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Hettich AvanTech YOU drawer system offers great design flexibility

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was presented by Hettich at interzum 2019. The things that are unique about this drawer system is its diversity & creative flexibility, concealed working parts and perfect performance.




AvanTech YOU provides a huge amount of design flexibility in terms of colour, shape and material, giving you the key to successfully turning your own design ideas into reality. You can give your furniture unmistakable character and respond quickly to the latest design trends.


Design Innovation


AvanTech YOU design is really fascinating. In a width of only 13 mm, the style is uncompromisingly sleek. Where working components innovatively vanish into the slender drawer slide, purist design is set off with stunning effect. No cover caps or holes, simply immaculate beauty.

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Creative flexibility goes far beyond the many different heights of the drawer side profile. With the option of using any chosen materials, your ideas become distinctive solutions that stand apart.

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Design Diversity


With a simple click, designer profiles or conjure an accentuated, visual transformation. Elegant glass panels for the Inlay Drawer side profile do away with the boundaries between space and furniture and focus the eye on furniture design.


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The AvanTech YOU Inlay


Only the best solutions for personal preferences: whether glass in the standard finish or customized in a wide variety of materials, such as , stone or slate. If your material is 10 mm thick, everything goes.


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Drawer Organizers


AvanTech YOU interior organizers provide the ideal place for everything. Neat, tidy organization and optimum view of contents in an instant.

Hettich-AvanTech-You- Drawer System -orgastore 830

OrgaStore 830

Hettich-AvanTech-You- Drawer System -orgatray 630

OrgaTray 630

Hettich-AvanTech-You- Drawer System -wooden interior organization

Wooden Interior Organization



The AvanTech YOU has one drawer, two runners and numerous user friendly functions. Flexibly combinable with each other by using one and the same drilling pattern. This efficiently caters to different market segments, applications and customer needs.


You can create superior furniture design and impress your customers with great performance – regardless of the load class. Combine drawers and runners and tap into new market segments with your own application solutions for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms or shop fitting.


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Precision and superb performance




The drawer runner is the basis for superior, customizable furniture design. It gives furniture absolute perfection, you can see, feel and hear.

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Actro YOU

Unequalled running action

– Exceptionally high lateral stability
– Best possible load capacity in two categories (40 kg and 70 kg)
– Synchronous control for optimum load distribution


Push to open Silent

Optional Push to open Silent, opens without handles, closes with Silent System


Silent System

High performance, gentle Silent System

Quadro YOU

Smooth, precision running action

– Extremely long service life guaranteed

– Tried and proven, continuously optimised running performance

– Load capacity up to 30 kg


Push to open Silent

Optional Push to open Silent, opens without handles, closes with Silent System


Silent System

High performance, gentle Silent System



The comprehensive platform concept and perfect product adjustments to production and assembly processes make AvanTech YOU an outstanding system when it comes to cost effectiveness and efficient workflows while at the same time providing the basis for a broad product lineup.


AvanTech YOU places the focus on your future business success and reduces customization to a simple formula: variety with few variances and lean processes. This results in cost effective process optimization in purchasing, stock keeping, production, assembly and installation, keeping you prepared for the future and giving you flexibility for changes.



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Precise and Reliable Adjustment


  • Easy vertical and lateral adjustment (unique exterior decor sliding mechanism)
  • Easy drawer tilt adjustment with access from above (dual function of the designer profile)
  • Simple, tool-less installation of the front panel
  • Safe detachment of the front panel (retaining function in the drawer side profile)


Design Meets Functionality


  • Perfectly purist drawer side profile design meets maximum functionality
  • Vertical, lateral and tilt adjustment invisibly integrated into the drawer side profile
  • Design diversity and flexibility from designer profiles, DesignCapes and a variety of inlay materials
  • Runner platform for a wide range of applications


Intuitive Installation


  • No need for any bottom panel machining
  • Bottom panel width = rear panel width
  • No catches need to be fitted
  • Convenient, practical rear panel installation (one dimensional jointing direction)
  • Bottom panel can be screw-mounted or stapled on


High performance in all applications

Your customers are looking specifically for furniture that can be designed to suit personal needs. Follow the megatrend of customization with AvanTech YOU.


Whether for use in the bathroom, living room or kitchen – every wish for a unique look is easily fulfilled with the broad diversity of this product range and the many different ways of creating furniture that speaks individuality.


Expressing personal lifestyle is becoming increasingly important. Not only furniture but also fittings express individual personality. Urban lifestyle environment or Tuscan flair: whatever you like is in vogue.


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