Hafele offers attractive range of Stile door hardware to help you create noise-free and enticing interiors

Stile door hardware by hafele


An office that is too noisy can be unnerving. With the popularity of predominantly open commercial spaces, there is a growing need for quiet office partitions and meeting rooms. Although the traditional conference rooms successfully bestow you with tranquility to work and collaborate, they isolate you from the hub. It is where the main action takes place. As a result, installation of tall framed/frameless glass partitions and with minimal and understated hardware is gaining popularity. This door architecture and hardware concept by Hafele, popularly referred to as Stile Doors, enables the rooms to appear larger. Moreover, it imitates an interconnected space and enhances the ambience of the space, offering a visual treat. These help create discreet pockets that are inviting, collaborative and at the same time promote organizational transparency without any hindrance.


Stile by Hafele

Hafele presents a versatile and attractive range of Stile Door Hardware that offers your space a peaceful escape from the noise of the world with controllable acoustics. This range, which includes diverse Stile options, combines visual sophistication with extraordinary flexibility and helps create enticing spaces enhancing your architecture.


Stile door hardware by hafele


Stile are a perfect example of effortlessly combined transparency and discretion. These embody the latest trends in design, and offer the flexibility of having the right hardware that enables you to shape the truly custom look that you so desire. Thus, with Stile enduring beauty in any space is possible.

The strength and flexibility of the hardware is what holds it all together and makes any structure sustain. Engineered for strength and stability the Stile Door Hardware Range by Hafele comprises of door fittings and door solutions that offer coordinated, attractive options with impressive application versatility.

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