It’s time to REinvent home access through Hafele’s Digital Home Security Solutions

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Hafele introduces a new perspective to security with its integrated range of Digital Security Solutions. With this range Hafele brings to you the most advanced technologies in digital modes, safety features, convenient settings and much more; attempting to provoke a serious thought towards home security. These solutions from Hafele can allow you to multi-dimensional aspects of home access through a single locking device, as per your specific lifestyle and at the leisure of your convenience.





Hafele’s RE-VEAL Digital Lock carefully scrutinizes every individual need that you may have from your house security system and presents itself as the ideal answer for all those needs. This fully loaded lock comes with the highest standards of that reads over 170 points on the user’s face – this means that it is highly sensitive to even flinch of a nerve on your face and will only allow access if you exactly emulate the expression that was pre-set as your access recognition. With 5 different access modes – Face Recognition, , Key Pad, and Mechanical Key – Hafele’s RE-VEAL digital lock is the authority in home security and access planning.




Its time your Digital Door Security System gets a promotion with Hafele’s RE-AL Digital Door Lock. True to its name, this lock addresses the ‘real’ needs of holistic home security through its feature rich proposition. With 4 different access modes – Finger Print, Key Pad, RFID and Mechanical Key – Hafele’s RE-AL Digital Door Lock brings you optimum security and more choices. You can also club two access modes for ‘smarter security’ and ‘specified access’ to your home. Even though your priorities bend towards features and functionality, you cannot miss the handy and user-friendly interface of this model.




Hafele’s RE-SIZE Digital Lock uniquely combines incomparable technology with an aesthetic design, bringing the much desired ornamentation to your door while also securing your home with planned access. Owning to its singular design, RE-SIZE allows you to combine its existence with any preferred lever handle as per your choice. This brings in a whiff of customization to you approach while designing the security needs for your door- you may not find such flexibility in the market. The exclusivity of the Hafele’s RE-SIZE lies in its potential to jump-start operations through an integrated power bank which can be easily charged through a USB Cable. With 4 different access modes – Finger Print, Key Pad, RFID and Mechanical Key – Hafele’s RE-SIZE Digital Lock brings you optimum security.




Hafele’s RE-PLACE Digital Lock is designed to bring a seamless transition from traditional mechanical locks to sophisticated digital security systems. As the name suggests, this lock will replace the limitations of the traditional lock-and-key with the innumerous possibilities of tech-savvy digital lock – and literally overnight. With 3 different access modes – Key Pad, RFID and Mechanical Key – Hafele’s RE-PLACE Digital Lock addresses your principal security needs; and the possibility of combining two access modes neutralizes any chances of a break-in. Its strong and sturdy tri-bolt mortise lock body makes it a robust choice that’s built to last. The touch-pad on the external lock body adds the much needed sophistication in design and body.


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