Mandir design inspiration for homes of every size (32 designs)

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The mandir of our is the most venerated space. Be it calm or chaos, you would be drawn to complete your pooja ritual every day and experience mindfulness. For a space of such significance, it is crucial to do the best that you can, -wise. While we pour our artistic thoughts into decorating the modern living room, bedroom, or kitchen, the mandir often gets overlooked. Consequently, the most revered corner of your ends up looking modest and unwieldy. Amongst the material choices from marble to wooden, you can expect to have the most stylish & modern mandir for your hall or kitchen, fixed on your or standalone.

The of your mandir coalesces with the stylish décor of the modern home. It does not imply that your mandir must always look grand or ultra-luxe. You can work your space limitations to strike the happy medium between the and the dimensions.



Choosing the best mandir for your

Fortunately, there is a sea of options to choose from. Right from the material to the make, you can oversee every aspect of your shrine. Hence, here is a guide that will help you make an informed decision in selecting a divine that works for your unique space.


The different material options for your mandir

The first step to choosing the mandir is picking the material of preference. Learn the options that you have and the flair that every material exudes.




glass door temple, large temple, indoor plants
Glass adds a high-tone to your decor.

Image Source: Pinterest


A glass mandir is a rare sight, and they hardly top anyone’s preference list. If privacy during your prayers is not a concern, your pooja will look fantastic with glass panels enclosing it. The ambient sunlight hitting the idol creates a serene aura and oodles of positive energy. The best part is you get both free-standing and -mount mandir options in the glass version.




wooden temple, lit up background, wooden doors, tiled backgroud
mandir that blends into any space.

Image Source: Era


Using wood as the primary material is atypical of mandir designs. The idol’s panels can be intricately carved, with bells or other designs chiseled. It gives temple vibes and allows you to incorporate earthy tones into your prayer nook. The designs options for wooden shrines are enormous.




wall marble mandir design photo for hall, intricate design
A stunning marble mandir that enlivens your hall.

Image Source: Tweak interiors


Marble is one common material used across the households of most religions for mandir designs. Marble is a relatively expensive material. So, if you have the budget and space for it, the marble would add loads of elegance to your pooja area. Marble can quickly help to turn your pooja into a tranquil dwelling. Not only does it offer a timeless look to your space, but the upkeep is also easy, and the durability is impressive.




wall mount mandir design marble for hall, doors with bells
An elegant stone material mandir.

Image Source: Aquire Acres


You can incorporate earthy textures into your pooja by adding stone elements. It is a misconception that the stone element is limited to the temples outdoors. Your home, too, can wonderfully include stone patterns while giving a stunning backdrop to your idols.




white stone temple, U shaped mandir platform, ganesha idol, wall marble mandir design for hall
A beautiful mandir corner!

Image Source: Bonito


Mandir designs made of granite can easily become the center of attention of your home. Just a plain granite slab adds an unparallel elegance to your prayer room. Moreover, the easy maintenance makes it the best choice for those who prefer materials with minimal aftercare.


Selecting the right mandir


Ganesh idol, mandir design for hall, marble temple
A serene pooja corner.

Image Source: Tweak Interiors


While it is easy to get carried away with grand pooja units, they are not the most pragmatic choice. Rather than taking the hit later, you can observe a few considerations that will help you have a divine mandir. Draft up the amount of space you wish for the mandir to have. This will help you decide upon the size of the unit. Next, you may move on to choosing among the styles like mount, standalone, temple style, or just a ledge.

The area where you wish to set up the mandir is also essential. A mandir in the may not hold out as much space as a living room. Contemporary designs would do well with the latest mandir designs. In short, you require a clear plan of the setup before you finalize your shrine.


Mandir options for small homes





You can get creative with your space and add an interesting separation between your living and the pooja mandap. To store your pooja essentials, add a couple of drawers. This compact and decently size mandir is perfect when you don’t want to compromise on your pooja space. You may secure this stylish and modern mandir to your home in your or hall if it is a mount variety.


Portable mandir



These are mini mandirs and are ideal for special occasions. You might have placed your idols on a ledge due to the spatial problems. But portable mandir allows you to experience the joy of having a mandir at for a grand pooja. Also, when you have an elaborate pooja occasion, you can carry this portable mandir to your hall so that everyone can sit comfortably. And, on normal days, you can place it at a convenient spot for personal pooja.


mount mandir



When there is a space constraint, you want to make the most out of your area by stationing your necessities like the sofa, fridge, or dining table. That does not mean that you cannot have a stylish and modern mandir for appealing to the eye. Many options in mount designs blend into décor of any kind. Your mandir can be affixed to the wall, and you can place your idols and other materials in the allocated space. These even come in unique, intricate designs that can fill anyone’s heart.


A basic mandir



The living is where most of us like our pooja to be. You do not have to go all out with the size of the mandir when there is a lack of space. Instead, opt for a simple but stylish modern mandir for made out of the materials like wood or marble of your liking. You may settle this mandir in one corner, and it will dazzle you with its resplendence.


Traditional wooden mandir



Many hanker for a designated mandir space. But congested areas can make it quite a challenge. Instead of compromising on the idea, you may go for a stylish modern mandir for with small wooden or a jaali pattern nestled in your hall, that fascinates your heart. You also have the option of decorating the background with different textures.


Space-saving idea



You may also opt for shelving units to place your idol. For a grander look, install hanging bells around it for the true mandir appearance. These units are customizable for you to add additional shelves to place your devotional books and other pooja materials.


Backlit panel



Just because your mandir is in a small space does not mean it will not reflect your avant-garde tastes. You may experiment with different backgrounds like backlit panels that give a glow to your idol. You would marvel at how royal & stylish your pooja corner for looks, especially when the marble is the primary component of your modern mandir design.


Wood and marble



If you are flummoxed with the range of options and do not want to let go of magnificent marble and palatial wood, you may combine both. The idyllic pooja would surely swell your heart with joy. Install backlit panels to bring about that radiance in your mandir.


Mandir options for large homes

When you have the luxury of space, there are so many ideas that you can incorporate into your mandir. In fact, you can bring the temple overtones to your with so many options.


Temple theme



With a traditional design, these temples work the best for large houses. Also, the shelf designs are your call depending upon how much space you wish to utilize. For an opulent design, install a in your wooden mandir and experiment with different options for a heartfelt temple aura. An antique wooden mandir for your hall works wonders in achieving a refined look.


Marble mandir



Marble will take the look of your mandir to a different magnitude with its regal look. Despite being simple and easy to maintain, their beauty in the space is outstanding. For this purpose, stylish marble mandirs come in various modern designs and sizes for you to choose from. Decorate the area with some diyas and beautiful lit-up backdrops for a remarkable composition. Moreover, you can even mix up the of your mandir with some wood elements for a varied texture.


Wood carved mandir



The scaled-down version of a temple, carved with intricate details for your home, is sure to make a lasting impression. Additionally, these stylish modern wood mandir designs complement all sorts of decors. So, you would not only be fulfilling your requirement for a beautiful mandir but also aesthetics. The affixed to this mandir can be closed or shut as you require.


Mandir with bells



If you have an eye for antique designs, you will fall in love with these mandir designs with bells on the wooden door. Often, the exteriors of the pooja are not as prioritized as the interiors. It is to note that the whole setup together creates the look of the mandir in your hall. Moreover, the clanging bells when you open the door of your mandir would set off a soothing reverberation at your home.


Mandir with glass



We tend to associate the use of glass with contemporary designs. But that does not mean the traditional space of your pooja cannot incorporate glass elements. It instantly adds grandeur and elegance to your meditation while reflecting your penchant for exquisite design. Also, there are multiple door options, even if you have specifications regarding the opacity of the door. Combined with a mandir design, marble or wood affixed on the or standalone will make your look gorgeous.


Mandir with tiles



Large spaces give you the opportunity to beautify not only the immediate mandir elements like the mandap or the background but also the unnoticed flooring tiles. Most often, floor of the mandir are taken to be trivial since it is the idol set-up that holds our attention. But the addition of vintage or modern patterns to your mandir flooring can transmute your point of view about tile design. Also, you can add some fantastic 3D to add a tinge of refreshment and a lot of serenity to your meditation room. You can also combine some lovely interiors to meet your aspirations.



A lot of love and thought goes into the of the mandir room. Regardless of the space available, you can make your mandir your own with wood, marble, or granite. Needless to say, this space is where one would lighten their heart and give into devotion. A of such significance deserves the best composition of and practicality.  Besides, these ideas for mandir designs will undoubtedly make your self-reflection time more profound.


* The featured image used in the article is by Mohammad Faisal on Behance




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