Innovative Sanitation Solutions_CleanTech Automatic Handwashing Stations

Innovative Sanitation Solutions To Tackle COVID-19

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The recent pandemic has inspired many companies across the globe to work on various solutions in hygiene and clean technology. While all the efforts made by individuals and organizations in developing such solutions are much appreciated; however few of the innovations are particularly noteworthy. We bring to you the following Innovative Solutions that are really simple and can help in tackling this pandemic.



CleanTech® Automatic Stations

Innovative Sanitation Solutions_CleanTech Automatic Handwashing Stations


Cororado based firm Meritech has launched a fully automatic hygiene technology that is clinically proven to remove 99% of pathogens from hands in 12 seconds using 75% less water than a traditional sink. It is nothing but a high tech hand-washing machine.


The exclusive CleanTech handwashing stations range from compact single use equipment to industrial grade systems for high volume traffic. Multiple enhancement options are available to each line, including footwear hygiene and controlled access, in order to fit the needs of a variety of market applications.


The CleanTech has two tubes in which you put your hands inside. Then a soapy mix will wash and sanitize your hands without touching any surfaces; killing 99.9% of harmful pathogens.

This technology removes the variability in manual hand washing process due to different human behavior; thus resulting in standard and quality people hygiene.


‘Sanitation Gates’ That Disinfect and Check Temperatures

Innovative Sanitation Solutions_sanitation gates

Despite strict control and stringent lockdown measures, UAE which consists of 90% of foreign population, is also grappling with COVID -19.


In its fight against the pandemic, UAE is relying heavily on technology solutions. A Syrian entrepreneur, Husam Zammar of Guard ME has been building “sanitation gates” in Dubai for government and private clients. These sanitation gates not only check people’s but also disinfect them; one of the most interesting Innovative Sanitation Solutions indeed.


Guard ME constructs the gates out of metal frames, galvanized steel, and temperature-checking equipment from China. Upon entering a business or office, one must enter a sanitation gate and first undergo a temperature check, then walk through a mist that’s created ultrasonically. Although the sanitation gate won’t be able to detect an asymptomatic carrier of COVID-19, it will still offer people peace of mind.


Innovative Sanitation Solutions_sanitation gates 2

Innovative Sanitation Solutions_sanitation gates 1

 An infection-preventing hands-free door handle

Innovative Sanitation Solutions_door handle


Door handles in public places spread contagious diseases. Finnish Clean-energy company Fortum has developed Fortum Vipu ( Prevention Unit), a door-handle supplement manufactured from Fortum Circo® recycled plastic. Attaching to door-handles, it enables opening the door with your arm, instead of your hand. Fortum Vipu gives plastic waste a new life and prevents the spread of diseases like Coronavirus.


Innovative Sanitation Solutions_door handle 1


Pocket-Sized Smart Sanitizing

cleansebot-Innovative Sanitation Solutions

This tiny disinfecting robot can clean your hotel room and let you travel worry-free.


The pocket-sized robot is called Cleansebot and it claims to kill 99.99% of germs, bacteria, and dust mites, with a fully automated process to sanitize and disinfect beds, electronic devices, toys and other stuff. It has lights that kill bacteria on the go around your home or hotel rooms.


The ultraportable machine has an intelligent system with 18 built-in sensors to detect and map any surface including beds and countertops. It’s fully independent but also comes with a handheld mode, so you can clean light switches, toilet seats, keyboards, phones, toys and much more.


CleanseBot’s four UV-C lights point both up and down, allowing you to automatically sanitize a bed’s sheets and blanket at the same time in 30-60 minutes. It also comes with a power bank mode to let you charge all of your electronic devices using its built-in 3700 mAh battery.


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