Duravit Has All The Online Tools For Architects & Consultants: Mr.Asutosh Shah

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‘The time for online content has come’, says Mr.Asutosh Shah, Managing Director, Duravit India Pvt.Ltd. – one of the premium brand in the country. For some time now, especially in the European and North American markets, Architects and Consultants had been moving on to the online information sources. The shift was also helped by suppliers putting their product and installation material online for consumption by the specifier-community. The present pandemic has played the role of a catalyst to make this ‘one-step’ transformation on how the building materials industry, in all parts of the world, is slated to move in the way information is delivered and businesses conducted.




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Adds Mr.Shah, ‘Duravit delights the Architects by not only offering superior products both in design and technology but also helps them with the online tools like pro.duravit.in and bathroom planner. Companies like Duravit are showing the way and helping the Indian building materials industry move to into a world where concepts like ‘social distancing’ seem to define the future. Mr.Shah’s words, echoed by many other stakeholders across the value-chain in the Indian market, sound in-sync with one of our stories that we did on the future of the Indian building materials industry.



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In a free-wheeling discussion with buildingandinteriors.com, Mr.Shah, at the helm of Duravit’s India operations since the brand was introduced in the Indian market over 15 years ago, talks about the journey of the brand in the market till date, the challenges and opportunities, how Duravit helps Architects and Consultants in their work, and many more areas.



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