Swarovski Designers of the Future 2019

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The Design Miami/ Basel show opened in its Swiss location on 11th June 2019. The international forum of design welcomed the of the Future exhibiting the brilliant work of this year’s laureates: Juju Wang, Studio Klarenbeek & Dros and Raffe Burrell. The visual artists had been commissioned by Swarovski to interpret Architectural Surfaces and Building Materials, Home Décor, and Lighting while keeping sustainability in mind.


Let us explore their contributions below:


by Juju Wang

 “I am very interested in atmosphere and the tranquility of one space. My installation not only looks like the surface of water, it encourages people to be calm, to take a step back and relax, enjoy the moment and then move on with their lives.”


Juju Wang’s installation ‘Sea-cret’ reflects the importance of water through a three-dimensional, immersive experience which aims to recreate the prismatic effect of sun rays on the sea’s constantly moving surface. Completed with a surrounding wall of mirrors, Sea-cret offers a mesmerizing endlessness, intensified by 830,000 in five bespoke colorways of Swarovski Crystal Rocks. Encouraging visitors to involve all of their senses, her installation also features a bespoke soundtrack and fragrance. The reassuring sound of waves hitting the shore, along with a delicate scent personally selected by Wang both serve as gentle reminders to take a moment for stillness and contemplation.




by Studio Klarenbeek & Dros

 “3D-printing crystal with Swarovski is another example of using materials that are long-lasting and of value – we have no waste product and we don’t need large factories. With this project we want to create a conversation piece that enables us to rethink our vision of our environment and the relationship we have with it.”


The Dutch designer duo’s collaboration with Swarovski featured a series of , decorative trays and candle holders. Pioneering the possibilities of 3D-printed crystal in iconic Aurora Borealis, Golden Shadow and Silver Shade, the tabletop objects reach new heights in shaping and reflecting the iconic Swarovski sparkle. The aim of Reorient: Arctic Collection is to draw attention to the rapid reduction of the Arctic ice caps over the past decade and signaling the need for change for the sake of future generations.




REFLECTION by Raffe Burrell

 “Knowing that water is so key to Swarovski, I wanted to use the prism crystal to reflect the shapes created by water cascading down a waterfall – whilst keeping the design contemporary and less like a traditional Art Deco piece but still somewhat inspired. Swarovski crystal elevates it to a new level – it wouldn’t be the same without it.”


Raffe Burrell’s vision incorporates two lighting pieces inspired by waterfalls in the Tyrolean Alps that surround Swarovski’s historic headquarters in Wattens, Austria. His designs showcase a traditional Art Deco chandelier and a wall lamp elevated with 2,608 blue-hued crystals reflecting the shapes formed as water cascades down the mountains. Existing Swarovski crystal components were used throughout, ensuring a conscious design and longevity which is paramount to Burrell’s creative ways of working.




We are delighted to return to Design Miami/ Basel for the 5th edition of Swarovski Designers of the Future, a global platform which pushes the boundaries of creativity to showcase our crystal innovation and knowledge base. It is a pleasure to support these innovative young talents as they shape the future of responsible design, with our shared focus on sustainability infusing and driving forward their work”,

Nadja Swarovski 



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