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Regent Lighting Technologies For Efficient And Clean Environment

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Regent Lighting Technologies - pal_slider2

Switzerland-based lighting major Regent Lighting is more of a company than a pure lighting company. It has worked relentlessly to use and to deliver innovative solutions that have not only made life easy for society at large but also contributed to the overall environment. Let us have a look at the major technologies developed by Regent.



Regent Lighting Technologies - LiFi

The term LiFi or Fidelity refers to a process of optical data transmission over short distances. It is a form of data transmission using (Visible Communication or VLC). By using an as the semiconductor source, data can be transmitted via by flashing the LED at speeds higher than can be perceived by the human eye.


Switzerland based Regent Lighting successfully presented its first ever functioning LiFi environment in the autumn of 2017. It centered around the connection of terminal devices for light-based wireless data communication. This LiFi environment paved the way for development of marketable products that will have optimal performance.



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Now you can easily have control in your hands. This has been made possible by an app from Regent Lighting called MyLights Remote. This app coupled with a wireless module enables you to smartly dim or brighten your lights and create the desired atmosphere.


The luminaires connect with one another automatically via , which means no wires. Isn’t that great?


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MyLights Switch

Regent Lighting Technologies - MySwitch

With MyLights Switch, a wireless switch is also available. Configured via the app, it enables simple control of luminaires or groups of luminaires.



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Regent has successfully applied its ALONE at WORK optoelectronic communication technology to connect a series of intelligent luminaires, in open-plan offices. This technology not just enhances the overall office efficiency but also prevents emission of any harmful radiation.


The “cloud of light” generated by these networked luminaires, creates a pleasant environment that ensures overall well being and improved concentration levels of the employees.


During evening, the still occupied workstations in open-plan offices turn into solitary pool of light. But the transition from light to dark is abrupt and people find it harder to concentrate. ALONE at WORK dissolves these harsh transitions automatically by optimizing energy input and without any human intervention.


You can even reposition the luminaires at any time. And specific luminaires can be retrofitted with ALONE at WORK optoelectronic communications technology, if required.


The ALONE at WORK iPad app explains the complex technology in an interactive fashion and in simple terms.



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PAL+ technology (Perception Adaptive Lightsource) from Regent produces light that is in line with human colour perception, and therefore guarantees consistent colour recognition. The true white LEDs applied have a daylight-quality colour spectrum and meet the highest demands as regards UV-free light emissions with low heat build-up.

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That is why PAL+ is used for challenging applications, such as in museums, for the illumination of fresh groceries and for colour-intensive non-food products. The colour temperature can be adjusted from 2500 to 6500 Kelvin at a CRI of up to 94. PAL+ guarantees that colour rendering and colour temperature remain constant in the dimming range between 100 to 20 %.




Saving on office space, being able to find available workstations or work spaces quickly and easily, high cleaning efficiency, and making optimum use of meeting rooms – that is what Desksharing 2.0 from Regent is all about.


The MyData Analysis IoT solution developed by Regent enable luminaires to serve as a data medium. With the aid of luminaires – as part of the existing infrastructure – data can be collected, provided and evaluated, be it in the form of presence detection or temperature, air quality, energy consumption or room climate data – practically anything is possible.


By collecting real-time data, it is possible to gain a quick overview of which workstations or meeting rooms are currently occupied. Such data can also be used to indicate exactly which desks or conference tables are ready for cleaning, for example, thus optimizing cleaning efficiency. This is in the interest of the effective use of human resources, and enables significant cost reductions. Room climate data can be displayed in graphical form or connected to the existing system.


The solution is operated via standardised IoT interfaces and protocols. IP mechanisms are applied to encrypt electronic communication and ensure the data is confidential and secure. Safety is thus guaranteed at all times.



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MyData Position from Regent enables you to understand your customers’ shopping behavior in a better manner. This will inturn help you to address their needs and communicate the right messages.


MyData Position enables data on the time spent by shoppers in stores to be displayed in real time. Via VLC (Visible Light Communication) it is also possible to transmit data relevant to specific marketing campaigns directly to your customer’s smartphone at the point of sale.



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SensoDim®  is an intelligent daylight management system from regent. The presence- and daylight-dependent light control ensures optimal energy economy for every free-standing luminaire by reliably capturing the respective lighting situation and workplace occupancy. In addition, the shut-off time is variable and can be adjusted on-site.


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