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BUDMA, the Central and Eastern Europe construction trade fair, is an event that brings together the entire construction industry. This architecture exhibition presents the latest offer, solutions, and new construction technologies by exhibitors from all over the world.

In connection with the pandemic situation all around the world, the organization of the BUDMA, International Construction and Architecture Fair, planned for February 2021, was postponed. BUDMA, an architecture exhibition, will now be held from 1-4 February 2022 in Poznań.

BUDMA 2020 Statistics

  • Number of professionals: 46000
  • Number of exhibitors: 1000
  • Total exhibitor countries: 30

BUDMA will now be held from 1-4 February 2022 in Poznań.

BUDMA2022 will now be held from 1-4 February 2022 in Poznań.

BUDMA- Product Categories


  • Designing
  • Geodetic measuring devices
  • Soil reinforcement
  • Ground stabilization
  • Special foundation

Structural Elements, Walls, and Elevations at BUDMA

  • Steel constructions
  • Reinforced-concrete construction elements (pillars, beams, lintels)
  • Wooden constructions
  • Binding materials (cement, lime, gypsum)
  • Wood-derivative boards
  • Walls elements
  • Chimney systems
  • Elevation
  • Shield systems
  • Aluminium linings
  • Ceramic linings
  • Stone linings
  • Wooden linings
  • PVC linings
  • Concrete linings
  • Glazing
  • Facade profile systems
  • Wall lining fastening systems
  • Elevation casting protection
  • Heat insulating and refurbishment systems
  • Styrofoam products
  • Mineral fibre insulation materials of rock wool
  • Fibreglass insulation materials
  • PE, PU, and rubber materials
  • Waterproof systems

Ready Assembly Systems

  • Containers
  • Garages
  • Halls
  • Sports halls
  • Swimming pools
  • Car parks
  • Specialized buildings
  • Wooden houses

Prefabricated Elements and Systems at BUDMA

  • Building elements
  • Prefabricated and modular building systems

Beams and Floors

  • Beams
  • Floors
  • Self-levelling compounds
  • Professional equipment for industrial floors
  • Concrete spreading equipment
  • Admixtures for cement, concrete, and plaster

Glass Building Materials

  • Decorative Glass
  • Readymade glassware


  • Windows
  • Roof slope windows
  • Winter gardens, patios
  • Windowsills
  • Window shields
  • Louvres
  • Roller blind
  • Awnings
  • Mosquito screens
  • Window shutters
  • Window and door hardware
  • Gates and fencings
  • Grids
  • Accessories for gates and fencings
  • Automatics for windows, window shields, gates, and fencings
  • Elevators, escalators, moving walks.


  • Sawn timber
  • Roofing
  • Roofing accessories
  • Ridge tiles
  • Tapes and strips
  • Air gates, ventilation
  • Skylights, smoke flap
  • Lightning protection
  • Roof insulation systems
  • Drainage systems
  • Solar techniques
  • Fixings/fasteners

Finishing Systems

and Wellness

Building Chemicals

Urban Architecture


  • Cobblestones
  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Pavement slabs
  • Equipment for surface construction

Energy and Eco Trends at BUDMA



  • Designing
  • Software

Construction Transport

  • Hoists
  • Elevators
  • Cranes
  • Forklifts
  • Construction vehicles

Machinery and Equipment

  • Construction tools
  • Electrical tools
  • Measuring equipment
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Ladders

Equipment for Construction Site

  • Construction pavilions
  • Portable toilets, sanitary containers

Health and Safety

  • Working clothes
  • Protective equipment


  • Financial consulting
  • Unions, chambers, associations
  • Professional publications
  • Business information and promotion

BUDMA – Planned Events


  • Build 4 Future ForumDebates on prospects and development– expert discussions on almost every field of construction
  • Smart and City– news and solutions for the smart segment are even more visible at the fair
  • Modern Prefabrication Center
  • Strefa Start’up in architecture exhibition


  • D&A and Architecture Forum
  • Urban planner’s day
  • Building ceramics can be sexy– the beauty of natural
  • Architecture BUDMA Award– a prestigious award for the most interesting facilities in Poland
  • 1m / ARCH– presentation of the possibilities and implementation of 100 offices and architectural studios


  • Monteriadacorrect assembly of the joinery down to the smallest detail
  • Polish Championship of Young Roofers– young roofers will fight for promotion to the World Championship
  • Mistrzostwa Polish Young Parquet– a masterpiece created by the most talented youth
  • Health and Safety Zone at the Construction Site– practical demonstrations of the latest solutions and technologies that increase safety
  • The Golden Trowel Tournament– the future of construction in the hands of students of specialized schools

BUDMA- Awards

Architecture BUDMA Award competition

The competition aims to promote contemporary architecture and its creator. The Architecture Budma Award competition in the exhibition was launched to honour the building designs, public spaces, small architecture objects or elements integrally related to the architectural form of that stand out in terms of aesthetics, quality of performance and functionality.

Gold medal – experts’ recommendation at BUDMA

The MTP Gold Medal is one of the best-recognized awards in the Polish market, which is awarded to the highest quality innovative products after a thorough evaluation by experts. Each year, almost 500 products enter the competition but only the ones that meet the statutory criteria and obtain positive recommendations of the professional jury receive this prestigious award.

Gold medal- consumer’s choice at BUDMA

The verdict of the Jury and the granting of Gold Medals to the winning products are followed by the next competition. The representatives of the industry and consumers, in this competition, cast their votes for the best product at the fair. It brings significant promotional benefits as it highlights the uniqueness, high quality, and innovative nature of a product or service.

BUDMA, the International Construction and Architecture Fair, is a meeting place for manufacturers and distributors of building material and modern with trade professionals, architects, contractors, and investors from all around Europe.

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