additionally, the island designs are evolving. You can opt for any island idea to make your appealing. For instance, to add comfort and make your a good fit to socialize, you can always go for an island with seating. Similarly, if you are looking for spacious island ideas, go for an L-shaped layout. 

As and are increasingly embracing open-plan kitchens, the island is also gaining well-deserved popularity. They are not only an ideal place to cook, eat, and socialise, but also serve as the central area in an island layout. In addition, the island transforms your making it more space-efficient and functional. 

We are here to offer you comprehensive information on planning an ergo-friendly island with the right layout and appliances Also, in this article, we have discussed the best ideas to your island to improve the appearance of your house while also making cooking a breeze. 



Things to consider to get your perfect island kitchen design


Size of the island

Dimensions of an island kitchen
Dimensions of an island

Image Source:


If you are planning to include an island in your kitchen, be conscious as it requires a liberal amount of space. Thus, the size of the island is an important aspect for functional as well as aesthetic reasons. The average size of an island is 40 by 80 inches (around 1-2 metres). Also, the open area around the island should be planned cautiously. It is recommended to leave around 3 feet of space around the island, and the working sides of an island should have at least 42 inches of space. Your island’s basic height should be 36 inches, with the option to raise it to 42 inches if you intend to use it for dining. 




The golden rule of work triangle
Work triangle of an island

Image Source: Pinterest


We work in different spaces and the workflow of every space serves as the basis of its layout. For the smooth execution of tasks in an island kitchen, ensuring the right workflow is essential. Moreover, the and designers swear by the rule of the golden triangle in the which ensures coordination between the three most important areas- cooking, preparation, and cleaning. It is also important to ensure that each work zone (stove, fridge, and sink) is around 4-9 feet apart. As a result, it is easier to move around in the kitchen. Another important factor that should be considered while planning the island is to not overload it with appliances. Therefore, it is safe to say that ergonomics is an indispensable part of designing an island kitchen. 



Lighting placement in an Island kitchen
Placement of task

Image Source: Leslie Guercie on Pinterest


Just like every other of the house, remains essential in kitchens too. As various tasks are performed on the island, installing lights promotes the work. Proper is essential so that users can see their food while preparing or eating, especially on islands with breakfast bars and cooktops. Using task techniques, such as pendant lights, is one of the most sought-after ways of illuminating an island. Make sure that the spacing between the pendant lights and the distance between the countertop and the bottom of the lights are both 30-32 inches. 


Click here to learn about the concept in detail.



Depending on the size of the and the user’s desired workflow, an island houses a variety of appliances such as a microwave, dishwasher, or even a hob. For designers who want to keep things straightforward, it is recommended to include cabinetry in the island to keep the space clutter-free. To prevent overcrowding on the island, designers can also opt for built-in appliances and ensure proper placement of free-standing ones. 

appliance integration unquestionably produces a far more simplified, cleaner aesthetic. Built-in appliances provide a seamless appearance while being simple to maintain and loaded with the most recent technology. Siemens is one of the top brands for built-in appliances. The brand offers the ideal mix of innovative and contemporary style for enhanced flexibility and time-saving solutions that support increasingly busy lifestyles.


Click here to view the intelligently-designed, innovative, and intuitive appliances by Siemens.



Storage entirely depends upon your layout. Typically, the designer must strike a balance between optimum workspace and maximum storage area. Being an important aspect of the island, drawers and cabinets should be designed after taking into consideration the dimensions of the appliances, sizing requirements, and the purpose for which they are going to be used. It is advised that your island should be 3 feet wide. The length can be as little as 4 feet, but if you need for a cooktop, dishwasher, and sink, you should aim for at least 7 feet. 


Island ideas


Add comfort to your


Kitchen island with seating, olive green kitchen cabinets, olive green tall chair with sleek wooden legs, white island in the centre, white walls, minimal kitchen
Island with seating

Image Source: Pikcells Ltd on Behance


islands are functional and they can also be a spot to socialise. Adding seating to the island not only maximises comfort but also enhances the look of your kitchen. Also, a island with seating enables family members and guests to sit down and chat with you while you’re preparing meals. Whether you want a seat for two or eight people, a island with seating can be designed with a practical as well as a decorative perspective.  


Add stools to your island for an eclectic look


open plan living room with cooking space and countertop, stools with sleek wooden legs, grey marble countertop, central chimney, white wall, in- built stove
Add sleek wooden leg stools

Image Source: Hasan Salmanov on Behance


You can integrate your island with functional elements while redesigning it. Adding bar stools or sleek stools gives an outstanding look to your island with seating. What type of material do you prefer for your bar stools? You can opt for oak or other varieties of wood if you like it the traditional way. Sleek metal or painted wood stools will look great with a modern island. Alternatively, you may also go for a quirky aesthetic by selecting bar stools in a or colour that contrasts with the rest of your kitchen’s furnishings.  

Expert Tip: Choose stools with back and armrests for added comfort. 


Cast a brighter look to enhance your island kitchen 


Island kitchen with metal stools, gold faux stools, white walls, white countertop, grey island body, grey cabinets, two pendant lights above the island, wooden laminated floor
Pendant making a modern statement

Image Source: Pikcells Ltd on Behance


Whatever may be the style of your island—retro, colourful, dramatic, traditional, or monochromatic, it up is essential. For decorators who want to make an innovative statement in a practical space, cluster pendants are a popular choice over the island which fills the void between the countertop and ceiling with hanging art pieces. For a more creative look, you can group small pendants or select a pendant with three or more lights. 


Install a chimney over the island


luxury kitchen design with built in induction hob and stainless steel island kitchen hood, siemens modular kitchen chimney
Luxury with island chimney

Image Source: Siemens


The chimney is now considered a necessity in Indian homes. It is effective in removing pollutants such as smoke, steam, heat, cooking odours, and oil droplets in the air. A cutting-edge chimney is an ideal addition to any island kitchen. Therefore, choose built-in chimneys to conserve space or -mounted chimneys for a more contemporary appearance.  

Built-in chimneys by brands like Siemens seamlessly merge into the ’s structure and blend with the decor. Moreover, Siemens range hoods offer silent yet effective extraction while integrating perfectly with the theme of the kitchen. Their island hoods are elegant and sophisticated in their appearance and offer top-of-the-line features including cookConnect, the ability to pair the hood appliance with a matching hob so the hood reacts to the hob cooking speeds and other functions.


Add an impromptu pantry while designing an island


Kitchen island with an in-built pantry, a full white island which has a built-in stove on the countertop, wood laminated cabinets, seating arrangement with a table and two chairs which has a plate of sweet limes on it
Remodel your space by adding a pantry

Image Source: Davyison de Oliveria Silva on Pexels


If you are missing out on a pantry space in your kitchen, an island can be a good possibility to create an impromptu pantry. You can utilise this space to store your spices, packaged food items, or grains giving your counter a clean and sleek appearance. 


Watch out for storage


a beautiful galley kitchen with a centralised island, having cabinets and its countertop has a black marble finish, the cabinets are white, the island countertop has a built-in sink, it is a storage efficient kitchen with above cabinets too, seating arrangement with a table and chairs, chandelier installed above the seating area
Island with cabinets

Image Source: Granite Transformation


Having trouble with storage? You can opt for cabinets or drawers in your island. For the most important of your house, go for the best cabinets possessing function as well as the style you require. The island cabinets offer a variety of styles, with classic choices along with flat panel and shaker designs. Also, you have a wide variety of options such as open racks, pullovers, or push-to-open cabinets.  


Make it spacious


 wooden laminate cabinets, hanging lights with gold imitation, massive kitchen island, in-built sink on countertop, grey island body
Contemporary island

 Image Source: Henrybuiltdesign Group on Behance


Every needs to have excellent storage, display, and functionality. Unfortunately, none of these exists in abundance in most kitchens. These issues are resolved by an island, which also enhances your aesthetically. An ideal island offers you storage efficiency, an informal dining area for your family, and a smooth workflow, enriching your experience in the kitchen.

Expert Tip: For larger islands, try L-shaped or U-shaped layouts. These layouts provide plenty of cabinets and countertop space.


Go with style


L-shaped Island kitchen design with seating, white pendant lights hanging above the countertop, marble countertop, wooden table in the centre, in-built oven in the cupboard, white island body
L-shaped island layout

Image Source: Hosne el Bahr, Specialized and Apartment Design 


Compared to other layouts, an L-shaped layout is a popular choice in many homes especially when it comes to incorporating an island. It’s the perfect match for your island since it makes it possible to install cabinets or appliances, and even build an island with seating, leaving a large open area in the middle. An L-shaped can be as big as you want, although the “legs” of the “L” usually measure between 12 and 15 feet long, which may easily fit the island. 


Play with shapes


kitchen island with curved marble top, in-built sink, hanging lights over the island, white walls, stools installed around the island
Curved marble countertop in a traditional

Image Source:


This is an excellent technique for adding another element to your regular kitchens that are overrun by straight lines. You can change the appearance of your island simply by embracing curves. As curve-shaped islands are gaining acceptance rapidly, modern designs might incorporate curves to not only create islands but also cabinets, and even worktops. 


your with a rustic element


rustic vintage-style cooking space, marble curve-ends countertop, pendant lights hanging over the counter, wall-mounted chimney, white coloured walls, kitchen sink, wood laminated cabinets, wooden stools, wooden laminates flooring
Island with a rustic touch

Image Source: Katerina Vispanova on Behance


A wooden island complements vintage-style kitchens beautifully. For a rustic look, use an island made entirely of wood or simply outfit the counter with barbarian wood. Combine this with oak laminate flooring for the best results. If you want to create a large central island, try using dark wood and top it with a marble slab. 


Add a bold look to your island


open cooking space using dark colour, marble beige-grey coloured countertop, in-built oven, in-built sink, cabinets
Be bold with texture

Image Source: Bezmirno on Behance


Vibrant colours have modernity and exclusiveness, giving a bold appearance to your kitchen. The darker tones and textures bring a contemporary twist and sophistication, providing a beautiful harmony of contrasting styles. Such islands either stand out as a statement-making element or blend in with the existing rich colours in the room. 


Opt for pastels for a pretty island


open plan living room with cooking space with pastel colour scheme, stained marble countertop, blue-pink pastel coloured walls, wooden stool, task lighting using bulb, wooden stool
Pretty pastels adding beauty

Image Source: Hey! Cheese on Behance


Pastel colours aren’t just a passing trend; whether it’s using soft pinks to create a romantic atmosphere or pale blues to lend a beach feel, this “style” isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So, opt for pastels to give your an elegant and calm look. Subtle colours are a lovely twist on the standard white kitchen, and they are a gorgeous way to brighten up a space while maintaining a neutral palette. 


Embrace white for a lavishly classic vibe in your


 all white open plan living room with cooking space, hanging bulbs installed as a task lighting, with a dining table and chairs, chairs with metal base, task lighting above seating area, white coloured walls, black countertop with a pantry, pantry installed in kitchen, in-built sink on countertop, ceiling lights installed
Classic vibe in an all-white island with seating

Image Source: Inna Sparrow on Behance


All-white is no longer a nightmare in the kitchen. This island is ideal for fans of Scandinavian design, to enjoy baking and cooking in style. Consider using some vintage aesthetic elements for an all-white therapy that will appear eternal with tiled walls and floors and bent ledges. The classic white of the island blends with all colour schemes and kitchen layouts, such as L-shaped, U-shaped, etc.


Glam up the island with a glossy surface 


island kitchen with chimney, acrylic laminates, upper cabinets, built--in sink, marble countertop, gold faux caged chairs, metal chimney, glass doors
Glossy acrylic laminations for a sleek look

Image Source: Ahmet Bas on Behance


Top the island with acrylic laminates for a glossy surface finish. The non-toxic, high-gloss, acrylic finish offers the cabinets a flawless appearance. Moreover, it resembles a lacquered finish. These laminates are available in a variety of colours and give your island a waxy texture.


Choose a monochromatic palette for your


open plan living room with cooking space and countertop with monochromatic touch, built-in glass cabinets and a sink, matt black countertop and matt grey walls, task lighting above the countertop, light installed for cabinets
Monochromatic look for an island

Image Source: Ivan Honcharenko on Behance


Who said that monotone colours are boring? A monochromatic colour scheme for a is a good idea. To begin with, most people who choose monochrome also choose a neutral palette, which creates a more iconic look altogether. You can give a vintage touch to your by combining monochromatic shades with wooden island designs. Moreover, monochromatic kitchens often have a timeless appearance. 



We all want to have a comforting workspace, and this urge is increasing day by day. Similarly, the is a workspace and an island enhances its utility. To maintain superior functionality and workflow in your kitchen, islands need to be constructed keeping in mind different factors, such as dimensions, work triangle, lighting, storage, etc. In addition, the island size should be decided according to the space of your L-shaped layout. For smooth workflow, go by the rule of the work triangle, maximise your storage by attaching cabinets to the island, opt for built-in appliances, and install task lights so that activities on the island are not hampered.

There are many ideas for designing an L-shaped island layout. You can play with shapes, colours, styles, elements, and artistic pieces to make your appealing. The above-displayed island designs are some of the most iconic ideas that you can seek inspiration from. So, now that you know some outstanding ideas to your island and how to make it practical as well as decorative, are you ready to get your dream space? 


*The featured image used in this article is from Pikcells Ltd on Behance




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