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Eternal, Roca’s new thermostatic hydromassage column is a comprehensive hydrotherapy session.

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Manufactured in the soft texture of Surfex®, ’s , invites you to enjoy an endless hydromassage , always at the perfect temperature.



Roca has been constantly working on developing new products to take its user experience to the next level and redefine the concept of wellbeing. The latest product from Roca to do this is Eternal, a thermostatic hydromassage column.


Eternal is made from a special solid surface, Surfex that has a unique mineral and soft texture. This gives an unprecedented shape, texture and joint-free design to the shower column which when combined with the soft caress of water, delivers a truly magnificent experience to its user. The detailing in the product has been done carefully in order to enhance the comfort and wellbeing of the user. From the shower head that embraces you completely, the cascade combined with hydromassage jets to the modern thermostatic faucets and drawer, everything gives you a reason to discover Eternal and understand the true meaning of wellbeing. Feel how its ergonomic design and pleasant texture in matt white seem to embrace you.


Shower-heads are meant to relax you completely and relieve you from any tension – at any time of the day. The rain effect of the shower head in Eternal, disconnects you completely from the worldly worries and gives you a gentle warm touch, which is quite soothing. The rainfall shower head is quite large and thus have more water outlets, giving an enhanced soothing experience.




While you relax in rain shower, Eternal will have a special massaging effect on those body parts that suffer more in your everyday lives. Strategically located, Eternal’s water cascade will directly influence your vertebrae and when combined with hydromassage jets, it will have a direct impact on your back and lower back areas. Thus you can enjoy a comprehensive session within the comfort of your home.


Eternal also has Quick Reaction Technology which ensures the perfect temperature immediately, in just a few seconds, thus preventing any sudden unexpected temperature changes that can otherwise ruin your experience. So just select the exact temperature you want for your hydromassage shower and enjoy yourself. You can also use its slim hand-shower to improve your personal grooming.


Roca has gone a step further to understand how to deliver a perfect shower experience without you having to leave your shower. That is why Eternal comes with a functional drawer integrated into its structure, so that you can place your shampoo, soap or shower gel there. This gives you easy access to things you need at the right time in the shower.


So, you can go ahead and enjoy the most relaxing hydromassage experience!


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