Gessi Inciso Collection _Good Design Award 23

Gessi Inciso Collection Wins The Good Design Award

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Gessi Inciso Collection _Good Design Award 23


After winning the ICFF Editor’s Award in 2018 and the Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Award as the most innovative product of the same year, the has recently won one of the most important design recognition of the world, the Good Design Awards. The Good Design is promoted by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of & Design together with the European Centre for Art Design & Urban Studies. It is the oldest and most renowned award in the design world, that each year since 1950 honors the most innovative and original products for , functionality and superior aesthetic.


Gessi Inciso Collection _Good Design Award 2
Gessi Inciso Collection is the result of an extraordinary artistic collaboration between Gessi and Rockwell Group, the prestigious and award-wining studio of New York architect David Rockwell, and has been loved by architects and interior designers from all over the world since its preview presentation in New York. The partnership between Gessi and David Rockwell managed to skillfully combine the Italian company’s aesthetic and technological excellence with an industrial design inspired by the American soul. Thanks to its innovative design Inciso has been chosen in numerous prestigious projects around the world. The Kenshō hotels in Mykonos island and the Imperator boutique hotel in Nîmes, in the French Occitane are the most remarkable examples on which Inciso collection stands out as a protagonist.


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The Inciso concept embodies the warm modern sensibility of American Design.


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Defined by simplicity and possibility, the design created for Gessi interprets a uniquely american ethos for modern fixtures. Gessi’s strength in technical know-how and keen understanding of craftsmanship, ensured that the key design characters were expressed throughout the collection.


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The formal gestures of early plumbing fixtures and the refined, architectural sensibility of modern metalwork inspired the distinguished profile. With sculpted contours paired with smooth surfaces and textured patterns, the collection achieves captivating allure in alignment with Gessi’s philosophy, which is to enrich intimate living spaces with beautiful, well-made objects that remain reliably functional.


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The most perceptive consumers are expressing the need for a return to authenticity, and a desire to surround themselves with products that exude a feeling of reliability, true depth, and quality. They want products perfected over a long time with a purposeful aesthetic that arouses emotions.


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The collection is made of solid brass, available in a large number of finishes including black, nickel and bronze and diverse surface treatments, which provide a wide variety of looks and moods suitable for any imaginable bath environment – residential or commercial.


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Gessi’s goal was to conceive a unique line of products that could fully embody the emotions of the skillful specifics of old era brassware manufacturers while making it fresh and contemporary by infusing it with modern architectural taste and the most advanced metal processing technology.

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Through the creativity and innovation of both companies, the David Rockwell for Gessi suite of products interprets a uniquely American ethos for today’s bath, with a tang of Italian flair.


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Bringing a new visual language to the contemporary bath-scape, Inciso channels the honesty of traditional craftsmanship and the American spirit. The collection of faucets and designed by David Rockwell for Gessi creates a new design language for the contemporary bathroom.


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