RAK Ceramics – Top 5 design trends that will define the ceramic tiles market in 2020





These days, tile shades and finishes have reached a stage where they provide a viable alternative to natural materials like stone and wood. and sanitaryware major RAK Ceramics presents the Top 5 trends in ceramic that will define the ceramic market this year.







Wood Look-Alike


The vein patterns of a polished and varnished wood is a timeless taste; add to it the durability of ceramics and one gets that add a touch of vintage to any space. There’s a wide selection ranging from oak, rosewood, wood strip, maple to art wood and more. So, the wood art collection isn’t all just brown. Not to forget the nubs and twirls of classic wood patterns on the that lend a distinctive look to the range of wood look-alike tiles.








Classic Marble


Marble literally never goes out of style. A fashion turned classic, Marble-looking are in vogue for homeowners and business properties. RAK Ceramics took it up a notch by creating grey hues on marble white, beige and brown. Well-fitted for floors, walls & counter-tops, these ceramics are available in the form of Mega Slabs – a unique product by RAK that yields smooth continuous surfaces with no grout line. Cleaning is a breeze with Mega Slabs.








Metallic Effects


Coincident with the uber- and contemporary trends, metal on are fantastic options for 2020. Old-style romanticism dovetailed to the modern vibe that metallic effects on can impart adds surprise elements to the layout.








Mega Slabs


RAK Ceramics’ Maximus Mega Slabs collection is paving the way into 2020 with appreciation from many quarters. They feature a 9mm width and can cover surfaces as wide as 8ft. With their expansive coverage, these require minimal joints, thus there’s little need for grouts. Options such as forest green, fiery reds, and a plethora of different graphic designs allow one to express his/her personality in every space that matters.








Grey Tones 
Grey is no longer the dull color it was once assumed to be. Not only do grey appear contemporary, they also provide for a relaxing ambiance, be it at or at a workplace.  RAK Ceramics’ Irish Flakes, Maximus Basaltina Stone or Smoked exhibit some of the designs that the and can play with. Grey’s neutrality harmonizes with a plethora of other colors, and it’s almost like a clean canvas waiting to get designed.



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