Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF) Wood By Canadian Wood


The Spruce-Pine-Fir () group is a mix of Engelmann Spruce, Lodgepole Pine and Subalpine Fir. has a high strength-to-weight ratio and is primarily used for framing in North American housing. Due to its dimensional stability and superior gluing properties, is used extensively in the flat-packed furniture industry. It is also a great choice for modular houses, interior finishing, boxes, pallets, packaging cases and concrete formwork.



  • Good planning and shaping quality
  • Excellent nail and screw holding properties with very good resistance to splitting
  • Good staining properties
  • Great strength and dimensional stability
  • Outstanding working properties


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Finish- Normal (No Finish), White paint finish (Dead Matte) and Natural PU (Gloss)

Applications- Furniture, Doors, Door frames and Windows, Interior, Structural and Others.

Physical Properties:-

  • Stiffness / MOE (MPa)- Airdry 10000/ 10900/ 10200 (Spruce/Pine/Fir)
  • Strength / MOR (MPa)- Airdry 63/ 76/ 56 (Spruce/Pine/Fir)
  • Density (KG/M3)- Airdry 380/430/351 (Spruce/Pine/Fir)
  • Compression Parallel (Mpa)- Airdry 36.9/43.2/35.4 (Spruce/Pine/Fir)
  • Shear (Mpa)- Airdry 6.79/8.54/6.74 (Spruce/Pine/Fir)
  • Shrinkage (air dried-12%)- Tangential/radial ratio 2.2/ 1.4/ 2.8 (Spruce/Pine/Fir)

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