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IF Design Awards 2020 Winners – A Preview

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IF design awards 2020 - logo

Winners of IF Design Awards 2020 have just been announced and we picked our favorites from the pack. Let us have a look at our top picks.



Product – Baboon / Porcelain stool


Brand – , Switzerland


IF Design Awards 2020_laufen_baboon01_joe_griesbach


Strong yet very thin-walled, SaphirKeramik is a material that enables products to reach new dimensions and allows otherwise traditional ceramic material to be used for a new purpose. In collaboration with the HGK Academy of Art and Design in Basel, the Swiss bathroom specialist Laufen produced an industrial design module focused on Saphirkeramik. From this collaboration, student Joe Griesbach designed a bathroom stool, which was inspired by African drum forms and Ethiopian head supports.


Product – se:cube / Office pods


Brand/ Manufacturer – Sedus, Germany


IF Design Awards 2020_se_cube_milieu_14_hi_res_tif_17439


The se:cube elegantly solves the problem of increasing demand for retreat possibilities in open office environments. The se:cube is available in three fixed sizes for telephone calls, concentrated work or video calls and small meetings. Thanks to its pre-defined furniture settings and intelligent structure, assembly is extremely simple. Se:cubes can be quickly set up, moved within a space when assembled, or disassembled with minimal loss of integrity.


Product – SO / 


Brand/ Manufacturer- Carlo Frattini, Italy


IF design awards 2020 _ FIMA Carlo Frattini_so


The formal elegance, the innovative functionality, the modularity and the water-saving feature are peculiarities of SO, the new mixer with double control. SO has two handles, whose function is defined by their dimension and their position; on the left, a smaller and taller handle to set the water temperature, on the right, a larger shorter handle regulates the flow rate. Another feature is given by the wide choice among chromatic and materials combinations, allowing full personalization in the bathroom. The greenest feature of all is the spout, whose 10 mm diameter saves water without preventing the consumer from enjoying a nice flow.


Product – SieMatic SLX / Kitchen design


Brand/ Manufacturer – SieMatic, Germany


IF design awards 2020 _ Kitchen design_siematic_slx 1


Delicate proportions define the design philosophy of this kitchen: the floating worktop, the all-round recessed grip, and fine 6.5 mm contours. Thanks to recessed grips set at a perfect angle, the act of opening and closing drawers and cupboards becomes a new haptic experience. The light discreetly integrated into the shadow gap of the recessed grip lends a fine three-dimensionality and reinforces the floating impression of the worktop. The glass vitrines lend additional lightness with seemingly floating pull-outs as well as transparent doors and side walls.


Product – slim / Smart


Brand/ Manufacturer – Deahenv (Xiamen) Bathroom, China

IF Design Awards 2020_ slim _ smart _ toilet

This slim smart toilet is a minimalist design style. The seat and cover can be removed with one hand for easy cleaning at an 85–88-degree angle. All of the functional components are hidden inside the ceramic, making the appearance of the product more simple and slim. The tempered glass back cover shows the functional status indicator and adds to the nighttime atmosphere of the bathroom. The ceramic is rimless and therefore easier to clean hidden bacteria. It completely matches the concealed water tank flushing system, needs only 4.5L water for a flushing cycle, saves water resources, and is friendly to the environment.


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