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Exquisite Collections Of Designer Handmade Carpets From Jaipur Rugs: A Snapshot

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Jaipur Rugs, a brand that has come a long way from a simple rug maker to an international brand, with presence in more than 40 countries. has always promoted the local swadeshi talent and harped on the creativity of our , which helped the brand win many prestigious international awards.



We present to you some of the most interesting rugs and carpet designs that the brand produced over the years and understand the inspiration behind each of these.


Kolam Carpets

: Tania & Sandeep Khosla in collaboration with Jaipur Rugs


: Wool and Rug


jaipur rugs -handmade carpet - Kolam

 jaipur rugs -handmade carpet - Kolam 1


The indigenous and ritualistic folk art of South India “Kolam” has inspired this series of hand knotted carpets. People in South India, create patterns from rice flour at the entrance of the homes. These patterns are created by drawing lines and loops around a primary network of dots and this is what Kolam is all about.


While preserving the sacrosanct symmetry in individual forms, the designers break free from traditional rules creating unexpected and joyful studies in colour and form, richly layered and dynamic in composition.


The designers converted the short-lived quality of Kolam into permanent with each hand woven knot, through the weaving process.


In this collaboration with Jaipur Rugs, Graphic Tania Singh Khosla and Architect Sandeep Khosla explore the handmade traditions of India, negotiating aesthetics and influences, creating designs that are graphic, bold and beautifully crafted.


Unstring By Kavi

Designer: Kavi


Material: Wool and Bamboo Silk Hand Knotted Rug


jaipur rugs -handmade carpet -Unstring by Ravi

jaipur rugs -handmade carpet - Unstring by Ravi 1


Unstring By Kavi is a classic collection that is made from hand knotted wool and bamboo silk. This rug is looks quite rich and adds unparalleled elegance to any room.


Unstring is a collection that captures human interaction with various processes in a textile studio. Each rug in the collection has been created by hand weaving nearly 200,000 asymmetric knots with the finest hand-carded, hand-spun wool and bamboo silk in every square meter. Discover the voice in motion with Unstring, where the designers and weavers let go off all ties to tie knots, with no strings attached.


Jaipur Wunderkammer by Matteo Cibic

Designer: Matteo Cibic


Material: Wool and Viscose Hand Tufted Rug


jaipur rugs -handmade carpet -Jaipur Wunderkammer

 jaipur rugs -handmade carpet - Jaipur Wunderkammer 1

This exquisite collection is born out of collaboration between Jaipur Rugs and Italian designer Matteo Cibic. During his visit to Jaipur, Cibic got so fascinated by the colours and of the city that he combined his creative sensibilities with the local heritage and culture in this collection. He got inspired by everything is saw in the city – ancient paintings, etc and this is clearly reflects in this collection.


The collection is named after Wunderkammer also known as cabinets of curiosities that came into existence in the mid-16th century in Europe. These room-like cabinets were repositories for all types of wondrous and exotic objects.


The handcrafted rugs in this vibrant collection take you to an experiential trip to Rajasthan and give you a peek into its culture.



Material: Wool and Viscose Hand Tufted Rug


jaipur rugs -handmade carpet - Genesis

 jaipur rugs -handmade carpet -Genesis 1


They say that ideas are a dime a dozen, but are those ideas fully formed? No, most ideas are thoughts without full clarity. The Genesis collection is a play on those ideas, ones with a clear origin but without a clear future. Hand-tufted in rural India, the collection acts as a platform where pastel colors and vague shapes coexist with the hopes of blending into a concrete idea


Project Error By Kavi

Designer: Kavi


Material: Wool and Bamboo Silk Hand Knotted Rug


jaipur rugs -handmade carpet -Project Error By Kavi

 jaipur rugs -handmade carpet - Project Error By Kavi 1


This award-winning collection of contemporary rugs discovers beauty in errors. Project Error studies the concept of misprints, nature’s interruption of mechanical duplication to create unique pieces of overlooked art. Drawing inspiration from the crossroads of nature and machine, works of art emerge as new, spontaneous and unique designs. Made of hand processed wool and bamboo silk each rug employs 180 artisans to create these exquisite rugs.


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