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German Design Award 2020 Winners – Editor’s Pick of Top 5 Winners In Kitchen Design Category

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German Design Award 2020 - logo



The German Design Award identifies and presents unique design trends: a competition that advances the design-oriented scene. The recently concluded German Design Award 2020 saw an exemplary participation from across industries, showcasing some of the most spectacular designs and innovations.


The jury selects brands and products in various categories that truly represent pioneering contributions to the German and international design landscape. The awards are given under three categories: Gold, Special Mention & Winner.


BuildingandInteriors editorial team presents to you its top 5 favourites from the winners in the kitchen design category:


Aquno Select M81




Effortlessly easy, the Aquno Select M81 kitchen creates a futuristic workflow at the sink and appeals to users with its diversified and gentle SatinFlow spray made of microfine single streams. Finished off with a tailor-made multifunctional strainer, preparing and cooking food has never been so easy, and it has certainly never been so unique – simply efficient.


The flat shower jet hits the food in the matching multifunctional sieve precisely. The avant-garde Aquno M81 with round arch spout blends clear geometry and functionality, e.g. for filling large vessels. With a light push of a button on the tablet of the kitchen mixer you activate the flat shower. 133 fine nozzles put a voluminous and thereby economical shower rain into action. The minimalist design of the Aquno M81 continues in the rectangular lever handle, with which water and temperature can be controlled with one hand. The Aquno Select M81 stands for perfected, flowing and light work processes at the sink as well as for design-conscious and modern kitchen design.



Statement of the jury

The M81 kitchen mixer offers an innovative feature that makes washing and cleaning food even easier and, above all, more gentle. The small number of nozzles integrated into the wide base spreads water flow in a manner similar to a shower, which is particularly gentle. A highly interesting , which is optically also successful with its straightforward and clear base design.


Award: Gold – Excellent

Company/Client: Hansgrohe SE

Design: Phoenix Design GmbH + Co. KG






Siemens iQ700 Induktions-Kochfeld mit zoneLight


The zoneLight dispenses almost completely with any printing. An animated, blue light matrix underneath the ceramic surface assumes this function instead, allowing a new form of interaction. As soon as the first pan is placed on the , the user interface recognises its position and ensures full-surface heating – irrespective of its size or shape. If the cookware is moved, smart technology transfers the settings to the new position.



Statement of the jury

The innovative Siemens iQ700 induction hob with zoneLight does almost entirely without markings, thus emphasising an elegantly purist furnishing style. Pots, pans and suchlike can be placed anywhere on the induction field regardless of size and shape, as the intelligent technology automatically recognises their position. If the cookware is moved, all setting values are automatically transferred to the new position. A stylish and contemporary hob that offers maximum flexibility and makes cooking even easier and more comfortable.


Award: Gold – Excellent Product Design

Company/Client: BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

Design: BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, Heiko Thielen, Minghao Shi, Norman Raichle, Andreas Hackbarth


FREEspace/Free space




FREEspace/Free space is the first hingeless flap fitting with an innovative, compact design. This opens up new scope for modern furniture design. Despite its extremely slim design, FREEspace/Free space is a hardware solution for a very wide range of applications. In this way, FREEspace/Free space enables a higher degree of standardisation in production. In a nutshell: FREEspace/Free space is extremely compact yet extremely strong.




Statement of the jury

The fold-up fitting features a small, slim and compact design and does not require a . The component is surprisingly stable and while also being able to withstand loads of up to 12 kg.


Award: Winner – Excellent Product Design

Company/Client: Kesseböhmer

Design: Häfele GmbH & Co KG, 

Kesseböhmer GmbH



Elica NikolaTesla Switch cooktop




Cooking and extraction are combined in a single unit, where the search for harmony and maximum attention to detail, together with innovative functions and unique performance, produce the highest expression of technology and design. A central disk of glass and steel, completely flush with the cooktop surface, cleverly conceals the extraction system. By rotating this circular element, NikolaTesla Switch extraction is activated, releasing and controlling all of its power.



Statement of the jury

The bright metal ring in the centre of the cooktop forms a striking contrast to the black glass, making the product unmistakable and ensuring a high degree of recognition. The formally harmonious combination of cooktop and extractor hood presents an attractive alternative the traditional placement of an extractor hood above the cooktop.


Award: Special Mention – Excellent Product Design

Company/Client: Elica S.p.A.

Design: Elica S.p.A., Fabrizio Crisà



Küche FOLD mit Hightech Oberfläche M.POD




FOLD, a brass that seems to float. The design is reminiscent of origami, with a purist, refined aesthetic and technical sophistication with exciting detail. FOLD is handmade, tailored to each client and equipped with the highest comfort.


With FOLD, Steininger stages the kitchen in its usual way, as a sculptural object. Someone would think that the function follows the form, but actually, the form knows how to conceal the function. Behind the purist aesthetics, there are smooth technical refinements and exciting details.


M.POD, a 32-inch touchpad, serves as a high-tech work surface. The smart kitchen functions are controlled centrally and intuitively. The specially hardened and visually bonded safety glass withstands all the requirements of a kitchen countertop.



Statement of the jury

The striking folding look lends the kitchen a unique aesthetic that makes it unmistakable and ensures a high degree of recognition. A modern and at the same time minimalistic design that has been rigorously worked into every detail and expresses exclusivity and extravagance at a high creative level.


Award: Winner – Excellent Product Design

Company/Client: Steininger Designers GmbH

Design: Steininger Designers GmbH






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