Small bathroom ideas: 25+ smart tips for a streamlined aesthetic

modern and minimalistic bathroom design with sliding glass doors, bathtub, and matte black bathroom fittings and accessories


One of the toughest rooms to decorate is a small because of the little amount of space available, the low supply of natural light, and the number of fixtures that must fit. But when done properly, the space can appear brighter and larger. Moreover, for some ideas, you won’t need to spend a fortune or go past your budget to get your desired small bathroom. Compact bathrooms are created to ensure that a small area feels not just bigger and more functional, but also incredibly elegant. Therefore, when it comes to designing a small bathroom, you should be mindful of the available space, size, natural light, colour, and budget. There are countless small ideas and elements like mirrors, showers, vanities, etc. surfacing on the internet these days. If you want to keep it minimal yet modern, go for a simple small idea like choosing a monochromatic scheme.  

Even if you’ve got a compact bathroom, there’s no need to compromise on style. So, in this article, we have provided striking ideas to your small bathroom. These ideas show that daring elements may fit well in even the smallest spaces, going beyond simply maximising the usable space. You can also select the of your choice from our exclusive image gallery. Keep reading to know more. 



Small idea #1


Install a built-in vanity


compact bathroom with built-in vanity, mirror, wall sconce, glass door, shower cubicle
Built-in vanity for small with cubicle

Image Source: Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels


If you want your small to look sleek and tidy every day, you should consider organising it. To make every available inch of space count, install a built-in vanity in your restrooms so that it remains clutter-free. In addition, try going for floating vanity rather than covering the space. This modern small idea prevents your space from becoming too crowded.


Small idea #2 


Embrace a monochromatic palette  


modern small bathroom ideas, designed with monochromatic shades, bathtub, tiles, lights
Go for a tight palette with monochrome

Image Source: Becki Owens


The smaller the room, the more you should go for a monochromatic palette. Using monochromatic shades can visibly eliminate spatial issues if you have a small bathroom. If you pick a palette, be sure the is warm enough to avoid a gloomy vibe. You can never go wrong with a black-and-white bathroom if you see your bathing ritual as a chance to clear your mind and unwind from the stress of the day. 


Small idea #3


Include a skylight in your small


compact restroom with skylight, glossy tiles giving it a gorgeous and larger appearance
Contemporary with skylight

Image Source: Sittonkirsty 


Does your small lack space for windows? How about adding a skylight instead? Skylights can provide and ventilation, reducing the need for a and assisting in the prevention of dampness. These work well in bathrooms without windows. Furthermore, skylights come in tubular, fixed, and ventilating varieties.   


Small idea #4


Style it with a sconce   


modern small bathroom ideas with wall sconce, royal blue glossy laminates for vanity
Beautiful with traditional-style sconce

Image Source: Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels


Lighting is similar to jewellery for the bathroom. Modern ideas add glamour to your small on an affordable budget. Installing good in your small serves as a functional as well as a decorative element. We recommend installing lights beside the for proper illumination.  


Small idea #5  


Opt for country-style elements  


country style compact bathroom giving vintage touch, ladder for hanging towels, budget small bathroom ideas
Country-chic style compact restroom

Image Source: Becky Owens


The country-style components are ideal for a small, modestly-sized bathroom. You can add more creativity to this chic small by adding a ladder to hang towels. Compared to a bar, it can hold more towels and gives the a distinctive look. This small idea adds a rustic vintage look to your modern bathroom, keeping your budget in control.  


Small idea #6  


Go for multiple mirrors  


compact restroom with two end to end mirror on one wall, beautiful bathroom
Beautiful restroom with two sculptural mirrors on the

Image Source: 2LG Studio


The mirrors reflect sunlight into every corner of the and impart a quirky yet cohesive edge to an otherwise boring bathroom. A -to- is a surefire way of making a appear larger. You can also go for a gallery on the wall. Despite having little natural light, these ideas are budget-friendly and add a spacious feel to a small bathroom. 


Small idea #7  


Keep it simple with bright colours  


modern small bathroom ideas, bright yellow coloured simple compact bathroom idea, with floating closet, mirror, budget small bathroom ideas
Compact with a geometric

Image Source: Medium on Pinterest


Adding bright colours is a great way to liven up a small bathroom. Moreover, soft and bright hues reflect natural light. If you want to keep your small simple, you can opt for the idea of using a bright colour palette. It will give a minimalistic look. Consider using a vibrant shade, such as turquoise or coral, as an accent colour on a single to pair with your colour palette. 


Small idea #8  


Use glossy tiles for cubicles  


white compact restroom with glass, curved shower cubicle, water closet, tiles
Small idea for cubicle

Image Source: Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels


Showers are convenient and use less water than a bath. Another advantage of showers is that they take up little space. A quadrant or curved enclosure is the best option if you want to save space. Adding gloss finish enhances the appearance of the space by reflecting natural throughout the room. These small ideas with cubicles fit neatly into the corner, giving your space a modern look.  


Small idea #9  


Replace swinging with sliders


all marble compact restroom, mirror, lighting, glass
Small ideas with cubicle and pocket dooor

Image Source: Behance


When space is limited, sliding are a person’s best friend. Opt for a door on a rail that is always parallel to the rather than a door on a hinge that, when opened, takes up space in your small room.  Using this idea while remodelling will ensure that you have more space than you originally did. 


Small idea #10 


Plan your curtain placement strategically 


compact space, with curtains, bathtub, minimalistic look
Small idea with neutral curtains

Image Source: Spiffy spools


Looking for something new than the average plastic curtains? Try using curtains that will look more like a drape. Using a lightweight fabric for the curtains is recommended as it lets in most light. Furthermore, extending the curtain closer to the ceiling will definitely lengthen the walls. Avoid horizontal patterns with a lot of colour and floral prints because they tend to dominate the space and make it seem smaller. Rather choose them in the same colour as the walls or a slightly lighter shade. Use white curtains for small bathrooms. The idea behind this is that white curtains open up a and typically match any design.  


Exclusive ideas to your small bathrooms beautifully




Small bathrooms are beautiful and should be designed in a way that makes them appear larger. There are many factors that contribute to adding an illusion of space to your compact restrooms. Whether you want to go for a simple or a modern look, all you need is eye-catching ideas (such as a built-in vanity or bathtub with shower) to the small bathroom. These ideas will instantly elevate your space. However, you must have a clear understanding of your tastes and style before starting any project. So, draw inspiration from some of the best ideas mentioned above and make your small feel more spacious and enjoyable on an affordable budget.


*The featured image used in this article is from Lot 1




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