Interior wall designs using 9 splendid materials to enrich the space

modern wood wall paneling in a living room


The walls in any space are a focal point and speak a language that reflects the personality of the homeowners. Since every has distinct characteristics, there is no ‘one fits all’ in terms of walls too. Thus, from brick to wood and from tile to PVC paneling, a plethora of options are available.

Walls are the perfect companion to your furnishings and accessories.

Not only are they more durable and cost-effective, but they also amplify the aesthetics of your like no other. Moreover, the wall designs prove to be vibrant, to say the least, and they are exquisite and economical too.

It seems we are all a bit tired of the boring, lifeless white plasterboard. Modern homes with an accent are the latest development in the cladding category. Thus, it is a design trend that does not seem to lose its charm.

Whether you wish to enhance and add value to an apartment, loft, or private residence, it is time to let the walls shine through. The color and style of walls can make a big difference in the overall appeal of the space. Moreover, walls add a fair amount of artistic and imaginative depth and give you the liberty to go as subtle or dramatic as you want.

Choosing the right and the right material for it can sometimes be overwhelming.

In that case, refer to this article to find various materials to decorate your walls and also, get inspirational ideas to incorporate into your home.

To summarize, this article guides you through various interior designs with reference to the material.



Tile Designs

are an eclectic masterpiece that has defined the very foundation of art. Offering a wide range inspired by timeless shapes, forms, and patterns, can change the entire look and feel of your house.

Tile is a great option to adorn your walls. Moreover, it is a unique combination of style, strength, and durability.

Tile walls are particularly easy to clean and maintain. The dust and stains can be cleaned in a minimal time with the help of any rug. Moreover, they have a polished finish. Therefore, its surface looks bright and smooth making the look put together at all hours.

Also, tile walls offer excellent durability as most of them do not wear out or break easily and are suitable for heavy traffic areas.

Here are a few ways in which you can incorporate in your homes:-


Tile Design #1


patterned and embossed tiles for bedroom
A vintage and patterned tile for contemporary interiors

Image Source: Pinterest


Since embossed and textured, this tile becomes the center of attraction in your bedroom without making it too overwhelming.


Tile Design #2


pastel green and white abstract tiles for living room
A simple yet unique tile

Image Source: Pinterest


So, go for this for a modernist space idea.


Tile Design #3


grey stone cladding for exteriors
Modern meets natural beauty

Image Source: Pinterest


This natural stone tile represents the lovely pairing of modern with classic texture.


Tile Design #4


A colorful tile with bricks to keep your interiors bright as well as lively

Image Source: Pinterest


This arrangement gives you a fair idea of how to work naked bricks and colorful together to create a work of art.


Tile Design #5


dark and light brown 3d wall for living room
Glossy 3D for living room

Image Source: Art 3D


Perhaps one of the most iconic ways to incorporate in your living space is by opting for 3D tiles.


Wood Designs

Wood is an excellent way to add dimension to the walls. Adding a feature to the key elements of personal preference, acts as an eye-catcher.

Wood designs offer a natural uniqueness with their tough texture, rugged edges, and less symmetrical lines.

Also, it adds to the warm and comforting atmosphere of your abode.

An accent wood is the reflection of your taste and personality and an ultimate standalone element that adds value to your home.

Easy to construct and known for providing years of splendor, these wood ideas will grow with your and always keep the style quotient high.


Wood Wall Design #1


triangular mustard bedroom wood wall
Modern geometric wood art set to intensify the aesthetic appeal

Image Source: Hamoud Kabbani


A colored wood is a great way to keep up the neutral theme of your space without compromising on the amazing texture of the wood.


Wood Design #2


Accent wood designed using geometric pattern

Image Source: N-Gon Archviz


This -lit interior features a focal art piece that mixes dark and bright wood to complement your furniture.


Wood Design #3


Boho wood to create a big impact

Image Source: Wooden


Utilize the affordable beauty and durability of wood to perfection by embracing this simple yet statement-making wall.


Wood Design #4


wooden wall panels for living room wall design
Like you, a wooden accent will only get better

Image Source: David Bombilla


This showcases the cladding potential of wood to create a super-efficient home that looks sleek and stylish.


Wood Design #5


brick wood wall paneling in dark brown color
Wood paneling in order to dress up your space

Image Source: Modulo by alsecco


Nothing like a dark stained wood to create an immaculate and sophisticated space.


POP Designs

POP or Plaster of Paris is quick setting gypsum, lime, or cement plaster. It is a building material used to protect as well as decorate the walls and ceilings.

The plaster is manufactured as a dry powder, mixed with water for application, and hardens when dried and cured.

with POP, strange right? If you think POP is used only for ceilings, there is more to it.

POP designs are a highly functional way to elevate the look of your without compromising on the space.


POP Design #1


Muted POP a to elevate the look

Image Source: Art Trove


This quirky POP is a fun and trendy way to elevate your living room.


POP Design #2


rust red wall with pattern
POP bed back in the classic rust color

Image Source: Leyla Salayeva


This POP adds aesthetics without compromising on functionality or eating too much space.


POP Design #3


white 3D POP wall with accent lighting
A versatile that lifts up the look and feel of the entire space

Image Source: loveproperty


Go for this textured if you want to add an accent piece to your living space.


POP Design #4


carved POP panel in green color
Floral designs and patterns molded on the

Image Source: Lushome


A carved POP with intricate detailing in a bright solid color is perfect to break the monotony.


POP Design #5


Powder blue POP medallions
A subtle yet stylish

Image Source: Pinterest


You have the liberty to go as bold or as subtle as you want when it comes to POP walls.


PVC Designs

Since people are leaning toward modern and fancy living spaces or workspace, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) paneling proves to be a perfect choice.

Polyvinyl Chloride is a lightweight plastic polymer that comes in rigid as well as flexible forms.

It is an excellent alternative to overcome the shortcomings of gypsum or POP.

PVC panels are available in various patterns, designs, textures, and colors. These are also available in the form of 3D sheets that gives them a realistic and seamless finish.

Additionally, PVC panels offer high durability and water resistance which makes them suitable for areas prone to dampness.

Although easy to maintain, PVC panels are not temperature resistant and may get damaged when subjected to heat.


PVC Paneling #1


 white patterned PVC panels
The best way to mix and match with contrasting colors

Image Source: Walmart


Achieving the of your dreams becomes possible with this PVC paneling.


PVC Wall Paneling #2


white 3D pvc paneling on ceiling
PVC paneling that needs the bare minimum

Image Sorce: Etsy


Account for 3D panels with accent lighting on the ceiling to break the all-white monotony.


PVC Paneling #3


red PVC paneling
Bold to pack a punch of colour

Image Source:


Although such interior designs cost substantially higher, they are oh so worth it. The final result is nothing less than magical.


PVC Paneling #4


black pvc panels on a dark green background with concealed lights
The concealed lights add the right amount of brightness without killing the vibe

Image Sorce: Ronda


Black PVC paneling integrated with a simple dark green for an unconventionally beautiful space.


PVC Paneling #5


white pvc paneling on blue background
A with PVC paneling adds depth and warmth to the living

Image Source: Changzhou Dawson


If you want to turn your walls into a statement piece without going overboard with the bold, bright colors, this must be your go-to design.


Stone Wall Designs

If you wish to take your brick walls to a whole new level, a with stones is your best bet.

Although stone seems like a more traditional and natural choice for homes, it has the ability to be effortlessly integrated into modern home as well.

You can use stone in any manner that suits your preference and style.

Stone designs can be as subtle as a backsplash in the and as dramatic as a -to-ceiling wall.

Besides adding depth and elegance, stone walls act as a protective covering and help in maintaining the temperature of the house.

So, if you are intrigued by the rugged look of stone and are looking for ways to incorporate it into your home, stone cladding is all you need.


Stone Wall #1


a neutral wall design with stone by the wooden stairway
An elegant idea that does not overpower the interiors

Image Source: Castelatto Pisos


Currently, it is an excellent idea to replace your old painted walls with an accent with stone. It not only looks good but also adds an earthy character.


Stone Wall #2


masonry stone wall design in neutral color
A soothing masonry

Image Source: Pinterest


Add some character to your walls by surrounding them with the textural stone to catch the eye of the guests.


Stone Wall #3


dark gey natural stone wall design for living room
Stone walled living with complimenting furnishings

Image Source: DA


A mixed stone and wood concept will become the standalone attention-grabbing feature of your homes.


Stone Wall #4


brick wall design with rustic quarry stone
Rustic exposed brick

Image Source: The Depot


This rustic exposed brick will help you your own grand living room.


Stone Wall #5


Mixed stone and wood wall by the stairway
Mixed stone and wood

Image Source: Woodz


Mixed stone and wood walls make your space look like a rustic and a modern representation of primitive ideas.


Brick Designs

Brick designs feature an industrial style with rough and rugged edges.

Imposing strength and stability, brick walls, nowadays, are a massive trend in contemporary architecture.

Brick designs offer various textures and colors from the classic red brick and mortar walls to cladding and tiles.

The and other professionals seem to gravitate towards brick walls due to their unique character and timeless designs.

Additionally, brick walls are an excellent way to add a touch of history, elegance, and personality to an otherwise boring space.

Although you might not find brick walls everywhere, faux brick walls are easy to find and install. They imitate brick walls and are the perfect way to personalize your space.

Brick walls are ideal for every area as they fit in with themes ranging from industrial to chic and from vintage to contemporary.


Brick Wall #1


brick wall design for living room with wood furniture
This brick creates a warm and cozy atmosphere in the living

Image Source: Trendy Mood



Get inspired by this brick and add a touch of traditional charm to your home.


Brick Wall #2


black & grey brick wall design for living room
Classic black and grey brick pattern

Image Source: Coloritto


This black brick is a classic statement-making element. Do not miss out on its tough texture and rustic charm!


Brick Wall #3


brick interior wall design idea
Living with a masterful use of brick

Image Source: Cuded


This brick is ideal for those who are looking to incorporate a real, raw, and rugged look into their space.


Brick Wall #4


A naked brick wall design
An eclectic naked brick and mortar

Image Source: Pinterest


A modern living with a mix of a naked brick and contemporary wooden furniture.


Brick Wall #5


white brick wall design
White brick in a contemporary living

Image Source: Visual Hunt


Opt for a brick painted in white to get a soft and elegant appearance without losing the goodness of texture of the brick.


Granite Designs

The beauty of natural granite plays a stellar role in elevating the walls of your contemporary homes.

It transforms the space into a more real surface with depth and definition.

Natural granite is a differentiating element offering great aesthetics and unimaginable strength to your walls.

Also, it adds an expressive appeal to the contemporary interiors.

Granite walls are impeccably sophisticated and delicately minimalist, all at the same time.

They are known for not losing their color over time and their stain, fire, and heat-resistant properties.

Therefore, considering the luxurious looks, durability, and easy maintenance of the stone, granite walls are considered to be an excellent option for homeowners.


Granite Design #1


black natural stone wall design with storage space and concealed lights
Dark-colored natural stone with storage space and concealed lights

Image Source: Pinterest


Granite creates a mix of minimal textures to make your space look sleek and put together at all times. Moreover, the concealed lights are perfect for the dark-colored theme.


Granite Design #2


grey granite feature wall design for living room
Cozy living with a plush

Image Source: General Photographic Agency


Add a welcoming vibe to your living with this feature wall.


Granite Design #3


green granite wall in the dining area
A predominantly green to achieve a dramatic look

Image Source: Fiandre Architectural Surfaces


Incorporate the following granite into your to create a good first impression on everyone who enters your home.


Granite Design #4


black granite feature wall with white surrounding walls
Striking back to make the sleek and stylish

Image Source: MSI Stone


This black natural stone (granite) cladding is a versatile and timeless way to add depth and character to your walls.


Granite Design #5


abstract marble tv wall design
A colossal TV in natural stone

Image Source: Xiamen VQ Stone Co.


An abstract natural stone is a superb way to add some color to the without making it look too busy. It makes the space look immaculate and vivacious.


Glass Designs

Glass walls are representative of the growth and progress of the architecture and industry.

As opposed to the usual walls, glass walls allow a myriad of natural to shine in.

Therefore, these are ideal for homeowners who intend to make a sleek, stylish, and striking living space.

Glass walls have the capacity to leave a dramatic and lasting impression with their bold and distinctive looks.

These walls add warmth to the ambiance and make the space look more lively due to the natural elements and a bright color scheme.

With all such pros floating over, one can easily opt for glass designs.

However, due to its heat-absorbent property, one must be extra vigilant and cautious while investing in them.


Glass Design #1


mirror wall with a geometric pattern
Living space with sleek glass walls

Image Source: Pinterest


Revive the sophistication of your with this glass wall.


Glass Design #2


glass partition wall design with black metal frames
A tall classic glass partition

Image Source: Crystalia Glass LLC


This feature glass is an absolute showstopper. Also, the rough texture of the white brick walls on the other side compliments the softness of glass like no other.


Glass Design #3


A colorful glass with wood paneling

Image Source: Jonna Schreibman


This glass perfectly showcases the power of the colors when paired with plenty of natural light. In addition, it brings out the colors as and when hits on the surface and reflects it back.


Glass Design #4


glass partition wall design with black metal frame
This acts as the focal point of the

Image Source: Pinterest


This pretty glass partition gives a striking look to your living allowing plenty of sunlight to shine on the inside.


Glass Design #5


glass partition wall design
Small wall, big impact

Image Source: autori


Opt for this glass to give your rooms a magical and inspiring ambience. Additionally, the neutral marble is a bonus that compliments the and adds value to the theme.


Plywood Designs

In recent times, has become a firm favorite. Affordable, lightweight, and versatile, adds warmth and personality to the Interiors.

has inherent strength and incomparable beauty. Moreover, it is far superior to the ubiquitous plasterboard.

Since has a hardwood outer layer, it certainly looks more luxurious than traditional builders ply.

The is perfect for creative designing and decoration since it is flexible and cheap. Panels are easy to install and can be reused.

panels can be used for various applications and decoration projects.

It is great for modern designing on a limited or low budget and ultimately, gives a unique blend of elegant with rustic and creative with traditional.


Plywood Design #1


stained accent plywood wall design in green color
A that elegantly ties the whole look

Image Source: Behance


This is a simple, modern, and creative way to decorate your walls to transform your space.


Plywood Design #2


plywood wall design with carved lines
to match your mood as well as personality

Image Source: Pinterest


Use a carved decorative to produce stunning effects and add uniqueness to your room.


Plywood Design #3


dark brown plywood wall design
The door is the same color as the

Image Source: Plyplay


designs with in dark color can be reminiscent of traditional wood walls with a rugged look and texture.


Plywood Design #4


blue wall design with cupboards
Blue-grey shades interior

Image Source: Beppe Brancato


This is a sturdy way to add contrast with glossy blue color. The cool tones of blue work very well with natural light. Moreover, this is highly functional as it offers mammoth storage space.


Plywood Design #5


basic neutral plywood wall with matching accessories
A must-try ply wood trend

Image Source: Better Homes and Gardens


A idea to fit everyone’s living space needs. Even if you are on a tight budget, this plywood will bring your to the next level.


Designs with Paint

Modern designs with paint are a graphically glorious way to make the walls of your edgy and stand out.

Today, a huge variety of design options are available in the market ranging from color blocks to patterns and from textured to three-dimensional.

paints, with a little creativity and imagination, have the power to uplift the blank canvas that your is. Therefore, this is a clever way to make your space surprisingly chic without spending a lot. There is a certain type of design for every nook of the house.


with Paint #1


Same colour on the wall & furnishings is the latest trend
Image Source: Aliz’s Wonderland

The overhead in this paint is a cherry on the cake. It makes the space look bright and open which could have looked enclosed due to the dark choice of color.


with Paint #2


soft brown colored texture painted wall
Keeping the paint color neutral or soft brown adds warmth to the space

Image Source: Asian Paints


Here is a in soft brown color with a rugged texture and contrasting accessories on it. Moreover, it creates a striking look and makes the space look bigger and open.


with Paint #3


orange heavily textured paint wall
An eye-catching for your

Image Source: Asian Paints


This textured interior gives an illusion of a three-dimensional wall. Although it is an unusual choice for homeowners, it is definitely worth the risk.

Also, adding a few plants beside the not only balances the orange with green but also adds a contrast.


with Paint #4


matte black chalk wall paint design
Mineral painted walls providing a character to the bedroom

Image Source: Nimvo


This chalk-painted is the perfect backdrop to add a cozy and inviting vibe to the bedroom. Moreover, it is treated with different tints of minerals to achieve a textured effect that reflects light.


with Paint #5


blue paint wall design with woven texture
All over woven texture

Image Source: burke


This is perfect for a small space. Brush up on this to create a centerpiece for your home.



From cost-effective projects to elegant modern homes, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite examples of interiors to bring warmth and personality to your space without poking a hole in your pockets.

First and foremost, are ideal to add glamour to your space and also ensure longevity.

Similarly, wood makes your space more inviting and welcoming by adding warmth to it and designs with POP add texture and dimension to your walls.

On the other hand, brick walls are a classic element in a contemporary house. It adds a unique personality and ruggedness to your interiors.

Being extremely versatile, stone walls can be used on exterior facades and for decoration as well.

Additionally, from the water-resistant property to the chic looks, PVC panels add an extraordinary appeal to the manifold aspects of panels into your walls.

Granite, a beautiful natural stone, makes for a great idea as it is temperature resistant and offers eye-pleasing aesthetics.

If you are a keen follower of modern interiors, you must have noticed how glass walls are predominantly ruling the world right now.

The elegant wood and cost-effective cement have now given way to glass walls resulting in modern and sophisticated artwork.

Therefore, whether it is or dark shades, matte or glossy finishes, the walls of your will ensure that your spaces stand out always! Trust us, they will enhance the walls in no time.

Since there are innumerable ways to decorate your walls and take your interiors a notch higher, it’s all about your choice and preference.

Use this post as a guide to explore various options for your interiors, take inspiration, and you’re good to go. Yes, it’s as easy as it sounds.




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