Sloan strives to build a greener India with efficient water fixtures & plumbing solutions: Mr. Krishna Chaitanya Muktinutalapati

Mr. Krishna Chaitanya Muktinutalapati, Director – Sales & Marketing, Sloan India Pvt. Ltd.


The green building movement, supported by the international commercial, industrial, residential, and institutional markets contributes to the rapid manufacture of water-efficient products that promote wellbeing. Today, the market demands smart plumbing technology & water-efficient fixtures that cater to the needs of sustainability. The conscious and aware choices of the end-users have brought a revolution in the plumbing and market in India. And, Sloan has emerged as one of the most sustainable, intelligent, and water-efficient fixtures and plumbing solutions manufacturers in the country. BuildingandInteriors talks with Mr. Krishna Chaitanya Muktinutalapati, Director – Sales & Marketing, Sloan India Pvt. Ltd. to understand Sloan’s significance in the evolving market.


Mr. Krishna Chaitanya Muktinutalapati, Director – Sales & Marketing, Sloan India Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Krishna Chaitanya Muktinutalapati, Director – Sales & Marketing, Sloan India Pvt. Ltd.


B&I: How is Sloan positioned in the Indian market? What would bring a customer to the brand?

KCM: Sloan is a leader in innovative plumbing and solutions around the world, focusing primarily on eco-friendly products that make our customers’ lives simpler. We have introduced water-efficient fixtures & plumbing solutions that challenge the status quo. The Indian customer today is grappling with numerous problems arising from the conventional flush valves and cisterns. Sloan’s TruFlush Flushometer is the next-gen solution. Sloan’s innovative engineering, quality materials, futuristic plumbing technology, and expert workmanship have developed flushometers to meet the needs of the Indian market.

Sloan offers a complete package for flushing systems which makes it very convenient for a customer who is far-sighted, conservationist, and expects high precision to appreciate and adopt our technology. Sloan also provides world-class vitreous china fixtures and sensor faucets that complete the package for the dry and semi-dry areas in restrooms.


B&I: What does sustainability mean to Sloan? Tell us about Sloan’s commitment to sustainability.


sustainable green living and homes with water efficient bathroom fixtures and plumbing technology
Sloan remains committed to sustainability


KCM: Sloan has been at the forefront of the green building movement long before sustainability and water efficiency were in vogue. Every day around the world, Sloan products connect the systems that manage Earth’s most precious resource – water. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plumbing systems & technology, Sloan has spent more than a century pioneering smart, water-saving restroom solutions that last a lifetime. We’ve remained committed to sustainability and wellness since our inception. We focus on the environmental impact of our plumbing products and technology, the safety and health of our users, and the ongoing elevation of our standards. The actions we take today to protect the environment can have a monumental impact tomorrow. And at Sloan, we are doing all we can to build a brighter future for everyone.


B&I: Tell us about your distribution network across India.

KCM: Through our rich experience spanning more than a century in this category, we understand the important facets of the industry. We, as a leading plumbing manufacturer brand have a wide distributor network in all the key markets across India to ensure customer satisfaction. Our sales team ensures that the channel partners chosen are those who understand our values and our commitment to providing a better future.


B&I: What are the key product categories that the brand is looking to address in the coming years?


water closet with different features
Sloan manufacturers water efficient plumbing and fixtures


KCM: The three strongest pillars of Sloan have always been flushometers, vitreous china fixtures, and high-performance sensor faucets. The flushometers are now available in dual flush modules with various volume discharge options to align with green and water-efficient building requirements. We have both aesthetic as well as superior performing water-efficient fixtures and plumbing solutions for every market segment. Our rich collections include innovative solutions such as hybrid urinals, the innovative AER-DEC® Integrated Sink, accessories, and more.


B&I: How is Sloan addressing and Consultants with reference to sustainability in green building solutions?

KCM: Sloan has always believed in making products eco-friendly. As an Indian Green Building Council Member, Sloan strives to help build a greener India. Sloan is also a proud member of the Indian Plumbing Association, a voluntary non-profit organization for plumbing professionals, consultants, and manufacturers in India. Many of our products are CII Green Pro, GRIHA, and EPD certified, as well. We also are compliant with LEED and WELL standards.


B&I: Tell us about your after-sales support.


faucets for wash basins
Sloan focusses on water-efficiency


KCM: This remains a highly service-oriented industry. So, before we started promoting the brand aggressively in India, we took time to build up a strong infrastructure. We, at Sloan India also worked hard on our service network. We have an established and highly efficient service network setup with a TAT of fewer than 24 hours.


B&I: Sloan focuses a lot on water conservation and sustainability through its range of efficient water fixtures and plumbing solutions. How is the Indian market performing in its appreciation of such factors in the purchase decisions, both at the B2B and B2C levels?

KCM: Awareness about water conservation was long due in India. We have seen a great surge in the level of education and concern among our customers. We have observed this growth between both corporate as well as end users. During our market visits, we have had briefings from many prospective customers that though the flushing system was supposed to discharge 3/6 ltrs, the actual volumes vary from 8-15 ltrs. This is a criminal waste of a precious resource.

Further, a lot of the customers fail to understand that even if it is reclaimed/STP water, more water discharge implies, higher operational costs on the STP setup. There is a huge demand in the market for flushometers. Moreover, the solution has been aptly designed to address Indian needs. We have a powerful channel base in all major markets where customers can visit and feel the products.


B&I: We encounter the topic of sustainability every day and everywhere – how do you see the change towards the conscious and careful use of water?


wash basin and water closet with water efficient bathroom fixtures and plumbing technology made by plumbing manufacturers- Sloan India
Sloan appreciates and functionality in efficient water fixtures


KCM: I would take this moment to appreciate all the champions of the Green Building movement in India. We are now seeing customers who are aware and take responsibility for this much-needed change. People are voluntarily avoiding high-volume fixtures and pushing plumbing manufacturers to invest more in R&D and make water-efficient products. IPA has been doing commendable work with COA and GOI to challenge the norm within best-in-class standards. However, we still have a long way to go as a nation to make buildings energy and water efficient.


B&I: In the last decade, what changes, as one of the leading plumbing manufacturers have you observed in the availability of good quality plumbing solutions and efficient water fixtures in the market?

KCM: Plumbing systems have gone through a great transformation, thanks to the influx of global technologies. The building industry has now started giving plumbing divisions due importance. For instance, about 10-15 years back, the flash valves dominated the flushing

systems. The trend then slowly drifted towards concealed tanks/cisterns due to ease of flushing. However, the current surge in usage of reclaimed water, increased space constraints, desire for greater hygiene, and the need for ease of maintenance are propelling the demand for a new alternative. “Flushometer” is the new buzzword today. It addresses all the challenges arising from the conventional systems. Thereafter, it works well within a wide range of water pressure to make buildings water efficient.

Similarly, we, at Sloan India have upgraded vitreous china fixtures and sensor faucets with that ensures hygiene, aesthetics, durability, and water-efficient performance.




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