False ceiling lighting: The ultimate lighting FAQ guide (40+ Images)

false ceiling lights


designs enhance the glamour quotient of the room. However, installing false ceilings is not enough to add to the aesthetics and functionality of the room. For that, you need to have excellent LED in various designs and types for your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and as well.

It seems like an attractive topic. But they go much deeper than just buying a beautiful decorative ceiling light from the market.

You must take into account all the aspects of decorative ceiling lights before making an ideal choice. Furthermore, there are several unanswered questions regarding lights.

This article attempts to solve these questions so that choosing the right light gets easier for you.

Check out all the FAQs related to decorative ceilings lighting-




What are the ceiling lights?


decorative illumination
Beautiful for appropriate brightness and mood.


The ceiling lights illuminate the as a whole or a specific section. They give a central glow to the that sets the mood and adds to the aesthetics of the décor. These lights come in various, shapes, designs, and brands. The purpose of ceiling lights is to offer optimal to the using various sources such as incandescent bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, lights, etc.


What is the difference between and decorative lighting?


chandeliers and lamps
Ceiling lighting: Chandelier

Decorative lights: Lamps


The lightings for the ceiling are decorative lights installed on the ceiling of the room. They cannot be placed elsewhere. For instance, a pendant can only be installed on the ceiling. You cannot put it on the or on the table.

On the other hand, decorative lights comprise all sorts of lights such as lights, ceiling lights, lights, lights, lamps, outdoor lights, and other indoor lights.

Thus, we can say that ceiling come under the broader category- decorative lighting.


Can we install ceiling lights without a false ceiling?


decorative chandeliers
Illumination without false ceiling.

Image Credits: Wipro


Yes, you can directly install decorative luminaires without a as well. As a result, you can install ceiling lights such as chandeliers, pendant lights, scones on the ceiling.

However, the designs in various types add to the aesthetics of the greatly. Track lights, recessed lights, and other ceiling make the more beautiful and impressive.

Furthermore, ceiling with cove and other decorative ceiling designs with lights make the brighter and more energy-efficient.


What are the different types of lights?


There are various types of ceiling lighting. All the decorative ceiling designs come under three main categories according to their functions:

  1. Ambient lighting: This type of offers overall illumination and works as a primary source.
  2. Task lighting: As the name suggests, task works for specific tasks and purposes such as reading, cooking, etc.
  3. Accent lighting: This provides enhanced brightness to the space. Its main objective is to offer dramatic lighting.

Therefore, all the types of ceiling lights serve as one or all of the above lightings.

Some examples of types of lighting-




Decorative ceiling -Modern Chandelier

Image Source: Eleglam


The chandeliers are beautiful decorative ceiling lightings that brighten up the room. Moreover, they come in many designs and can be installed in every of the building.


Foyer lights


false ceiling foyer lighting
Decorative ceiling lightings for foyers.

Image Source: Lumens


The foyer lights offer brightness and up the foyer or hallway of the residential or commercial setting. In addition to that, the foyer lights make the hallway safe and secure.


Pendant lights


Pendant lights
Glass pendant lights for kitchens.


Pendant lights offer amazing task lighting. Additionally, they also work as wonderful decorative lights and enhance the suspended ceiling design.


Track lights


decorative track lights
The track lights enhance the brightness of the room.

Image Source: Katrina Lee Chambers


The best part about track lights is that they offer all three kinds of lighting- ambient, task, and accent. They were initially used mostly in commercial settings. However, now, you can find aesthetic track lights even in bedrooms and hallways.



recessed lights for false ceiling
Yellow for bedroom ceiling.

Image Source: Recessed


offer vibrant indoor lighting. Additionally, they also work as down-lights. The recessed ceiling lights are perfect for all residential and commercial settings.


Rail lights


rail false ceiling lighting
Fancy rail lights.

Image Source: IKEA


Rail lights can be customized into many shapes and bends. Moreover, you can say that rail lights are more evolved track lights.


Cove lights


Cove lighting
Cove for living room.


Ceiling cove goes inside the vaults of the suspended ceilings. It offers subtle brightness to the and gives it a peaceful vibe.


Strip lights


The strip lights are surface-mounted suspended ceiling lights. They can be used are task lighting, accent lighting, backlighting, and decorative lighting.

The two ways in which strip can be used in designs are:


LED cove


LED strip lighting
installed in the vaults of the suspended ceiling.

Image Source: Torchstar


Continuous lights



Image Source: Golden Eye


What is the difference between chandeliers and pendant lights?


false ceiling light designs
designs- the difference between Chandeliers and Pendants.


Choosing between chandeliers and pendant lights often becomes perplexing. Usually, because most people believe that they are suitable supplements for each other. However, this notion holds a big flaw.

Chandeliers and pendants are both ceiling lighting. But they differ from each other in almost every aspect.

Let’s understand the difference between the two designs closely:




Pendant lights


Chandeliers have a central body that hangs suspended using a chain from the ceiling.

They have been in use for centuries. Their elaborate adds elegance to the room.

Pendant lights, on the other hand, have singular fixtures (mostly). They have more defined shapes.


They hang with a central body with individual or multiple lighted arms. They hang as singular bodies from a central chain or rod.


Usually more formal and intricate. Lean towards a minimalistic and modern look.


Designed for more ambient lighting. Can work as a decorative ceiling or a mood-setting suspended ceiling piece.


Usually made of glass, crystal, hand-forged iron, bronze, and steel. Common materials- glass, plastic, metal, and fabric.


Can I use chandeliers and ceiling fans together with the false ceiling?


offers great ambiance and to the room. However, sometimes, the demands us to make a choice between a central decorative piece and a ceiling fan.

If your can accommodate a with 2 fans, you can position a small chandelier between the 2 fans.


false ceiling lighting chandelier
Two ceiling fans with decorative ceiling in between.

Image Source: Company


However, if you have space for one only, you can install a ceiling with lights. So, this will serve the purpose of a as well as a decorative ceiling system.


false ceiling lighting ideas
Ceiling chandelier fan.


Installation Tips:

  1. Optimum distance between blades and false ceiling: 8-10 inches.
  2. Standard distance between blades and a decorative ceiling fixture: 39 inches.
  3. Optimum distance between blades and walls: 18 inches.


How to choose the best cove lighting?


false ceiling cove light
Decorative ceiling cove

Image Credits: Gyproc


Suspended ceiling cove lights are indirect lights inserted in the ceiling depressions. Also, they add high decorative elements to the decorative ceiling designs.

Therefore, you can ornate your ceiling with cove to give a dramatic vibe to your room. Moreover, the with cove contributes to the comfort and coziness of the too.

You must understand the types of cove before choosing the designer ceiling cove lights for your place:


Fluorescent cove lights


Fluorescent false ceiling LED cove lights
Pink fluorescent cove lights.


These are strong and bright lights. They last longer than rope lights. Additionally, the user can install a dimmer to control the glow of the ceiling cove lighting.


Rope cove


LED false ceiling lights
Multi-coloured LED


The budget-friendly decorative ceiling cove is easy to install and looks pretty. Also, it uses minimal electricity and offers a soft glow.


LED cove lights


false ceiling cove lighting
Cove for living room.


These efficient lights, give eco-friendly to the room. Also, they last much longer than any other type of with cove lights.

Choosing the perfect ceiling cove lights requires consideration of the following points:

  1. Type of ambiance required: Since the ceiling with cove lights offer coziness, they don’t go well with offices and conferences. However, if you use other decorative lights such as chandeliers or recessed lights, the ceiling with cove lights will add to the beauty of the ceilings for offices.
  2. Type of warmth needed: Fluorescent decorative ceiling cove lights are warmer and harsher than other ceiling cove lights.
  3. Energy-efficiency: Always go for designs if you need energy and cost-efficiency.


What are lights?


lights are energy-efficient singular bulbs. Also, these set the perfect mood and ambiance. They don’t affect the eyes harshly. Moreover, they consume less power and give sufficient brightness.

designs with lights can be used in a wide range of such as:


lights cove


Energy consumption: 4.8 Watts (minimum)


False ceiling LED cove lighting
cove for living room.

Image Credits:


Installing lights for ceiling cove offer subtle brightness to the space. Additionally, the use of lights makes the energy-efficient.


with lights for ambient


Energy consumption: 5 Watts (minimum)


False ceiling LED lights
Decorative ceiling lights to brighten up your bedroom.


In order to enhance the ceiling design, install lights all over it. Also, the lights can be installed as cove lighting, downlights, and recessed lights. This will offer the perfect ambient lighting.


Backlit ceiling panels with lights


Energy consumption: 7 Watts (minimum)


backlit false ceiling LED light
Backlight ceiling panel in floral with a decorative ceiling chandelier.


The backlight designs are gaining wide recognition in Indian households and offices. Also, as the name itself explains, the decorative ceiling designs in such panels are enhanced by the backlights. Therefore, installing lights gives you the desired efficiency.




Energy consumption: 4 Watts and above


False ceiling lights LED

Image Credits: Alcone


The LED panels offer amazing task lighting. Therefore, they are ideal for offices, study rooms, etc.


Many brands offer energy-efficient lights.

  1. Philips  lights
  2. Havells lights
  3. Syska  lights
  4. Bajaj lights


Why are backlit ceiling panels lights trending these days?


False ceiling lights
Decorative ceiling lights backlit panel.


The latest backlit ceiling ideas have become the new talk of the town. In addition to looking extremely fancy and glamorous, backlit ceiling lights also serve the dual purpose of decorative ceiling and in the same unit.

The backlit ceiling panels made of glass allow the lights installed inside to project outwards and spread brightness.


What are the common mistakes that people make while choosing lights?


False ceiling lights
Choosing and Installing the ceiling lights incorrectly makes the appear dark and dim.


Often, the feels dull and lifeless even with the most expensive and highly-rated ceiling lightings. Also, things look out of the place and darkness overpowers the thrown into the by the ceiling lights.

The reasons for such problems are the mistakes made while choosing the lights-


Not considering where the shadow will fall


Installing the lights in such a manner that the shadow falls in the wrong places gives uneven illumination.

Install suspended ceiling in a way that lights reflect properly. Also, if you need general illumination in a big room, install ceiling lights at all corners of the room, and add a beautiful piece in the center.


Choosing the wrong size of the piece


A huge chandelier above a small dining looks extremely disproportionate.

Determine the size of the decorative ceiling with lights beforehand. This will give you a better idea of what you need when you finally go to buy it.


The location of the


Hanging the lights too low or too high hampers the illumination of the room.

Therefore, install the ceiling with lights at a proper length. Also, the average distance between the lower end of a chandelier and the remains about 1.6-1.8 meter.


False ceiling lighting position
Decorative ceiling lights placed very close to the cost the functionality and aesthetics of the dining room.


Incorrect energy source


Buying a decorative or a ceiling is a one-time investment. However, real investment comes with its daily use. Therefore, don’t cut down on the fixture budgets.

Hence, use energy-saving lights such as Philips LED lights or Havells ceiling lights.


false ceiling lighting sources
Selecting the wrong ceiling source challenges the mood and brightness of the room.


How to pick the perfect lights for living room?


Living rooms hold great importance in any home. Therefore, you must pick the best decorative ceiling lightings for living room.

As far as choosing the right for living is concerned, we don’t have a standardized set of rules or guidelines. However, we have mentioned some ways to use for living room:


recessed for living


These for living offer a soft and comfortable ambiance.


False ceiling lights LED
LED to brighten up space.




The with cove gives an understated sophisticated look to the living room.


false ceiling cove lights
up your living with cove lightings.


designs with lightings for wooden panels


Wooden panels add a beautiful dimension to the living room. Also, embedding lights in these panels make the living look extremely aesthetic.


false ceiling lights idea
Wooden panels ceiling lightings.


Decorative for living


Adding a great centerpiece to the living ceiling does wonder. Therefore, install an exotic chandelier or pendant lights to set the right tone of the living room.


Decorative Chandelier
A modern decorative piece.


Fill up the blank canvas of the living with


Incorporate decorative ceiling into the living room. Also, you can add a piece that adds a soft style to the room.


false ceiling designs for bedroom images
Add a beautiful decorative ceiling to your bedroom ceiling.


Backlit ceiling panel




Read the article for the best false ceiling living room trends.


How to choose the best for bedroom?


Bedrooms have always been an integral part of a household. Hence, you should put a lot of thought while choosing decorative ceiling lightings for bedroom.

Thus, we present some tips for the perfect placement and selection of lightings for bedroom and some interesting ideas:


Create layers in your modern false ceiling for bedroom


Install beautiful lightings as cove or strip in the trays of your modern for bedroom.


false ceiling designs for bedroom images
Different decorative ceiling layers for bedroom.


Use track lights for bedroom


There was a time when track lights were used only in kitchens and corridors. However, the latest trends incorporate track decorative ceiling lightings for bedroom. They add a beautiful modernistic touch to the room.


Track lights for Bedroom
Use track in bedroom ceiling for a modern look.


Get unparallel illumination with spotlights for false ceilings


Spotlights add stylish functionality to the decorative ceiling lights for bedroom. Also, most bedrooms also function as a study room.

Moreover, the latest work-from- culture has converted the bedrooms into offices also. Therefore, you need sharp spotlights. In addition to that, a row of recessed spotlights for false ceilings never goes wrong.


spotlights for false ceiling
Spotlights for illuminate the room.


Add beautiful shapes to the simple false ceiling designs of bedroom for your kids 


If you have kids, you don’t have to look for farther to make their rooms creative and cute.

Simply, your bedroom ceilings in playful shapes and add lights to them.


kids bedroom false ceiling light
Pink pastel coloured ceiling with moon and stars for a fairy-themed kid’s room.


Go eclectic


Jazz up your bedroom’s decorative ceiling with electric shades of ceiling designs. Also, these shades will also give you the best colours for ceiling.


modern living room false ceiling
white decorative ceiling for living with purple electric ceiling layer.


What is the average lights price in India?


The price varies greatly. Also, it depends on the product, material, brand, source, and many more factors.

Here is a list of some of the decorative lights price:

  1. TISVA Castillo Chandelier luxury lights price: Rs. 4,99,000.
  2. Havells lights price for Brito Pendant light: Rs. 2775
  3. Oorjaa Oyster Mushroom Pendant lamp lights price: Rs. 38,526- Rs. 73,348
  4. Syska 35-Watt lights price: Rs. 12,500
  5. Philips lights price (Strip Lights for backlit ceiling panels and cove lights): Rs. 1,500

Here is a list of prices:

  1. Crompton LED Recessed Downlighter (5 Watt) lights price: Rs. 500
  2. Philips lights price: Rs. 1500
  3. Havells lights price OCTANE square panel: Rs. 1965
  4. Wipro Smart LED bulb lights price: Rs. 600


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Decorative ceiling lightings add beautiful functionality to the rooms. Also, they come in a variety of ranges in terms of functionality, design, style, and prices.

This FAQ article aimed at solving all the queries related to the types of such as cove lighting, LED, track lighting, chandeliers, etc.

In addition to that, the article also had a price list from the major types and brands of India.

The article also dealt with the proper selection and installation of these decorative ceiling lightings.

Use the comprehensive visual guide attached to the article to make the right decisions regarding ceiling lighting.


If you want to buy top-quality solutions from the best brands, click on the link given below to check your options and submit your inquiries:


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