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Signature lighting and colour highlights from Oktalite enhances visual appeal of products at this Edeka Supermarket, Germany

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retail store lighting fixures- design -food-edeka-suellau-moelln-wein-agira-plus-oktalite-story-539a

The Oktalite fixtures designs and concept in in Mölln, Germany expresses the individuality of the store. Each department of the store is highlighted with a different type and colour of the customized luminaire.


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The fresh food zone of the retail store is characterized by the use of the customized GLOBE. These decorative suspended luminaires that are painted in green from inside are quite an eye-catcher and ideal for this section of the store as it enhances the freshness of fruits and vegetables. Similar GLOBES have been used for other sections also – yellow for the cheese, red for the meat, blue for cosmetics.

retail store lighting fixures- design -food-edeka-suellau-moelln-kaesetheke-globe-oktalite-story-458 (1)

The recessed spotlights AGIRA PLUS arranged in two rows, have been especially used to create a sunny and bright ambience; again signifying the colourfulness of the produce. The intensity and colour brightness can be customized as per the requirement through .


NIMBUS VARIO PLUS is responsible for the homogeneous illumination of the back wall and for good long-distance effect.


In the frozen food zone, ring light LORINA has been used to attract the customers’ attention and enhance their shopping experience; thus acting as a strong aid in visual marketing.


Across the Edeka supermarket, the assortment aisles are lit by Light Panels with 3000K. Custom-made ring light- LORINO adorn the check-out area, enhancing its overall appeal.


For enhancing the shopping experience of wine lovers and creating the right atmosphere for good wine selection, AGIRA PLUS with 2700 kelvin has been used. AGIRA PLUS clearly demarcates this area as lifestyle zone from other surrounding zones. Additionally it relaxes the shoppers and enhances their desire to shop for premium products.


Using lighting management system LiveLink, the brightness in this area can additionally be individually controlled – for events and tastings a superb add-on.


Let us talk about the products used in this project to get the desired effect.




As a high-performance recessed directional LED , AGIRA PLUS rounds off the AGIRA product family – in that way concepts with different ceiling heights and area sizes can be easily implemented with one luminaire type. The spotlights can be turned through 355° and tilted in two directions through 30° in each case – which is ideal for targeted and flexible illumination of goods. AGIRA PLUS combines the advantages of a gimbal-mounted luminaire with those of a classic recessed .

retail store lighting fixures- csm_agira-plus-white-recessed-oktalite-10-teaser_218de4f9a3




High luminous flux with homogeneous light distribution and light incidence flush with the ceiling: NIMBUS VARIO PLUS efficiently illuminates the target surface. This wallwasher can be flexibly adjusted to match the individual ceiling height and merchandise presentation.

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Large areas demand efficient and powerful lighting systems. LIGHT PANEL provides the optimum solution and can be equipped with up to 8000 lm. Hence rooms with high ceilings can also be efficiently and homogeneously illuminated. Besides particularly energy-efficient optical lens systems which permit different beam characteristics into the aisle there is a possibility of an opal cover for homogeneous light without visible LED dots.

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