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Established in 1930 in Tokyo, Japan, is one of the leading and premium global player in hardware solutions. Leading Architects, Interior Designers and Builders rely upon (brand: ) for quality and craftsmanship.  The company has released numerous hardware technologies under the motto of ‘Be original’, including Lapcon technology and special patented hardware. started it’s India operations around 3 years ago. Here’s an exclusive interaction with Mr.Anil Rana, Managing Director, Kogyo India Pvt.Ltd.




Mr.Anil Rana, Managing Director, Sugatsune Kogyo India Pvt.Ltd.




B&I: Sugatsune (the  manufacturer for LAMP brand of hardware solutions) has been in business in India for approx. 3 years now. How has been your journey so far?


AR: Sugatsune Kogyo India Pvt.Ltd. – a wholly owned subsidiary of Sugatsune Japan, has been doing business in India for the last 3 years. Our solutions range over , , wardrobe solutions, etc. We have over 20,000 standard products in our global portfolio. We are known to be a company that provides well-engineered solutions in the these categories. Like all Japanese companies, our parent company adopts a very measured approach in the markets it operates in. We have been going diligently and tying-up with reliable partners who have a good market image. Uptil now, we have set up distribution network in over 23 cities all across the country.




B&I: Furniture components/hardware is a very competitive market in India with well established players like Blum, Hafele and Hettich. How is LAMP positioned in India in such a scenario? What’s the differentiating factor for solutions offered by LAMP?


AR: Globally, LAMP is positioned towards the upper-end of the market. Our products, both technically and functionally, are in-line with our market segmentation. So, I would say that we are well positioned with the top companies in India. To give an example of our innovations, we launched a 5-stage concealed hinge at the last Interzum (2019) in Germany. It takes away the pain in working with varied weights of shutters.







We have many such innovative solutions that our customers have got to associate Sugatsune LAMP with. Also, what we sell globally is what we sell in the Indian market. We do not have any ‘India specific’ ranges. That assures our customers that they get the same high-quality international range that we sell across our other markets.



B&I: What support does Sugatsune offer to Architects and Designers In the Indian market?


AR: At Sugatsune, we have a dedicated team that addresses the needs of our Architect community. They meet the Architects on a regular basis. For large Architect companies, we make presentations of our solutions at their offices. Architects also visit our display centres where they get to see our latest solutions. Once the Architects decide on our solutions, we co-ordinate with Contractors – our technical team guides the Contractor’s installation team them on how to install the products selected by the Architect. So, we assist the Architects right from product selection to the actual installation. In addition, we have a central customer support service facility that takes care of any post-sales support that our customers may need.



B&I: Tell us more about your display centres?


AR: As of now, we have display centres in 4 cities – Chennai, , Mumbai and Delhi. These display centres serve as a connect between us and our customers. Here, we have our latest solutions on display. We have experienced that the customers who visit us at these display centres get convinced with our quality. The enquiries generated at the display centres are addressed through our dealers across India.



B&I: We have heard about your Concept Shoppes. Tell us more on that.


AR: Sugatsune Concept Shoppes are a format in which we tie-up with a dealer for LAMP brand products. The dealer needs to give us at least 500 sq.ft. of space. We give the colour scheme and theme for each Concept Shoppe. The dealer invests in the display. Once he achieves the target given by us, his investment on display is reversed by us.



B&I: What percentage of your global product portfolio is available in the Indian market?


AR: Our global catalogue has more than 20,000 standard products, out of which about 1600 products are available with LAMP in India. But our proposition is very simple. Our customers can select the products from our global catalogue. If the products they select are not available with us in India, we can import them for our customers. Twice a month (1st and the 3rd week), we have have air shipments coming in. We can club our customers’ orders along with these air shipments. We don’t charge for these shipments from our customers. Only they need to align their orders with our schedules. The typical lead-time for such orders is 18-20 days. Than we have one sea-shipment a month coming in for our products. The lead-time here is 45-60 days. So, technically our customers have access to our global product range without the hassle of importing these products by themselves.



B&I: What is the road ahead for Sugatsune in India?


AR: We are diligently expanding our dealer footprint. With our display centres and concept shoppes in place and expanding, we are going to add more authorised dealers to our list. OEMs like furniture and kitchen manufacturers will be addressed soon. We have been known as an innovative and quality driven company in India since we launched the ‘hard-to-sell’ solutions in the initial phase of our India strategy. We are well-placed to scale-up our India business. Of course, since we are a Japanese multinational, the DNA of our working hinges on quality which requires a careful selection of sales partners. Even on the project side, we are getting the projects that match our DNA. LAMP in India is going to keep raising the bar. It is exciting to see that the Indian market is giving us good results.



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