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Pop-Up Toilets: Public Toilets at night, vanishes during the daytime

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Pop-Up Toilet Company specializes in and for (municipal) public space and for events and festivals.  They have introduced sanitary facilities (UriLifts) for the nightlife crowd, when the night economy is in full swing.



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UriLifts: retractable urinals and toilets for public spaces


When the night economy is running at full speed, more moisture is taken in and more urination is required.  Pop up toilets – UriLifts – The retractable urinals and toilets for men and women – are available when needed and disappear below street level when the nightlife makes way for shoppers and / or day trippers. has various models – Combi, Triple, Double, Single, Fix etc. – for different usages.


Product specifications:


  • the UriLifts are made of durable stainless steel
  • connectable to mains water, electricity grid and sewer
  • work on the basis of electric, hydraulic control by remote control
  • fully automatic
  • self-cleaning
  • equipped with
  • equipped with floor nozzles
  • can be installed quickly



urilift_single_pop-up toilet - flat

urilift_single_pop-up toilet - opening
urilift_single_pop-up toilet




Can be placed anywhere


The cylindrical construction of the Combi and Triple models works as a telescope: it collapses when it disappears below street level. The installation depth is only half the height of the facility in operation. This ensures that the UriLift can actually be placed anywhere, also in places where, for eg. traffic has to run during the day. The UriLift Single and Double Models work in a different way, so that their installation depth is even lower: as a lid on the box, the unit closes when it is galvanized below street level.



Many Users in a short time


A urinal has a higher capacity than a regular . The UriLift Combi has a capacity of 150 visitors per hr, while UriLift Triple has 180, against an average public capacity of 20 visitors per hr.




The UriLifts provide demonstrable savings on electricity, water and labour costs, which makes it good for the environment and for the budget.


Vandalism Resistant


The UriLifts are made of vandal resistant stainless steel. Due to its smart design, no part can be picked up or bent. The lifespan of UriLift is at least 15 years.


Maximum privacy, minimum nuisance


The design takes into account the user and his (living) environment: the cup shaped design protects the user.


Fresh & Hygienic


UriLift indicated 0% nuisance by the automatic cleaning and the use of materials: stainless steel does not take on the fragrance. During the hours UriLift is in use, the UriLift are automatically rinsed at least 6x per hour as standard. The number can be adjusted if required. In addition, there in an option of having an extra cleaning carried out during galvanizing at the touch of a button. The UriLift is always clean when it goes back into the ground.




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