Amaze Panel Room Heaters

Get ‘Amaze’d By The Smart And Aesthetic Range Of Panel Room Heaters

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In India and many other parts of the world, have traditionally been energy-guzzlers, are ‘brought-out’ for use in winters, only to be stashed away once the season is over. It’s basically just that – there’s nothing more to talk about.


Hyderabad-based panel room-heater manufacturer Amaze Global Manufacturing Pvt.Ltd. plans to change the way the Indian market thinks of room heaters. caught-up with Mr., Joint Managing Director, Amaze Global Manufacturing Pvt.Ltd. to understand more on the product offering and the road-ahead for the company in the Indian market.



Amaze Panel Room Heaters
Mr.Harsha Vangla, Joint Managing Director, Amaze

Says Mr.Vangla, ‘Our brand ‘Amaze’ is the only brand in the market to offer the safest wall mounted heaters that come with cost-effective features to allow consumers to save on home heating costs. What would be of particular interest to Architects and Interior  is that we offer heating solutions for all spaces – bedrooms, bathrooms, under desk heating, cabinet heating and foot warmers that can be painted to match the rooms décor so it’s not just any home appliance but a customer can customize by painting or printing and make it look like a ‘portrait or a piece of art’.


Having established itself firmly in the international markets like United States, South America, Europe and Australia, etc., , based on convection-technology, offers many features like energy efficient (typical power rating of around 400 watts) being paintable (to match the interiors), safe for people suffering from allergies, maintenance free and comes with a sleek design.


For more details on Amaze Panel Room Heaters, and the full-text of the interview, click here.


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