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It provides architects\, designers\, retailers\, contractors\, and tile installers with a space to learn and grow. \n \nCERSAIE 2021 statistics\n\nNumber of exhibitors: 626\nExhibition area: 150\,000 sq meters\nNumber of visitors: 63\,943\nParticipating countries: 134\n\n \nIn 2022\, the event will be held from 26th September to 30th September \n \nCERSAIE 2022 product categories\n\nCeramic and other surfaces\nBathroom and wellness furniture\nKitchens\nOutdoor spaces\nLighting\nHome automation\n\n \nCERSAIE 2022 events\nThe kitchen fair and bathroom furniture show will be home to the following innovative events: \n \nBuilding\, Dwelling\, Thinking\nThis cultural program focuses on architecture and design. Internationally renowned architecture firms have decided to take part in the show in a specially created space. \n \nArchincont(r)act\nThis is the name of the location/event where manufacturers\, designers\, retailers\, and clients can interact with the people who create the latest trends in architecture. \n \nTiling Town at CERSAIE 2022\nIt is for architects\, tile layers\, and dealers. This event will host technical seminars that qualify for free training credits and practical tile-laying demonstrations. \n \nCERSAIE Designs Your Home\nIn this initiative\, designers from leading Italian interior design magazines will offer free design advice to members of the general public. The event is part of Cersaie’s efforts to reach out to autonomous end consumers. \n \nCERSAIE 2022 business\nSelected worldwide architecture\, interior design\, and contract design businesses are invited to Cersaie as part of this programme. \nIts goal is to raise international knowledge of the products on display at Cersaie and to make it easier for visitors to make contact with exhibitors and do business with them. \nContract Hall is one of the main attractions of the next edition of CERSAIE. Due to its debut at CERSAIE 2022\, the Contract Hall is a new 10\,000 square meter space in Hall 18. It will be a space for the interaction of players in international contract design and international architecture firms. \nCERSAIE 2022 is the place to be for the best design and technology innovations in kitchens\, interior and exterior finishings\, lighting and home automation\, outdoor design\, and wellness technologies. \n \n\n\n\n\nMust Read\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n \n July 12\, 2022\n\n2A Continental Architectural Awards 2022\, Dubai | 10 June - 19 November | Architectural competition\n\nThe 8th 2A annual Continental Architectural Awards 2022 will have the theme of 'Innovative Contextual Architecture in Continents'. This architectural competition takes place every year and celebrates globally the achievements in architecture and urban design. The competition features awards\, exhibitions\, and debates among the participants on the methods and influences. The ceremony for the Winner Announcement will take place at Canadian Universit URL:/event/cersaie-2022-bologna-italy-26-30-september-bathroom-kitchen-show/ LOCATION:Bologna Exhibition Centre\, Viale della Fiera\, 20\, Bologna\, 40128\, Italy CATEGORIES:Design,Floorings,Furniture (& components),Interior Design,Lighting,Modular Kitchens,Technology ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/png:/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/cersaie.png ORGANIZER;CN="EDI.CER.%20spa" END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20221002 DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20221007 DTSTAMP:20220926T104418 CREATED:20211024T083003Z LAST-MODIFIED:20220110T134758Z SUMMARY:Light + Building 2022\, Frankfurt | 2-6 October | Lighting and building show DESCRIPTION:Light + Building\, the world’s leading trade exhibition for decorative & technical lighting and building technology\, presents intelligent and networked solutions\, future-oriented technologies\, and current design trends. \nIt is a trade fair for innovation\, covering all electronic building services systems. Moreover\, it seeks to promote the integrated planning of building services systems with a product spectrum that is unique\, both in its breadth and its depth. \nLight + Building showcases solutions for reducing the energy consumption of buildings\, at the same time as raising the levels of comfort within them. The show covers everything from LED and photovoltaic technology to electric vehicles\, ‘intelligent’ ways of using electricity with ‘smart metering’ and ‘smart grids’. \n \nLight + Building Digital Extension\nLight + Building in Frankfurt will take place physically from 2-6 October 2022. At the same time and for a whole week longer until 25 March 2022\, the industry meeting place will also open digitally. \nSpecialists from very different areas of technical building & lighting will constantly cover new topics. From light and design to automation and sensor technology to connected security\, discover podcasts\, videos\, graphics\, and surveys by: \n\nChristine Lemaitre\nAlexander Wilm\nChristian Schlicht\nJochen Sauer\n\n \n \n \n \nTiming: \n02.10.2022 – 05.10.2022: 9 AM to 6 PM \n06.10.2022 (Friday): 9 AM to 5 PM \n \nLight + Building 2018: Statistics\nTotal number of visitors: Over 220\,000 trade visitors \nTotal number of exhibitors: More than 2\,700 exhibitors \nNumber of visiting countries: 177 countries \nNumber of exhibiting countries: 55 countries \n \nLight + Building 2022 will be held from 2-6 October at the Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre \n \nLight + Building 2022: Product Categories\n\nTechnical lighting and accessories\nDecorative lighting and accessories\nElectric lamps\nElectrical and electronic components and accessories for lighting systems\nCable and routing systems/distribution and joining material\nElectrical installation equipment / systems\nFixed installation electrical equipment\nDecentralized energy supply systems and components\nReception antennae and broadband distribution technology\nNetwork technology at Light + Building\nInformation and communication equipment\nMeasuring and test devices\, measuring technology\nIT systems for the electrical trade\nOperating\, storage\, and erection equipment\nPower distribution equipment\nIndustrial technical lighting controls\nMiscellaneous electrical engineering equipment and components\nSecurity systems/devices\nHouse and building automation\nEnergy management and controlling\nSingle services\, facility management\, and contracting\nSoftware at the lighting and building exhibition\nMiscellaneous building-services technology\nMaterial transfer systems\nResearch\, development\, training\, and further education\nInstitutions\, authorities\, organizations\, publishers\, associations\, online services\, internet\n\n \nTop Themes\n \n1. Green Deal & Sustainability\nThe top theme “Green Deal & Sustainability” focuses on systems\, that contribute to sustainably increasing the energy efficiency of buildings and cities. \nIt includes ecological and recycled building materials\, the use of renewable energies\, and automated building technology. \n\nEnergy + Efficiency\nCharging Management + E-Infrastructure\nSmart Building + Grids\n\n \n2. Electrification & Digitalisation\n“Electrification & Digitalisation” focuses on efficient planning\, optimal energy use\, and comfort in buildings. \n\nDigital Planning + Building\nConnectivity + Security\nAnalyse + Predictive Maintenance\n\n \n3. Light & Design\nThe third top theme of Light + Building\, “Light & Design” focuses on light. Both the quality and the design of lighting play an important role in room and building planning. The topic of sustainability is evident in the use of natural materials and colours as well as the recycling of resources \n\nTrend + Design\nHealth + Light\nLight + Security\n\n \nNote: \nLight + Building is a trade show that is only open to trade visitors; private visitors are not permitted. There are no cash transactions or sample handouts allowed. Photographing\, filming\, and carrying cameras are only permitted on the show grounds with Messe Frankfurt’s permission. URL:/event/light-building-2022-frankfurt-2-6-october-lighting-and-building-show/ LOCATION:Messe Frankfurt exhibition grounds\, Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1\, Frankfurt\, Hesse\, 65936\, Germany CATEGORIES:Design,Electricals & Electrical Appliances,Home Automation,Interior Design,Lighting,Security & Surveillance Systems,Technology ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg:/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/10000016202201.jpg ORGANIZER;CN="Messe%20Frankfurt%20GmbH" END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20221007 DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20221009 DTSTAMP:20220926T104418 CREATED:20220721T052156Z LAST-MODIFIED:20220721T052156Z SUMMARY:FOAID 2022\, Mumbai | 7-8 October | Architecture & Interior Design Festival DESCRIPTION:FOAID – festival of architecture and interior designing is a celebration of innovation. It has delivered more than 66 design shows across the country with 1000 + inspiring design talks directly influencing 50000+ audiences across the globe. Embarking upon a remarkable journey of 9 years\, it has turned into an essential platform in terms of exposure in the field of design for professionals to share their thoughts\, engage\, exchange\, and much more. \nDates and venue \nMumbai\, 7-8 October at the MMRDA Grounds. \nNew Delhi\, 25-26 November. \n \nFOAID – Statistics\nVisitors: 6500+ \nIconic projects: 350+ \nSpeakers: 100+ \nJury: 150+ \n \nFOAID – Festival of Architecture and Interior Designing \n \nFOAID – Competitions\n \nMerino Architecture Ideas- Gen Next Competition\nMerino Architecture Ideas is an annual national competition crafted to recognize the excellent works of the Gen-Next designers. The competition is a catalyst to highlight significant works of young architects and interior designers through a meticulous round of live presentations\, followed by a Q & A round with the jury. \n \nExpressions- Art Installation Competition\nExpressions Art Installation Competition is an exhibit showcasing remarkable art pieces made by students. The installations showcase abstract and innovative design\, rewarding the upcoming talent whilst also acquainting the visitors with the creativity of masterpieces designed by the students. \n \nCreative Minds Next\n\nCreative Minds Next is a progressive platform intended to award senior\, experienced design professionals in the ongoing category of projects. The design competition awards the concepts\, ideas and design processes of architects & designers in the field. \n \n\nFor more details about entering the competition find the entry guide here! \n \nFOAID – Concurrent events\n \n\nDesign Arena\nThe Design Arena displays 200+ inspirational works comprising Built\, Unbuilt\, and Ongoing projects. Spread across 30\,000 sq. ft.\, the collective display highlights major architectural projects of the design world paving for an exhibit everyone can experience. \n\n\n\nDesign Manthan\nThe Design Manthan is an inspiring conference designed as an avenue to witness the multiplicity of voices and discuss thought-provoking ideas in the architecture and design fraternity. Boasting over 80 speakers\, the conference is a gathering of some of the most creative minds initiating thoughtful discussions. \n\n\n\nLight First\nLight First unveils thoughtful lighting dialogue curated by the most influential and knowledgeable lighting designers\, creating a much-needed awareness of lighting in design. The platform unifies ideas with products\, and talent with design. \n\n\n\nArt Arena\nFOAID has announced an exciting new arena to celebrate the convergence of art and architecture. The arena is an innovative collection of gallery spaces where talented artists put on display their finest collection of artwork. \n\n\n\nD-Talks\n‘DTalks’ enhances the Design Manthan stage with a quick presentation series with a quirky theme. Designers across various disciplines share views on unique topics. \n\n \n\n\n\n\nMust Read\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n \n July 12\, 2022\n\n2A Continental Architectural Awards 2022\, Dubai | 10 June - 19 November | Architectural competition\n\nThe 8th 2A annual Continental Architectural Awards 2022 will have the theme of 'Innovative Contextual Architecture in Continents'. This architectural competition takes place every year and celebrates globally the achievements in architecture and urban design. The competition features awards\, exhibitions\, and debates among the participants on the methods and influences. The ceremony for the Winner Announcement will take place at Canadian Universit URL:/event/foaid-2022-mumbai-7-8-october-architecture-interior-design-festival/ LOCATION:MMRDA Grounds\, G-Block\, Bandra Kurla Complex\, MMRDA Area\, Kalina\, Bandra East\, Mumbai\, Maharashtra\, 400051\, India CATEGORIES:Architecture,Design,Interior Design ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/png:/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/foaid.png ORGANIZER;CN="Festival%20of%20architecture%20and%20Interior%20designing" END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20221014 DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20221017 DTSTAMP:20220926T104418 CREATED:20220419T094512Z LAST-MODIFIED:20220704T070637Z SUMMARY:ACETECH 2022\, India (Bengaluru\, Mumbai\, Delhi\, Hyderabad) | Building\, Architecture & Design Show DESCRIPTION:ACETECH 2022\, the much-awaited architecture\, furniture exhibition\, design fair\, and building materials show will finally take place in India at different locations. The show will take place from 14-16 October 2022 at the Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre. \n \nACETECH 2022 schedule\n14th – 16th Oct 2022: Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre \n10th – 13th Nov 2022: Bombay Exhibition Center \n08th – 11th Dec 2022: Pragati Maidan\, New Delhi NCR \n20th – 22nd Jan 2023: Hitex Exhibition Center\, Hyderabad \n \nACETECH Statistics\n\nNumber of exhibitors: 4095+\nBrands on display: 5500+\nNumber of visitors: 864914+\nExhibition area: 2500000 sq. ft.\n\nThe show welcomes the best national and international brands that come to perform exemplary business with the leading professionals in the industry. \n \nACETECH 2022 will take place from 14-16 October 2022 at Bengaluru International Exhibition Centre \n \nACETECH 2022- Target Audience\n\nArchitects\nReal estate developers\nInterior designers\nEquity investors\nBuilders\nEngineers\nHoteliers\n\n \nACETECH 2022- Product Categories\n\nBath and sanitation\nTiles and ceramics\nDecorative lighting\nAir conditioning\nRefrigeration\nPaint\, coats\, and wall coverings\nHome automation\nOffice automation\nDoors and windows\nElectricals\, wires\, and cables\nInternational cucine and kitchen technologies\nSafety\, security\, and fire protection\nInternational furniture\n\n \n \nACETECH 2022- Events\n \nDesign Wall\nThis event promotes and fosters the latest innovations and technologies in architecture\, design\, and building materials. \n \nConnect\nThe unique platform offers excellent business partnerships. \n \nWorld of Fenestration\nThis platform unites the professionals such as architects\, developers\, fabricators\, façade consultants\, policymakers\, procurement managers\, engineers\, etc. from the Indian and global industries. \n \nGrand Stand Awards at ACETECH 2022\nThe awards appreciate and honour the best exhibitors and participants who perform spectacularly in their fields. \n \nInternational Lighting Summit\nThis platform displays the products and innovations of the top lighting consultants in the country. \n \nStop and Shop\nThis platform of the furniture exhibition offers informative and educational activities for industry influences. \n \nACETECH Hosted Buyer Program\nThis unique program of the design fair fosters quality networking and leads for the brands exhibiting at ACETECH. \n \nVisions\nThis platform of the furniture exhibition and design show helps make future engagements for the upcoming editions of the program. \n \nACETECH 2022-Focused Pavilions\n1. Ace Surfaces \n2. Ace Hardware \n3. Ace Luxe Design Show \n4. Ace Cucine \n5. Ace Smart \n6. ACETECH Ceramics and Sanitary \n \n URL:/event/acetech-2022-india-bengaluru-mumbai-delhi-hyderabad-building-architecture-design-show/ LOCATION:Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC)\, 10th Mile\, Tumkur Main Road \, Madavara Post Dasanapura\, Hobli\, Bangalore\, Karnataka\, 562123\, India CATEGORIES:Cladding,Design,Electricals & Electrical Appliances,Fenestration,Floorings,Furniture (& components),Home Automation,HVAC,Interior Design,Kitchen Appliances,Lighting,Modular Kitchens,Outdoor Furniture,Paints (Wall Coverings),Sanitaryware,Security & Surveillance Systems,Technology ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg:/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/acetech.jpg ORGANIZER;CN="ABEC%20Exhibitions" END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20221201 DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20221204 DTSTAMP:20220926T104418 CREATED:20220711T110017Z LAST-MODIFIED:20220711T103306Z SUMMARY:Zak Glass Technology Expo 2022\, Delhi | 1-3 December | Technology exhibition DESCRIPTION:The Zak Glass Technology Expo 2022 will take place at Pragati Maidan\, New Delhi\, and will focus on bringing out new products and technologies that will change the future. The 19th edition of this technology and exhibition will be based on glass production\, processing\, technology\, and products. On this platform\, the industry experts will exhibit state-of-the-art products and technologies. About 230 brands throughout the products will gather in one place and will showcase the best solutions to the Indian Glass fraternity. \n \nZak Glass Technology Expo 2022 will be held from 1-3 December \n \nConcurrent shows\n\nZak Doors & Windows Expo\nZak Aluminium Extrusions Expo\n\n \nZak Glass Technology Expo visitor profile\n\nBuilders and developers\nDoor\, facade\, and window contractors\nArchitects and interior designers\nDealers and distributors\nGlass and metal contractors\nFabricators\nGlass manufacturers and processors\nFacility managers\nAutomobile industry\nfaçade consultants\nGlass industry\nInvestors\nSolar industry\nWholesalers\n\nand many more… \n \nZak Glass Technology Expo exhibitor profile\n\nEmirates Float Glass\, UAE\nDesign Glass\, India\nATC\, India\nBavelloni\, Italy\nCimec\, Finland\nG.K. International\, India\nFishfa Glass\, India\nGlaston\, Finland\n\nand many more… \n \nZak Glass Technology Expo Categories\n \nGlass Production Technology\n\nRaw materials\nForming for flat glass\nTechnology for float\, wired\, and other types of flat glasses\nGlass melting technology\nKiln technology\nCoating technology\n\nand many more… \n \nGlass Processing and Finishing\n\nCutting\, breaking\, and snapping technology\nEdge and surface finishing technology\nDrilling technology\nForming and bending technology\nInsulating glass technology\nElectronic display glass technology\nLaminated glass technology\nCleaning technology\nNanotechnology\nDigital printing technology\nTempering technology\n\nand many more… \n \nFacade Elements\n\nAluminum composite panel\nGlass façade solutions (design & fabrication)\nInsulation\nOther cladding materials\n\nand many more… \n \nGlass Products and Applications\n\nMirrors\nLacquered glass\nFire-resistant glass\nStained glass\nToughened glass\nSafety glass\nAutomotive glass\nDecorative glass\nFlat glass\n\nand many more… \n \nAuxiliary Products\, Fittings\, and Tools\n\nGlass coatings\nSpacer bars\nInspection & measuring tools\nProtective & Decorative films\nPVB films\nGlass packaging\nGlass storage\nGlass handling\nIndustrial tapes\nGlass adhesives\nSilicone sealants & technology\nHardware for windows and doors\nPatch fittings for glass\nCutting\, grinding\, and drilling tools\nGlazing tools\n\nand many more… \n \nOthers\n\nTrade publications\nAssociations\nSoftware\n\n \nAs one of the most important exhibitions for the glass industry in South Asia and India\, the Zak Glass Technology Expo will help the visitors gain extensive knowledge about the know-how of the industry\, the local market\, and the trade media. This technology exhibition will hold high-profile international conferences and will cover the changing trends in the respective industries. \n \n\n\n\n\nMust Read\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n \n July 12\, 2022\n\n2A Continental Architectural Awards 2022\, Dubai | 10 June - 19 November | Architectural competition\n\nThe 8th 2A annual Continental Architectural Awards 2022 will have the theme of 'Innovative Contextual Architecture in Continents'. This architectural competition takes place every year and celebrates globally the achievements in architecture and urban design. The competition features awards\, exhibitions\, and debates among the participants on the methods and influences. The ceremony for the Winner Announcement will take place at Canadian Universit URL:/event/zak-glass-technology-expo-2022-delhi-1-3-december-technology-exhibition/ LOCATION:Pragati Maidan\, New Delhi\, Central Delhi\, New Delhi\, Delhi\, 110001\, India CATEGORIES:Cladding,Construction Equipment,Design,Fenestration,Handtools( incl. Garden Tools),Interior Design,Powertools (incl. Garden Tools),Technology ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/png:/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/zak-glass-technology-expo-logo.png ORGANIZER;CN="ZAK%20Trade%20Fair%20and%20Exhibitions%20Pvt%20Ltd." END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20230116 DTEND;VALUE=DATE:20230122 DTSTAMP:20220926T104418 CREATED:20210913T083044Z LAST-MODIFIED:20211229T070229Z SUMMARY:IMM Cologne 2023 | 16-21 January | Interior Design Show DESCRIPTION:IMM Cologne 2023\, the interior design show will take place from 16-21 January at Koelnmesse GmbH\, Cologne Hall 2 – 11. \nIn the world’s most important furnishing market\, the IMM cologne is the most important furnishing expo. It introduces fresh international furniture and interior trends at the start of each year and delights visitors with a plethora of market-ready inventions. The massive depth and breadth of what’s on display remain paired with strong product presentation standards. The show also serves as a valuable platform for emerging designers. Visitors to the trade show admire the unique business atmosphere as well as the excellent level of service and organization. \n \nIMM 2023 will take place from 16-21 January at Koelnmesse GmbH \n \nIMM Cologne- Statistics\n1. Exhibitors: 1233 \n2. Participating countries: 53 \n3. Visitors: 129\,451 \n4. Visiting Countries: 132 \n5. Exhibition area: 245\,300 sqm \n \nIMM Cologne- Product categories\n \nHome Scenes\n\nModern furniture\nArmchairs\nDivans\nStandalone sofas\nConvertible couches\nBedroom furniture\nDining room furniture\n\n\n\n \nHome Settings at IMM Cologne\n\n\n\nClever furniture for young lifestyles and ready-to-go furniture: suites\, armchairs\, divans\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nHome Sleep\n\nMattresses and sleep systems\nBox-spring beds water beds\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nPure Atmospheres\n\nInterior design products\n\n \n\n \nPure Editions at IMM Cologne\n\n\n Interior and luminaire design\n\n \n\n\nPure Architects\n\nFurnishing concepts for the bathroom\, walls\, floors\, lighting\, Smart Home\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nDESIGNFEST\n\nInnovative interior and lighting designs and products\nShopping market for innovative products by independent designers- home accessories\, furniture\, textiles\, fashion & jewelry.\n\n \n\n\nIMM Cologne- Events\n \nDas Haus 2023\nDas Haus\, IMM cologne’s popular design event series\, will celebrate its tenth anniversary in 2023. Visitors to the Cologne furniture and interiors fair can look forward to a distinctive apartment building exhibiting forward-thinking examples of new urban living options: das Apartment HAUS. \n \nUrban living concept for long or short stay apartments\nToday\, our homes are seen as an all-encompassing component of our life\, encompassing both the need to retreat and social events\, indoors and out\, entertainment\, and home working. The interiors industry will also have to produce models for “a new way of living” that strive to give answers for urban densification in the future. Also\, it allows integrating the home office into the traditional living environment. \nOn the fair days\, the IMM Cologne\, interior design show provides ample opportunity for exhibitors to undertake product and market tests. Also\, it allows consumers to gather information and ideas for future purchases. It remains the epicenter of the international furnishing and design world for one week in January\, in close collaboration with an extensive programme of events in the city of Cologne. \n\n\n\n\nMust Read\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n \n July 12\, 2022\n\n2A Continental Architectural Awards 2022\, Dubai | 10 June - 19 November | Architectural competition\n\nThe 8th 2A annual Continental Architectural Awards 2022 will have the theme of 'Innovative Contextual Architecture in Continents'. This architectural competition takes place every year and celebrates globally the achievements in architecture and urban design. The competition features awards\, exhibitions\, and debates among the participants on the methods and influences. The ceremony for the Winner Announcement will take place at Canadian Universit URL:/event/imm-cologne-2023-16-21-january-interior-design-show/ LOCATION:Koelnmesse GmbH\, Halls 2\, 3\, 5.1\, 6 – 11\, Messeplatz 1 Mülheim\, Cologne\, 50679\, Germany CATEGORIES:Floorings,Furnishings,Furniture (& components),Furniture & Architectural Hardware,Home Automation,Interior Design,Lighting,Technology ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg:/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/imm-logo.jpg ORGANIZER;CN="Koelnmesse" END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR