Rattan furniture design ideas- Blue Peacock_Setting_opt3

Designer Kenneth Cobonpue’s Rattan Furniture Design Ideas Are His Ode To Nature

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Kenneth Cobonpue, the multi-awarded designer and manufacturer from Cebu, , always believed that modern designs can take inspiration from and its materials. With this philosophy in mind, Kenneth designed pieces of functional like furniture, lights, accessories as an alternative to well established western norms. His Furniture Design Ideas earned him the title of “’s first virtuoso” from TIME magazine. Today, the KENNETHCOBONPUE® is a global brand famous for its unique designs and extensive list of premium clients, including Hollywood celebrities and members of royalty.



With his masterful way of integrating nature, traditional craft and innovative technologies, Kenneth earned multiple international awards and recognitions. We present to you a curated collection of some of his art work which is his ode to nature.



A modern take on the traditional chair, Peacock stands out among the flock in its iridescent green and blue beauty.


Rattan furniture design ideas- Blue Peacock_Setting_opt3



Inspired by the majestic elephant, Babar has a unique weaving pattern modeled after the naturally beautiful texture of elephant skin. Curvaceous and voluptuous, it exudes the comfort and safe embrace only a gentle giant can give.


Rattan furniture design ideas- Brown elephant cabinet -Babar_Setting_SiHli0x

Rattan furniture design ideas-Brown - Elephant -Cabinet - Babar_Cabinet_Functions


Inspired by a delicate blossom, Bloom is composed of hundreds of fine running stitches that radiate from the center of the seat. Handmade in microfiber stitched over a fiberglass-reinforced top, Bloom sprouts from a revolving base made of steel.

Rattan furniture design ideas- Red - Yellow - flower chairs -Bloom_Setting_01
Rattan furniture design ideas- yellow flower chair -Bloom-Setting-web


With its dramatic plume and generous scale, Zaza is not your typical chair. A whimsical take on nature, the seemingly delicate fronds wrapped in microfiber not only provide supple yet ample support, but a theatrical backdrop to any space as well.

Rattan furniture design ideas- Green - chairs-Yellow-Zaza-Setting-web
Rattan furniture design ideas- Green - Yellow - Black - Chairs -Zaza-Set-02-web


Known for designs that are handmade, nature-inspired, and whimsical, the designer used these pillars to re-imagine the well-loved Star Wars universe to create his own universe inspired by iconic characters and elements. Explore the Filipino designer’s perspective of the global pop culture phenomenon.

Rattan furniture design ideas-Black - Starwar- Chairs- Imperial_TIE_Fighter_Wings_Setting_01
Rattan furniture design ideas-Black - Starwar-Chair- Sidious_Setting
Rattan furniture design ideas- Black- White - Starwars - Chairs -Imperial_TIE_Fighter_Wings_Setting_02
Rattan furniture design ideas-Black - Starwar - Chair- Vader_Setting

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