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Duravit Inipi Sauna – A sauna that doesn’t have to hide in the basement

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A that doesn’t have to hide in the


A private sauna is a luxury that not everyone enjoys. The only strange thing is that this luxury object is often found in the basement of the house, somehow decoupled from the rest of the . Together with the Viennese team EOOS, has thought about how to get the sauna out of its drab basement existence, into the and living area. The result is a new type of sauna – .


Inspired by the original shape of the sauna used 5000 years ago


Duravit Inipi Sauna _skizze


The idea of ​​healthy sweating was born 5000 years ago in Asia. From there it found its way to Europe and the new world, where the natives of North America developed their own variant: “Inipi”, a sweat tent in which the necessary was generated by hot stones. Inspired by this original form of the sauna, the design collective EOOS developed a new type of sauna for Duravit, which is compact, transparent & inviting. Inipi has a fully glazed front, which gives it a chic look, typically meant for bathroom and living room.



Remote Control – Magic


Dura it_inipi_stone_remote_01


A direct reference to the archaic heat source, the haptically smooth object quickly turns out to be a handy remote control.


Two operating options:


Duravit Inipi Sauna 2


Duravit Inipi Sauna 3


1.      Various functions of sauna are controlled by remote control, which has a form & feel of a stone – a reference to the archaic Inipi model.


2.      A second operating option with an identical display is located on the outside behind a flap. The furnace and infusion are in the cabin, but remain hidden by a panel.


Duravit Inipi Sauna 5


Duravit Inipi Sauna _layout


Eight different variants available


Whether living area, spacious bathroom or small space: With eight different versions from Inipi B Super Compact to Inipi Ama with separate shower, the Inipi family covers all spatial conditions and price ranges – and always offers comfortable sauna pleasure.


New temperature profile for a better sauna experience


With Inipi, Duravit has created a sauna program for living areas and bathrooms which has excellent design, innovative technology and extreme level of comfort. Duravit is constantly developing and improving its products. In line with this philosophy, a new generation was created at Inipi with an important technical innovation: a particularly powerful stove, uniformly equipped with ceramic sauna stones. Compared to natural stones, these are more resilient and durable and do not have to be replaced during the typical lifetime of a sauna. The use of this type of stove enables a noiseless feel-good atmosphere. In addition, the optimization ensures even better climate conditions and an even more beautiful, soothing sauna experience. As usual, with the new Inipi generation, the entire technology is hidden in the extension of the side wall. The fully glazed sauna front creates more space for relaxation of body, mind and eye.


Duravit _inipi_temperature_profile


 The optimized heating output enables heating up to 110 ° C below the ceiling. The temperature in the area of ​​the upper lying level is approx. 75 ° C and above the lower sitting and lying level approx. 60 ° C.


In nutshell, following are the reasons to buy Inipi:·


  • Luxurious sauna despite compact dimensions
  • Unique design by EOOS aimed at clarity and maximum sense of space
  • Pioneering controls available via remote control
  • Programmed soundscapes, light scenarios and temperature profiles
  • Integration of a shower, side or frontal arrangement possible
  • Top technology in secret (e.g. oven / infusion)


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