Reddot Product Design Awards 2019 – Moments of Glory for the True Innovators

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The winners of prestigious Reddot Design Awards 2019 have been announced. Let us have a look at the winners of the coveted award and their creations in the “ and Sanitary Equipment” category.



Washbasin : Ruy Ohtake by Roca

Winner of Reddot – Best of the Best Award.


  • Design: Ruy Ohtake, São Paulo, Brazil



Exploring the possibilities of form, Ruy Ohtake by Roca has emerged as a refreshingly different washbasin. His filigree ceramic bowl fascinates with its organically curved, sensual-looking silhouette – technology, functionality and aesthetics come together in a symbiotic way. The design impressively uses the form here to visualise the fragile lightness of the material.


Bathtub : VIGOUR vogue asymmetric bathtub




With its asymmetric design, the Vigour vogue free-standing bathtub brings a new aesthetic to the bathroom while also considering functional aspects. Expanding towards the top, the body provides sufficient space for two people, while keeping the necessary amount of water and the space required in the bathroom as low as possible. The bathtub is composed of two acrylic parts to form a homogeneous unit. It features soft surfaces and gently rounded edges that not only project a sense of elegant lightness, but also meet the users’ need for ergonomics. Weight was reduced using a hollow shell construction.


All in one LAV for public bathroom  : WATERFOIL


  • In-house design: Kohler Design Studio



Faucet, soap dispenser and dryer are fully integrated into the basin. The entire washing process takes place within the washbasin bowl, keeping the immediate environment clean and dry. The organic shape and the water outlet, which is inspired by water flowing in nature, give users the sensation of dipping their hands into a river for cleaning.


Bathroom furniture series : XSquare




The XSquare bathroom furniture series inspires with a pronounced sense of style. Versatile combinations open up additional scope for creativity in planning and design. XSquare is focused on furnishing bathrooms with a holistic approach: in combination with bathtubs, toilets and fittings, the range offers high-quality furnishing solutions for an elegant ambience.


Surface-Mounted Washbasins : Collaro



Collaro stands out with a sophisticated interplay of geometric shapes, which make for two stylish models of self-sufficient appearance.


The recessed tap bench features a slim edging, offering splash and anti-slip protection.


BetteCraft Washbasin 


  • Manufacturer: Bette GmbH & Co. KG, Delbrück, Germany /



The contrast of solid material and filigree shapes has been skilfully merged into a high-quality washbasin bowl of aesthetic appeal that can complement different bathroom facilities.


Bathtub and Washbasin : Solo


  • Manufacturer: RAVAK a.s., Pribram, Czech Republic/
  • Design: Nosal Design Studio, Kryštof Nosál, Cernosice, Czech Republic /



The Solo series effectively combines rectangular and oval shapes. The characteristic design of the bathtub and washbasin succeeds in setting modern accents in the bathroom.


Bathroom Series : Public Line


  • Manufacturer: JOMOO Kitchen & Bath Co., Ltd., Fujian, China /
  • In-house design: Johann Dück Yunwei Zhu Daniel Dirks



The Public Line bathroom series sets new standards in the design of public toilets. An appealing design that combines high user-friendliness and functionality.


The flat washbasin mixer in combination with the strikingly deep washbasin prevents water splashes. The water tap features an integrated soap dispenser.


Soap Dispenser : Auto foaming hand wash


  • Manufacturer: Beijing Jiangxinxiaozhen e-business Co., Ltd., Beijing, China
  • In-house design: Changying Xu Jin Li Gushun Su



The development of this soap dispenser, which is reminiscent of a faucet, focused on hygienic hand cleaning. Its 21-cm-high, cylindrical shape blends into any environment and fits on washbasins of different sizes. The automatic soap dispenser offers hands-free operation, preventing the spread of pathogens among the users. When the liquid soap is used up, the empty container can be replaced in a few simple steps.


Push Plate : Visign for More 201


  • Manufacturer: Viega Supply Chain GmbH & Co. KG, Attendorn, Germany /



Flowing lines characterize the design of this toilet push plate. As if from a sheet of paper, the two flush keys rise from the flat surface of the activation plate and run towards each other. Visign for More 201 has been cut from thin stainless steel, stamped and bent, offering a visual, as well as tactile experience. At night, a subtly integrated lighting provides orientation and facilitates flushing. The surface is available in the three finishes of brushed stainless steel, as well as white or black grey lacquered.


Bathroom Furniture Collection : Source


  • Manufacturer: talsee AG, Hochdorf, Switzerland /
  • In-house design: Mark Wunderlin
  • Design: tale Designstudio GmbH, Münchenstein / Basel, Switzerland /



The concept of the “source” collection has been inspired by nature: the bathroom furniture also responds to external conditions and, in interaction with them, develops an individual character. The sculptural, straightforwardly designed elements introduce structure and order into the bathroom design. Versatile in combination, they emerge as shelves, steps and seating surfaces. Protrusions, slight recesses and partially open mirror cabinets all create space for personal accessories, decorative items or plants.


Washbasin : Amelie


  • In-house design: Arkadi Berman



The Amelie washbasin harmoniously balances straight lines and gently rounded forms. Slightly rounded edges lend the rectangular basic shape a softer appearance, while the drain is almost invisibly integrated into the basin. The raised rim prevents water from spilling over. Visually separated from the wet area, the slightly lowered centre console provides a generous shelf surface for toiletries or accessories. Towel openings that harmoniously blend into the design concept can be optionally added.


Complete Bathroom Solution : Geberit ONE


  • Manufacturer: Geberit International AG, Jona, Switzerland /
  • Design: Christoph Behling Design Ltd., London, United Kingdom



The Geberit ONE bathroom solution uses the advantages of pre-wall installation. Technical components are integrated into the wall, allowing the design to take centre stage. The timeless appearance harmonises with different styles, while at the same time reducing the cleaning effort. The toilet features TurboFlush technology. Seat ring and lid can be easily removed and cleaned separately. The wall-mounted fittings are precisely tailored to match the inner geometry of the washbasins, ensuring that the entire washbasin is rinsed clean.

Shower Enclosure : SX I AX Series I 

  • In-house Design: Blue Sanitary Design Team Germany, Prof. Günter Horntrich, Cologne, Germany



The SX I AX Series I shower enclosure combines a filigree form language with high functionality. It features a characteristic matte black frame with fittings and profiles that are unobtrusively integrated into the design. A magnetic bar concealed in the door frame closes the shower unit precisely and securely, while the flush-mounted connections contribute to easy cleaning. The handle reaches almost to the floor, effectively continuing the formal appearance.


Shower Toilet : Geberit AquaClean Sela


  • Manufacturer: Geberit International AG, Jona, Switzerland /
  • Design: Christoph Behling Design Ltd., London, United Kingdom



The WC AquaClean Sela shower toilet is characterized by simple, intuitive functions. Its patented WhirlSpray shower technology ensures gentle and thorough cleansing. Thanks to the newly developed continuous flow heater, hot water is instantly available and remains at a constant temperature throughout the entire spray process. The innovative TurboFlush flush technology is based on an asymmetrical rimless WC ceramic appliance which enables the flushing-out process to be particularly thorough and quiet. Another useful feature is the small orientation light that guides users at night.


Shower Toilet : LaPreva P3




The LaPreva P3 shower toilet impresses with a design that showcases reduction. Its restrained appearance unobtrusively blends into any bathroom environment. With up to 3.5 litres of water per minute, the integrated shower jet ensures a pleasant feeling of cleanliness. For hygienic reasons, the shower toilet does without a flushing rim. In addition, the automatic descaling function as well as the removable seat and lid unit allow for residue-free cleaning of the shower toilet, which can be operated via a multifunctional button or via the LaPreva app.


Shower Toilet : DXV AT200 LS SpaLet Integrated Bidet Toilet


  • Manufacturer: DXV, Piscataway, New Jersey, USA /
  • In-house design: Jean-Jacques L’Henaff Kibok Song



Minimalist in design, the AT200 LS SpaLet shower toilet provides a variety of user-friendly functions that are easy to operate via remote control. The two-nozzle water-spray system with integrated air dryer ensures gentle cleansing, while the seat heating provides additional comfort. The Room Refresh deodorizer, which utilizes modern Plasmacluster ion technology, frees the air in the room and the inside of the toilet bowl of unpleasant odours.


Shower Enclosure : DN Series I Comfort Close


  • In-house Design: Blue Sanitary Design Team Germany, Prof. Günter Horntrich, Cologne, Germany



Clear lines and a focus on the essential characterize the shower enclosure of the DN Series I Comfort Close shower enclosure. The slim profile frame lends it a distinctive lightness. The hinge embedded in the frame, as well as a stabiliser bar, support the static equilibrium of the construction. No handle is necessary to open the shower enclosure, since the glass door protrudes slightly and can be easily grasped and moved. A patented mechanism controls the smooth closing of the door with the aid of a gas-pressure spring.


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