Escalators are mechanical devices that transport people from one level of a building to another. Depending upon the distance, configuration, setting, and manufacturing companies, the price of the escalator varies.

They usually take the form of a moving staircase, which is made up of a ‘chain’ of single-piece aluminium or stainless-steel steps that are guided by a set of tracks in a continuous loop.

These are typically found in buildings that need the mobility of a large number of people, such as retail malls, airports, exhibition halls, hotels, arenas, and government buildings.


Escalator considerations

The of systems is influenced by a number of elements, including:

1. The horizontal and vertical distances that must be covered.

2. The setting.

3. Infrastructure for other buildings.

4. Patterns of traffic.

5. Capacity of the escalator.

6. Concerns about safety.

7. Preferences in terms of aesthetics.


simple parallel escalators

Image Source: Southwest Elevator


Modern escalators typically incline at 30 degrees, with a maximum rise of 18 meters and a -to- rise of roughly 3.5 m. They are powered by electricity, propelled by a chain and sprocket, and held in place by two tracks.

They may up to 36 meters per minute, with a capacity of 6,000 passengers per hour on larger models. When a chain snaps, the system comes to a halt due to the release of stress. In case of a broken or loose, or a displaced side panel, a safety switch stops the apparatus.

In addition, based on all the above-mentioned factors, escalator price also varies.



1. Parallel: Adjacently positioned up and down escalators; often seen in perpendicular areas, metro stations, and multilevel movie theatres.

2. Multiple parallel: Banks of more than one escalator going in the same direction parallel to banks going the other direction.

3. Crisscross: Escalators going in one direction stacked with the ones going the opposite direction; frequently used in department stores or shopping centers.


Top escalator manufacturing companies in India

1. Otis

2. ThyssenKrupp


4. Schindler

5. Mitsubishi electric

6. Hitachi escalators

7. Fujitec

8. Toshiba

9. Sigma

10. Hyundai

All these brands offer different escalators with different price points.


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