Western Hemlock Wood by Canadian Wood


offers a natural beauty that can suit many different styles, from contemporary to traditional.  features a fine texture and a straight, uniform grain. This species is seasoned uniformly in dry kilns to improve its strength and stiffness, and to enhance its resistance to decay and insect attack. It offers a wide array of applications, ranging from mouldings and interior woodworking to general construction, roof decking and plywood. This wood species is primarily known for its even grain, which offers excellent machining properties.



  • Good strength-to-weight ratio
  • Excellent machining properties
  • Good sanding, staining and painting properties
  • Glues satisfactorily
  • Turns, planes and shapes well
  • Moderate nail- and screw-holding ability
  • Polishes beautifully


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Technical Specification:

  • Stiffness / MOE (MPa)- Air dry 12300
  • Strength / MOR (MPa)- Air dry 81
  • Density (KG/M3)- Air dry 429
  • Compression Parallel (Mpa)- Air dry 46.7
  • Shear (Mpa)- Air dry 6.48
  • Shrinkage (air dried-12%)- Tangential/radial ratio 1.6

Applications- Furniture, Doors, Door Frames, Windows, Interiors, Structural and Other


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