RAK Ceramics’ Maximus Floor and Wall Collection – Helping Architects And Interior Designers Play With Elaborate Design Possibilities


Surface Off White


With vibrant colours and designs that draw inspiration from nature, RAK Ceramics offers it’s  Maximus Floor & Wall Collection. Suited for use in both and office spaces, the range, appreciated by and Designers, finds it’s way into study rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, hallways and board rooms.



With Maximus floor & collection, the possibilities are endless – be it a living with zero grout lines, or a made from a single piece porcelain. Available in thickness of 9 mm  and two large format sizes – 120cm x 240cm & 120cm x 120cm, the Maximus Megaslab collection equips the and Designers to play with creativity in their projects.


Panda Marble


Panda Marble Maximus Megaslabs are ideally suited in applications – these glossy white & grey are smooth & well fitted for both counter tops & walls. Another range under Megaslab, the Armani Maximus has wide range of applications. Curated in colors ranging over dark grey, grey and brown, with twirls that appear natural, Armani Megaslab bring elegance to homes and working areas.


Armani Marble


Breccia Aurora


RAK Ceramics also offers solutions in the counter-top surfaces. RAK Ceramics’ Countertop Megaslabs  can be used for tops, vanity tops and stairs. Made from a single piece of porcelain these can create a stunning visual and  seamless experience .




Great Emperador



The range under Great Emperador Megaslab are available in thickness of 9.00 mm. For each slab, there are multiple random faces with different graphic designs of the same genre – providing elaborate possibilities with Maximus Megaslab.



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